It is April Fool’s Day Tomorrow

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Good morning, friends,

They say Spring has arrived but in my eyes it is an early April Fools joke as it has been stormy and rainy here all week and I am not laughing.

I have once again been stuck indoors excluding going out for potty breaks in my stroller and I said to Mom I need to get out and smell, sniff and see other people, life is boring at the moment.

My raincoat made from a broken umbrella, recycling is very important and I am ready to roll now in the rain

Mom has been keeping me busy with my snuffle ball but she is making me eat my food first before getting treats and that is so unfair. Who agrees with me.

Gobble Gobble B=Gobble so I can get some treats

Woof it is snuffle ball time

So as you can read nothing exciting has been happening here but tomorrow weather permitting we are going on an adventure woof woof woof

I am so ready to go out of this house for an adventure, when we going ?

Have a safe weekend everyone,

With a woof and love from Layla


14 Replies to “It is April Fool’s Day Tomorrow”

  1. You look very cute, as always, sweet Layla and I do hope the weather improves so you can catch up on your sniffing duties. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

    • Thank you your compliment and Blog Hop as always. I am hoping also as being cooped up is taking its toll on me too LOL. Have a wonderful weekend

  2. Life is tough for a small deanding dog – right Layla? I hope you get some outside time in the sunshine. Surely you must have Spring soon???

  3. Yes, mom’s can be strict sometimes. She just wants you to eat a well balanced duet so you will stay healthy. I hope the weather gets nice so you abd mom can have a wonderful adventure.

    • Sandy I am such a Jewish Mom LOL and yes she needs to eat her food with supplements to keep her healthy and the treats afterwards which is a routine I will not break The sun
      is out and we going out today to enjoy it

  4. Happy April fool’s day Layla. Well, I hope you are enjoying the sunshine by now on the West Coast because we here on the East Coast got rain today and it looks like it’ll be a gloomy day. I hope you get a chance to go outside and enjoy some fresh air with Mom!

    • Kamira always good to see you and I agree the cold rainy weather is gloomy for all of us. Sun is out today so we are going out to take advantage of it and breathe
      some fresh air. have a great week

  5. OMG!!! I just love Layla in her different sweaters! Too freaking cute.

    I have to say, treats are supposed to be a treat. BUT, my mom used to always say “Life is unpredictable. Dessert first!” I can certainly appreciate that motto (especially as the years pass).

    Here’s hoping Spring arrives soon. It’s very windy here today, so I suspect it’s windy for you as well.

    • Terri thank you for your compliment, I must admit she does have cute clothing LOL. I love that motto you shared, thank you so much.
      Have a wonderful week an I hope Spring arrives for all of us

  6. The weather here has DEFINITELY been an April Fool’s Day joke – we were getting complete white out storms this week. But today, the sun has finally reemerged and we were outside with the pets making the most of it!

    • Britt same here, yesterday beautiful and today windy and looking like rain, April Fools is playing with all of us weather wise and it is enough. Stay warm and
      have fun with the pups

  7. Rain, Rain, Go Away! I love your clever umbrella raincoat, how perfect. I know it seems mean to have to eat your food before treats, but you have a mom who wants the best for you! I love all your cute sweaters – all dressed up with no place to go LOL! The sun will find you soon enough.

    • LOL thanks and we had a wonderful day out in the sun on Saturday and she was so happy. I love that raincoat as it is clever and so waterproof LOL. Have a wonderful week with lots of sunshine, woof from Layla

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