Today is National Lost Dog Awareness Day

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TGIF !!!!!!!!!! We cannot believe it is Friday and April is nearly over.

We have had a busy week with the fluffs staying with us for 5 days, Layla is exhausted poor thing as they want to play and she does not want to, LOL.

It is amazing to see the dynamics between the dogs but am loving it also, they are really cute.

Pierre the Tripawd is just so funny, an energizer bunny who is not a big eater but when Layla tries eating he barks at her to get her food, although he has just finished his plate. I laugh at it as Layla ignores him but am sure she is getting a head ache from it. Leopold who is normally the food addict has no way of getting to her food because she growls at him. I feed all of them at the same time but Layla being a slow eater and used to eating when she wants I am having to pick her bowl up if she does not eat when they are eating and then put it back down when she moans for some food. It has become a restaurant here.

Otherwise they play with the toys in the house, Leopold loves pulling the bed apart and growls at the pillows whereas Pierre just lies on a pillow on the bed watching.

So that has been the five days in our house and today, Thursday they are going home, I think Layla is happy LOL.

Today, 23rd April, is National Lost Dog Awareness Day increases awareness concerning missing dogs. Through networks of shelters, veterinaries, social media, and other media sources, many lost canines and families reunite.

This is my biggest fear and that is why I make sure all Layla’s information is up to date on her collars and Microchip. I also have put an emergency number so if I cannot be found a friend will be called. I am fortunate that Layla is Velcro and won’t go far but would rather be safe than sorry.

What to do if your dog gets lost, below is my infograph with information on what to do plus of course to post on and any other local websites in your area.

So all our furfriends, please be safe and stay at home or with your parents, do not run as you can get lost and it is scary.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone

With love from Layla


14 Replies to “Today is National Lost Dog Awareness Day”

  1. My dog is a Velcro dog as well. However she does tend to wander. I’m always watching her when she’s off leash on our property, and she’s good about staying at my side. However, we can’t assume this will always be the case. Anything can happen that could lead to them being separated from us. Mine has her collar, but she’s been known to lose her tags. Microchips are a must!

    • Danielle microchips are a must and am happy she is like velcro like Layla, it makes life so much easier. Layla has her tags on her harness all the time as she does not wear a collar unless I am going out and leaving her in the home alone. So I am relieved I am covered for her.

  2. Aw, those pups are so cute. It’s funny how they interact with each other. Lots of entertainment for us.

    Love your what to do list if you lose your pup. Spot on.

    Have a fabulous weekend. ♥

    • Thanks Sandee and the list is so important as it reminds us all the time. The fluffs are just adorable and the house is so quiet when they not here LOL.

  3. What a busy week for Layla! And a great reminder to update info on your pet’s tags and microchips. A friend found a Yorkie and there’s no way to track down the owner 🙁

    • That is so sad but hopefully she is safe now, people are so lazy when it comes to updating information which takes maybe 5 minutes. Layla is still recovering from the week LOL but it was fun. Stay safe

  4. Sounds like you both had quite the busy week. While I’m sure that Layla will miss the company, she’s also going to love having her peace and quiet once again. We are the same way when we get together with my mother’s dogs – they are younger than our two and while Dav LOVES playing with them, Indy isn’t as interested. He’s quite happy to return to ‘normal life’ afterwards lol

    Having one of our dogs go missing has been a huge fear of mine, especially with the growing rate of pet theft happening in our area. I have taken steps to try to make it as easy as possible for someone to contact one or both of us including lay flat tags on their collars that they can’t get off as easily as hang tags, updated microchips and multiple phone numbers – but it still makes me worry. They are both pretty good about staying close to us but it’s always in the back of my mind when we’re out and about.

    • Layla is still recovering LOL but it was so great having them, they are so adorable. As for losing a pet, it is my biggest fear as pet theft is everywhere and getting worse, that is why Layla has tags on her harness and collar, the one I use can be scanned with a phone which makes life a lot easier.
      Stay safe

  5. I have seen many posts about lost dogs recently; so sad; particularly around here with so much wilderness around.

    I wonder why nobody who has a dog with scent training didn’t come up with the idea of looking for lost dogs. After all, who better to find a lost dog than another dog?

    • Jana there are dogs that search for other dogs, there are in California as I have seen it in some of the FB groups, but I blame a human when losing a dog as we are responsible and should be watching them at all times

  6. I love the TO DO list. There is something similar for cats by a pet recovery specialist. She says they don’t go far from home initially, I wonder if the same applies to dogs, or if they run off on adventures?

    I know here in NZ the local dog groups get together to help form search parties for a missing pup if its serious.

    • Marjorie locals get together here also and share all over FB when a dog gets lost. With dogs they can run from fear also and that is what is worrying but as I say we humans are responsible for our pets so we should be watching them. If they are timid the should not be let off leash.

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