Remembering Baby

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November is here


TGIF ! Phew it is Friday and I am really looking forward to this weekend, to kick back and relax, I need it. Madam on the other hand is full of energy so am sure my relaxing will be walking her also.


On Sunday we went to a Halloween Party in the Dog Park, it was fun seeing everyone, especially those I have not seen for so long, catching up and eating delicious food.


I decided not to stress Layla out with a costume this year but instead put on her, her tie dyed jacket made by a friend of mine and she went as a San Francisco dog from the 60’s. There were some cute costumes and it was a lot of fun, although Layla does not do well at events anymore so she was ready to go home within a few minutes.

Herkules the Mayor of the Park and Layla

Halloween always brings back bitter sweet memories for me as I remember the last time Baby dressed up for Halloween, our first one in San Francisco, see the photo below. It was the last event we did together as 5 days later she passed away from IMHA.

I found this costume at GoodWill and did not realize what it was till I got home and laughed so much

It came on suddenly, from one moment running in the park and within 24 hours she was listless lying on her bed refusing to eat or drink. I at the time lived around the corner from the vet so I ran her there and by the time they figured out after tests what was happening, there was very little we could do for her, she spent her last night at the clinic, went into a coma and I held her in my arms as I let her cross the Rainbow Bridge. It was one of the hardest days in my life and I miss her in so many ways to this day.


So today I decided that the blog would be a memorial for my little trooper, my rock, who went through so much with me but we survived it all and once we were free, in our own home she crossed the Rainbow Bridge.


Everyone please hug your fur kids, make memories and remember we are all blessed to have them share our lives with them.


Have a safe wonderful weekend

With a woof and love from Layla






20 Replies to “Remembering Baby”

  1. The Halloween party sounds like fun. I’m so sorry that the holiday is made more difficult with memories of losing Baby. It’s so hard to say goodbye to a beloved pet. Although the initial sting lessens with time, we never really get over their absence in our lives. Baby was lucky to have you, and I’m sure knew how loved she was. Your post is such a great reminder – we have to show those we love how much we love them while they are here with us.

  2. It sounds like you had a great Halloween party with Layla! I love the tie dyed hoodie on her. 🙂 I’m so sorry about your Baby. Those memories would be difficult around this time of year. Lots of hugs to you. You gave her everything that a dog could want in life. I gave my kitties each a big hug in Baby’s honor.

  3. I am so glad you can get out and about and Layla should have won top prize, I love her outfit!! SOOO Colourful.

    I know your Baby was a rock for you in times of trouble, as Dash was for me, he sent me in a new direction. Your girl was the best thing ever.

    • Marjorie thanks so much for your kind words, Baby was my rock and when she passed she sent me Layla, who should have won a prize for
      her outfit but she looked adorable and that is all that matters.

  4. What a great 60s dog Layla was for Halloween. She even got the zen down.

    I’m sorry you lost Baby so tragically. She certainly had the best mom she could ever ask for and I know you each needed one another. And know Layla and you are a perfect pair.

    Baby’s costume was hysterical! A fire hydrant! Is there a dog that can pass one by?

    • Terri Layla was the best dressed at the party, I do not care what anyone else says. It is hard losing a pet especially when memories come up like her in the fire hydrant costume which makes me laugh so much to this day. Thank goodness no dog peed on her.

  5. I love Layla’s outfit! I know that Baby helped you through so much during a difficult part of your life. I still miss my dogs that crossed the rainbow bridge.

    • Beth I love that jacket also and am very grateful to this friend of mine for making it for her. Baby was my hero and her memories always bring a smile to my face although it is bittersweet.

  6. Layla, your sweater is beautiful! It sounds like you had a great time on Halloween. We’re sending hugs as your mom remembers sweet Baby. We’re so glad she had Baby with her to help her through a difficult time.

    • Lola thank you so much for the compliment, Layla looked adorable in her jacket. Thank you for the hug for my memory of Baby who will always be part of me.

  7. I’m glad you had a nice time at the Halloween event. LOL Layla sounds like me. After a few minutes, I’m ready to go back home. RIP Baby. I’m so glad she was able to see you finally free and be there with you to experience that even if for a short moment. So glad you were there for her as she transitioned. Even as the years pass, our hearts still ache as love always remains. Thanks for sharing your sweet reflections of the good times spent with Baby in her final days.

    • Kamira I do not blame her and I also wanted to go home LOL although it was nice to be outdoors with people for a bit. I find that by
      sharing my last moments with Baby helps with the healing and she brought Layla into my life

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