Let the adventures begim

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Happy St Patricks Day everyone, TGIF!!!!!

We have had such storms and rain here in San Francisco I thought the sun would never appear but today was surprised with a wonderful sunny day that Mom packed up our park bag and of course me in the stroller and we went on adventure.

Let the adventure in the sun begin


We went to meet up with friends at this park called Sales Force Park which is on the roof of a building, The plus also was today they had a Blue Grass Band called JEE-HEE & JESSE, it was great to hang out and listen to some live music although where the band plays are all tables and chairs so we moved from there to the grass where we sat on a blanket, ate of course, laughed and joked while Layla slept under a tree as it was really warm, The real reason we moved to the grass is Layla being blind she would not be able to wander around as she would hurt herself and I do not want injuries at the moment.

Relaxing on the lawn

These made me homesick. From left to right are Pincushions, Strelitzia and Red Hot Pokers, They are all grow wild all over South Africa

It was great being outdoors in the sun again and this weekend we have another adventure planned weather permitting but am really looking forward to, I have had enough being indoors and I think Layla has also plus I think she is bored with the same walks everyday and needs new places to smell.

Some good news, her UTI has gone phew, she is back to being herself, eating well, barking at me when she wants something which is normally her snuffle ball with treats in, she has me wrapped around her paws LOL. She is also finally sleeping through the night and what I did and spoke to my vet about this, is I am spraying Lavender under her blankets which relaxes her big time, I am doing it in a way that she is not touching it and I hope I have finally found the solution to really calm her.

So that is what is happening in the Layla neighborhood, us seniors are enjoying the sun at long last so life is good here.

I am reminding everyone to please do NOT drink and drive today as your fur kids are waiting at home for you

Have a wonderful weekend

With love from Layla







14 Replies to “Let the adventures begim”

  1. I am glad Layla is feeling better. What a relief after yourrecent worries. Being sick can really dent a dog’s spirits when they want to tell their mom what to do and to wait on them with the best food!

  2. I’m so glad to hear that sweet Layla is back to her old self again and I’m glad you finally had a good day to go to the park! Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

    • Brian thank you as always for your Blog Hop and I am so relieved she is healthy and sleeping through the night, that sleep is making my life so much easier. Stay safe

  3. What a nice day for both of you. So glad Layla is better and I hope she continues to thrive with your wonderful care of your sweet little gal. Question- do you have anything on her like a tag or something that states she is blind in case she gets out of your site. I just saw the most horrible story on the news, an elderly small girl got out, wandered, was turned in to a shelter by someone that picked her up, her collar was off, the scan did not pick up her chip, sge was put down within 3 hrs even though the owners found the notice but was too late, they just missed the 3 hr time. So sad because the family said she was not in the same bad health as the shelter said the dog was. I hope you had a great time, finding new things, places to go are always fun. Hope the weather holds out.

    • Sandy it was a fantastic time in the park. As for a tag Layla wears a dog tag on her harness that can be scanned by a phone with all her details including her vet phone
      number, emergency contact number and my phone number plus her microchip number so she is very safe. What a sad story that they could not hold on to the pup till the owners found him. Thank you popping on to our blog as always

  4. YEAH!!! Layla is free of the UTI and back to herself. That is definitely cause for celebration. I’m glad you had a nice week, listened to some great music, and finally got a bit of warm weather. I think we may see Spring yet. What a wonderful week! I love all the positive news. And Layla is even sleeping through the night. Here’s to another great week!

    • Terri it is cause for a celebration that she is back to being herself and sleeping through the night. What a relief and thank you so much for all the information you
      gave me it really helped. Spring is in the air and hopefully the warm days will come and we can be outdoors more. Have a wonderful safe week with a woof from Layla

  5. I’m happy to read Layla is doing better. And also glad to know San Francisco is getting a reprieve from the crazy weather. Is Sales Force Park in the same location as the tech company SalesForce? Just curious. Enjoy the weekend!

    • Kamira thank you. I agree it is so great to have a break from the stormy weather and get outside, we all need the sun and fresh air. The park is right next door to Sales
      Force Building and part of it as such.

  6. I am SO happy her UTI is cleared up! I’m really happy to hear that lavender is really helping her calm down – something so simple! I need to try that for Jessie. Layla looks so adorable in her St Paddy’s Day green shirt.

    • Cathy thank you so much and the Lavender has become a life saver LOL, I am sure it will help Jesse also. The hoodie is one of my favorites on her as the color suits
      her so well, have a wonderful week

    • Thank you Dorothy, I love being out and about and thank goodness for the stroller phew. I am relieved the UTI has gone and we do not have to deal with medications anymore but
      keep her healthy. Have a safe week

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