Woof Saturday is Hug Your Dog Day

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Woof its Friday woof woof.

The weekend has arrived and that means I am having a fluffy sleepover this weekend. Leopold and Pierre are coming to stay for the weekend as their Mom has to go away. I am really excited to be seeing them.

Ha Mom is going to be busy with all three of us so she cannot get into any mischief – best thoughts I have.

I have been giving  Mom a hard time with getting me to take my pill – it is a big pill which Mom has to break up to give to me and in the beginning she was hiding it in cream cheese but I worked that one out and refused to eat the cheese, so Mom rammed it down my throat, I was not happy but did get a treat afterwards. She then went and bought hotdogs, well me the smarty pants worked out that the pill was in the hotdog, so went on hotdog strike, so we were back to putting down my throat. Now she is giving me a turkey roll, cream cheese with the pill and wrapped with turkey and at this moment it is working LOL, praying we can keep on doing it this way.

This coming Saturday, the 10th is National Hug your Dog Day that will mean lots of extra hugs for Layla plus the other two will get from me also.

Hugging your dog to release a hormone in both our dog and is  called “oxytocin,” informally referred to as “the cuddle hormone.” That extra tight cuddle strengthens the bond between you and your dog, so it is so important.

Here I am being hugged by one of my favorite uncles.


So to all my fur friends we hope you get lots of extra hugs this Saturday and maybe some extra treats also.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone

With a woof and love from Layla


13 Replies to “Woof Saturday is Hug Your Dog Day”

  1. Hug your dog DAY? Buy Layla I suspect you get hugs every single day (even if you do need to take a pill).

    I hope every dog owner in the world hugs their dog today, every pet needs our total love and commitment to keep them healthy.

    Have a good and safe week you two (and take the tablet Layla PLEASE!!!)

    • Marjorie she gets so many hugs but hey its great to remind everyone to hug theirs. As for the pills the cream cheese turkey roll seems to be working still LOL, what we only do for them HA. Have a great week

  2. My oldest dog use to give me problems with taking his pills. Now that there are other dogs in the house, he gobbles it up so no one else can “steal’ it. Makes it so much easier! LOL

  3. It sounds like you’re too smart for your own good! Our girl Daviana is similar. We used to tuck her pill in the middle of a piece of cheese until we got to the point that she’d eat the cheese and spit out the pill. We’re at the stage that we’re doing the ‘put it down her throat’ stage too.
    I had no idea that there was a hug your dog day, but, I am ALL over that! Not that we need a great excuse to snuggle up with our pups, but I’ll take it!

  4. I can’t stop laughing at the pill thing! Layla is too smart. My Truman was the same way. I finally went to the deli and ask for the grossest thing they had that maybe my dog would like. They gave me a chunk of liverworst. I put his pill in a piece and he swallowed it whole. He went nuts over it and never fought the pills again!

  5. I think it’s important to note that not all dogs enjoy hugs. Some do for sure, though.

    As for pills, some dogs can be quite tricky. With Jasmine, we had to shove it down manually. JD would eat anything. With Cookie, cream cheese dunked in sour cream works because it slides down nicely, and she doesn’t try chewing it.

    • I agree jana some do and some don’t but it’s great tp have a holiday for that. As for pills Layla is smart but the turkey roll is working at the moment LOL

  6. I hug my dogs every day! I will give extra hugs today since it’s Nat’l Hug Your Dog this weekend. I wasn’t aware of oxytocin being released in dogs as well as humans! That is interesting. Layla with her pills cracks me up, she is too smart for her own good LOL!!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    • I never knew either Cathy about the Oxytocin but its great to know and Madam got loads of hugs. As for her pill story it is cracking me up also as she is soooooo smart LOL

  7. I hope you had fun with Leopold and Pierre! I’m glad the turkey roll is working and hopefully, it will continue to do so, but we know Layla is clever, so I bet you’re working on another plan too.

  8. I love hugging my Wolfie and do it often, although I love hugging him, I’m not too sure he loves the hugs! But he is just so huggable! I also always loved giving big group hugs when I had all five of my FiveSibes! And my Gibson would hug me back at times! I hope you enjoyed all of your hugs, Miss Layla! Thanks for joining in our Flashback Friday blog hop, too!

    • Dorothy we love your flashback Fridays thank you and Wolfie is just adorable – he is so lucky to have you as his Mom. Have a greaet weekend with a woof from Layla

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