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Good Morning Everyone, the months are going so quickly I cannot believe it. Our lives are very much the same, stay at home and wear masks which have become normal as such.
San Francisco is slowly opening but I am still playing safe.

Today we went to the coffee shop around the corner from our dog park where we met up with a good friend who Layla loves and sat had coffee, bagels and chatted. Layla of course got a morsel of what we were eating so she was very happy. The sun was out for about an hour or so which was awesome and although I put a rain jacket on Layla to keep her warm and at this moment it looks like rain again so am pleased we were able to get some fresh air.

With Spring around the corner I am looking forward to the sunny days so that we can get out more especially to the park. I only do the park during the week as it is not full and we do not have to worry about social distancing. I cannot wait for the meet ups to start again so she can see her fluffy friends and go to different parks on weekends.

Layla is aging as we all know, she had her annual check up last week and thank goodness all her vitals are good, no lumps or bumps, and we did a blood test to check her liver and kidneys.
Layla has been put on Denamarin for her liver as some of her enzymes have elevated but am relieved the Vet is not worried so I am relaxed also. He explained to me that it could be from quite a few things including the eye drops she gets which have steroids but we cannot stop these as she is finally without red eyes and not rubbing them.  She has also put on a half a pound LOL but am putting her on diet to lose that as I try to keep her weight perfect. 

I could not believe the size of the tablet, it is one I do not think I could swallow either LOL so vet says I can cut them in half and give them in her favorite treat, smoked salmon cream cheese which she loves. Thank goodness as it is working.

Otherwise she is healthy for her age so I am relieved and feel good knowing I am doing everything right. I am also fortunate that he does not insist on vaccinations anymore but the Rabies which by San Francisco law she has to have especially as she goes to dog parks. So we are up to date with that.

So that is what is happening in the Layla Neighborhood, next week Leopold and Pierre are coming to spend some days with us again which will be good for her and our house will become a fluffy house again.

Stay warm everyone, be safe,

Have a great weekend with love from Layla

16 Replies to “weekly Woof from Layla”

  1. How nice you two got to have a nice out n’ about and I’m sure glad that everything looks good from the Vet visit. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  2. Glad to hear you are doing well Layla. You are like fine wine…only getting better with age! It’s great Mum takes such great care of you and you of her. Enjoy those yummy treats. Oh I miss bagels too! I’m trying to be good and lose some lbs too. LOL Enjoy the weekend!

  3. It sounds like a lovely day! We rarely go out at all on weekends, too many people, especially here in South Florida. So many tourists! I’m happy they are starting to lower the vaccine age, can’t wait to get mine. It’s pretty warm & sunny here all year so Spring arriving isn’t all that exciting LOL!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    • Cathy I get my vaccine on the 26th, they are opening more things here slowly but even so am avoiding crowds, rather be safe than sorry. I wish the warm weather would have stayed here but it looks like rain again grrrrrrrrrrr

  4. You guys are lucky; up here, we are neck-deep in rolling lock-downs. And the time they loosen things up in between seems to keep getting shorter. So pathetic–a year into the pandemic, and that’s still their main tool. I’m just glad we have our own land so my dog can get as much time outside as she wishes unless the weather or ground conditions suck too bad.

    • Jana we are lucky but with the openings the places become full and busy so I avoid them where possible plus like you the weather does not help LOL. Stay safe

  5. I am so glad to hear that you had a good vet checkup. There is something SO comforting about hearing your dog has a clean bill of health, especially as our best friends are getting older. I know that I get nervous going into each checkup with the Dav girl, but walking out of it with good news never fails to make me smile!

    • Britt I agree with you I get scared especially when they want to do the blood tests which are my biggest fear but as I said to myself even with the liver problem if the vet is not panicked them I must relax also and just take it as growing old like us

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