Adopt a Senior Pet Month

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Halloween is over, phew, we had so much fun last weekend I am still recovering LOL so this weekend we are lying low and just going to our regular dog park weather permitting.

November has arrived and it is one of the important months of the year as it is Adopt a Senior Pet Month.

There are so many pets in shelters, they are overflowing and the saddest of all is the amount of seniors that are dumped in a shelter.

Seniors should be able to live their golden years in comfort, in a warm house with love, not in a cold shelter which is so not good for their health. I get so mad when I see the seniors that have been dumped in the shelters, bewildered, not knowing what is going on, being dumped there like garbage because of their age.

A pet is family, should be with us till the end of their life, their love is unconditional, they have so little demands, but love, food and comfort and we should provide that to them till the end not decide that because they are aging they are unworthy of our love, dumped in a shelter and then the human goes and adopts a younger one, and the circle carries on. It makes me sick that people can do that.

So, if you are wanting to adopt a pet, or know someone who is looking to add a pet to their family, speak out for the seniors and help them find loving homes.  

Have a safe weekend and lets us pray that all senior shelter pets find homes this month

Love Layla





12 Replies to “Adopt a Senior Pet Month”

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more, Ruth! Pets aren’t garbage. They’re family and if you don’t or can’t have that perspective then get a pet rock. I love the idea of adopting a senior pet. Or if you can’t adopt fully, then at least consider fostering a senior pet. That will give them a chance to have a warm home with a loving family until they can be adopted.

    Wonderful article! I’m sharing it with all my pet parents. Thanks!

    • Terri you are so right, if you cannot adopt at least foster as that way you are getting them out of the cold miserable shelter. Thank you so much for sharing as we
      need to get the word out.

  2. I think senior pets are wonderful. There are a lot of benefits to adopting older dogs & cats.. puppies are a ton of work & young adults can still be super energetic, which may be too much for some people.

    • Cathy I agree with you, I will never adopt a puppy only an older dog as they will fit better with my lifestyle plus there are so many desperate for homes
      we need to open our hearts and homes to them

  3. The number of people who dump senior cats at the shelter takes my breath away. People dump them and present they are ‘strays’. These people deserve the worst the world has to offer them.

    Senior pats are worthy of adoption every single time.

    • Marjorie I always say may Karma get those that dump senior pets whether cats or dogs as they do not deserved to be dumped in shelters but live their lives
      in the comfort they are used to. I will only adopt an older pet as that is what I believe

  4. Seniors are amazing…I was blessed that mine made it their golden years…although dear Gibson and Chloe were “just” seniors and oh how I wish they all were still here. I can’t stand it when I read about people dropping off their seniors…they devote their whole life to their family only to be dumped. I don’t know how people can do that…love seniors. <3 They deserve to live out their golden years with love and care. It always warms my heart to hear adoption stories of seniors. Hugs to beautiful Miss Layla. xo PS – Pinning this to share with others!

    • Dorothy I so agree with you, they are diamonds and like you am blessed I still have Layla and so sorry you lost years before they got to their real
      golden years but you had wonderful dogs. They do deserve to live their golden years with their families and not be dumped like garbage in
      shelters. Thanks for pinning my post so others can learn about senior fates. Layla sending you hugs back

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