February is here

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January is over and February is here. I cannot believe how fast the months are going that I am slowly getting mixed up with days, weeks and months and thank goodness I have a monthly planner next to my laptop as I would be getting everything mixed up LOL. Anyone having the same problem ?

On Sunday we celebrated Layla’s Gotcha Day in my friends’ garden which was awesome. Just sitting outdoors, she wandering around like she loves doing and us humans drinking tea and chatting. Layla also got spoiled and came home with a bag of beef and beef bones. She was in her element. On Monday her new blanket arrived which she loves so the brat was totally spoiled as always. (I had also made her some beef jerky)

Otherwise we have been lying low as such, going for lots of walks, she comes with me to the supermarket which she loves as everyone pets her, and this weekend with the weather warming up I am planning to do something, I need to get out also LOL.

February is also Responsible Pet Owner Month – did you know that ?
What are our responsibilities :

Today Thursday, I took her to an Eye Specialist as she has had red eyes for months now, we thought it was allergies, then they found ulcers which cleared up but the redness is not going away. The eye specialist checked her, complimented me on how healthy she is but I learned something also. Layla has cataracts  (for some time now, nothing new) which we are not going to operate on because of her age, but what is causing the redness  is her lenses are hardening and thus becoming inflamed. We are going to try a new type of drops and see how it goes. 

I personally would like to try something homeopathic for once but the vets are stubborn and will not listen. So I am hoping the inflammation will go away because otherwise she is acting like normal, eating well and in a nutshell I cannot complain.

So like everyone in the country or all over the world, our lives are very quiet most of the time, staying safe and healthy and praying life will get back to normal soon.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, be safe Layla 

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  1. Every dog deserves to be spoiled from time to time, right? We got a new vehicle and so our pups enjoyed the arrival of a new car seat cover and pet seatbelts. We transported them in a crate in our last vehicle, but this one is more suited for keeping them in the seat behind us. Of course, that meant we also had to take them for a car ride to try out their new seat belts, right? lol
    I am sending good vibes in regards to the inflammation. I hope that Layla is feeling better in terms of her red eyes very soon!

  2. Happy belated Gotcha day Layla! Looks like you are enjoying the pampered life. Mum takes such good care of you. I hope the new natural treatments help the redness in your eyes go away. I wonder if turmeric is safe for dogs? It’s great for eliminating inflammation. Be well sunshine.

  3. It sounds like you gave Layla a wonderful Gotcha Day! I love her purple jacket so much, it’s beautiful. Great tips on what responsible pet owners should be doing.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Love Them

  4. I am glad Layla had an awesome gotcher day! Yes, she is spoiled!! I hope the drops help. Keep trying, I know she will be OK because she IS amazing!!

    A lot of people are not responsible dog owners to be honest. They don’t take their dogs for a walk most of the time and let them bark and bark.

  5. I love that you make time every week to spoil Layla – she deserves it! She looks so adorable in her blanket – proud and sweet, and like she knows she’s a diva. I hope you get her cataracts handled, they can be painful so it’s good you took your vet’s advice.

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