Layla went on an adventure

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TGIF !!!!!!!

Friday has arrived and they are expecting a sunny weekend phew as I would love to be out of house for a couple of hours with Madam.

I love adventures with Layla and every weekend I try to take her somewhere where she can run off leash and of course sniff new smells.

Last weekend we hopped on the Tram Line and went down to the Pier to see the sea lions and walk along the Pier and Bay. It was a beautiful day, just perfect and we had a wonderful time.

I let Layla run on leash but free from my hands and she was so happy to have that freedom, lots to sniff of course and she was fascinated with the Bay sticking her face through the wooden fence checking everything out. It was adorable to watch her and with her age she loves these outings.

Waiting for the tram in her backpack





Watching the bay

See video :


Layla was at the Vet Opthamologist recently where they found she is having really bad environmental allergies with her eyes and they have put her on a new eye drop. When I heard the price of the medication I nearly had a heart attack – 400 dollars for a bottle WOW. The vet told me to order them from Canada so I did research and bought 3 bottles for 130 including shipping. Big difference and they arrived yesterday so hopefully these will work. They are called Nevanac but I am calling them eye gold. I am praying they will help her eyes and get rid of the redness and itching.

Otherwise she is really healthy for her age phew.

So that is what is happening in the Layla Neighborhood, Bossy Barker orders me around, I jump to attention and we are taking each day as it comes.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone,  be safe

With a woof and love from




18 Replies to “Layla went on an adventure”

  1. That sounds like a fun adventure for sure! I hope the ‘eye gold (lol)’ drops help with Layla’s eyes. My senior boy has had some minor age related eye issues too. Thankfully I have pet insurance on both my dogs, so I don’t have to worry too much about vet costs. Senior dogs are expensive! Have a good weekend! It’s getting really cold where we are, so harder to go on adventures, but we do what we can.

    • Michelle thanks and I agree with you senior dogs are expensive but I would not change it for anything. I am praying the eye drops work also as she will be a happier girl. Stay warm

    • Brian thank you for your Blog Hop on Thursdays. The adventure was fun and relaxing which we both needed. I am also praying the eye drops help so that she will be more comfortable

  2. What a fun adventure! She looks so cute running around the pier. I’m so glad you were able to get those eye drops (aka gold) at a much more reasonable price. I hope it helps Miss Layla!

  3. Layla certainly looked like she was enjoying a sunny San Francisco day. I would agree with you that would be eye gold. Wow! I’m glad your vet knew you could order the same RX from Canada at a much better price. I hope Layla is good with allowing you to put the drops in her eyes and that it helps a lot. She needs to enjoy seeing better what she’s sniffing on your adventures.

  4. HOW MUCH?!?!? Big Pharma isn’t just people ten is it11 Good heavens. I really hope they work for Layla because you and her love to go walking and she deserves the best.

    • Thanks Marjorie she does deserve the best but the prices are ridiculous. She needs to be able to see when going for walks as she loves them, she loves being outdoors

  5. I’m so glad Layla had such a wonderful time exploring the beach! That sounds like so much fun. But my goodness – that is one expensive eye drop. It must be a human medication or for human use as well because typically our pet medications don’t go that high unless you have a big dog.

    • Nikki she had so much fun. Yes the meds are for humans and I could not believe the price, but if she needs them I will get them, money cannot buy the happiness she shows me

    • Beth I am so relieved the vet advised me phew, or I would have been flat broke. She loves her outings and I love going also as its a change of pace in life

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