We had an adventure

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Good Morning friends,

Friday has arrived and we have had a wonderful week.

On Wednesday my Aunty Alice phoned Mommy and said weather is beautiful lets get out of the city. So Mom packed my picnic bag with my food, blankie and one of my pet carriers so that I could sleep comfortably in the car and off we went.

We drove along the coast to Half Moon Bay. What a beautiful little town where we stopped at a great fish restaurant and Mom and Aunty got some lunch, Mom’s favorite fish and chips. 

We then drove to a beautiful area facing the beach and sea where there were picnic tables, unpacked and sat back and relaxed. It was so much fun wandering around with lots of new smells. The only thing I could not do is go on the beach as dogs are not allowed, that is not fair although Mom was happy as with my itchy eyes the sand would not have been good.

Below is a video of Layla running with her tail wagging, the ground was so uneven the movie turned out jumpy sorry.


While Mom and Aunty were eating I was spoiled with treats and my dinner which was so so good. After about 2 hours we packed up and drove slowly home.

I was so tired by then so I crawled into my bag and went to sleep till we got home.

It was just what we needed to be outdoors, especially breathing in the fresh sea air and relaxing, throwing all stress into the sea. 

Aunty Alice always has surprises for Mom and me and this was a wonderful one, thank you Aunty  Alice.

Yesterday I went to the groomers, that is one place I hate but as Mom told me I have not been groomed in nearly a year because of the virus, if we could do it we must as I will feel so much better after being pampered. Mom was really happy as our groomer has opened a new place not far from our house so I was safe and in good hands.

Don’t tell Mom but I feel awesome BOL.

Storms are expected over the next couple of days which means rain so we are going to be locked inside as I hate the rain so we are both relieved we managed to get to Half Moon Bay on Wednesday and take advantage of the beautiful weather.

I am so tired now, Mom has gotten me ready for bed so am off to sleep here, I need my beauty sleep,

Have a safe wonderful weekend everyone, stay warm and eat lots of treats,
With a love from Layla 

18 Replies to “We had an adventure”

  1. You had a very full week. Pierre needs to visit our groomer too. He goes from shabby to chic in a couple of hours. I hope we can take the boys to Galveston this summer. They have never been to a beach and I know they’ll be so excited.

    • Melissa Layla is not mad about the sand LOL but she loves being outdoors in nature and it is so healthy for all of us. She has gone from shabby to chic and I was lucky to get an appointment phew

  2. Aww, I’m glad you had a wonderful adventure out with Mom and Aunty Alice Layla. You looked so happy in the video too. Quite a beautiful day. You look pretty after your day of beauty too.

  3. I’m so glad you had a wonderful week–not many people do these days. We are so thankful that we live in the middle of nowhere–much of the restrictions and lock-down don’t affect us much. My dog is very pleased that she can go out any time she wants, for any length of time she wants.

    • Jana I wish I lived somewhere where I could let her out but living in the city does not allow us plus it is not safe. We had a wonderful day and cannot wait to do it again.

    • Thanks Marjorie and the trip was just amazing, best medicine for all of us. The storms will be here for about a week and we need the rain so will not complain

  4. This looks like a great getaway right now. After all, we’ve all been struggling with a bit of cabin fever with all the restrictions and lockdowns. It’s too bad that there’s going to be rain keeping you inside for a bit – I’m glad that you were able to get outside and enjoy some fresh air before all of that hits!

    • Britt it was a heavenly day and just what we needed. I know the rain is coming but we need the rain so badly I will not complain about that. It is the cabin fever that is driving me nuts, stay safe

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