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August is a very important month in the lives of dogs, we celebrate many holidays for them but today I am going to highlight one of them that are very important to me.

As you all know Layla is a rescue, she came straight from the shelter to my home and is now living the life of luxury. Unfortunately, the shelters are over flowing

Layla in the shelter

with dogs at the moment as people are so quick to get one, then for some reason or another dump them back at the shelter which is no life for a poor dog, if anything it is traumatic and worse of all some of them land up in High Kill Shelters which means a death sentence for them, which is not their fault but the humans fault and they pay the price with their lives. We need to put a stop to this, have a list of people that dump dogs so that they are blacklisted and cannot get another and most of all put an end to this cruelty.

Another issue we must deal with is putting a stop to Backyard Breeders and Puppy Mills as those poor dogs are like machines churning out puppies for lazy people who do not want to work but the opposite make money off their poor dogs and then when the dog cannot give birth anymore dump them in shelters. We must also put a stop to Pet Stores selling puppies and instead make them get shelter dogs adopted and find homes which will help the overcrowding at the shelters.

Most rescue organizations are working 24/7 to save these poor dogs, have to find fosters to rehabilitate them and the work is never ending and it the human race that is causing these problems not the dogs, a dog is part of your family and if you cannot keep him or her then do not get one to start with.

If you want to adopt a dog, whether pure bred or a mutt which I love, go to a shelter to see what they have, yes it costs money, but you would be paying a breeder a lot more if you got from them, plus your dog is spayed or neutered, up to date with vaccinations and healthy but most of all desperate for a warm bed and place to call home.  We must all do our part by saving them the misery of a shelter cage because of some awful person not thinking of the consequences this poor dog will go through because it was dumped. We need to clear the shelters especially the High Kill ones where the poor dogs are killed to make space for new ones.

I hate being blunt talking about this and it hurts me but this is the reality of shelter dogs and it is time to clear the shelters and get the High Kill ones closed down also as the innocent should not be paying the price with their lives. Let us all spread the word and Clear the Shelters. 

Below are the links of Petfinder and 24PetConnect where you can find listings of shelters/dogs in your areas, this is how I found Layla.

Now to something funny, Madam Layla LOL.

Layla has become a treat thief, I cannot leave treats anywhere in the house or park and she finds them, digging through my bag for them and I am very amused with this change in her behavior.  I have started dehydrating fish for her as treats and she is addicted, cannot get enough of them LOL, so when in the park the other day I had a bag with me and she went for the bag, pulling everything out till she got what she wanted. It was cute and funny to watch as it made me realize that at her age 16+ years old she still has it in her to get what she wants, and her nose is going a mile a minute.

Layla in the park sniffing the air for treats

So we are wishing everyone a safe weekend, stay cool and please lets spread the word and clear the shelters,

Thank you with love from







12 Replies to “Clear the Shelters”

  1. Yes, we totally agree with you on the need for pet homes, cats have those same problems as the sweet dogs. Anyplace that kills animals should not be allowed to call themselves a shelter, they should have to call it what it is, a death factory. I’m so glad that sweet Layla found her happy home. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

    • Hi Brian, thanks so much for your blog hop as always and I so agree with you all animals need homes and that is why we need to be their voice and speak out to help then find one and I am so blessed having Layla in my life. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more! Always adopt! Never shop. And I have to say that I’ve been amazed that you can find any breed imaginable waiting in a shelter or foster home. Lovely animals. Just waiting. Completely sad. As you said no fault of their own. Much like Layla and like my Henry. I love that you spread the word.

    That’s hysterical that Layla has become a treat thief. She’s definitely entertaining and she knows what she wants.

    Wishing you both a wonderful week!

    • Terri thank you for sharing my views and I agree with you you can find any breed in a shelter if you want one, it is so sad what is happening and the humans are to blame. Henry like Layla are lucky rescues and there are many like them but many that need homes also.

      Her treat thief antics are keeping me amused LOL. Have a wonderful week with love from Layla

  3. Well said! As a volunteer and animal lover, it breaks my heart when I hear stories of people surrendering their pets for the most ridiculous reasons. It’s utterly shocking and heartbreaking. Yes, clear the shelters, and if you want to adopt, make sure you are ready for a LIFETIME commitment. Pets are not t-shirts you throw away down the line. Pets are family and little beings! Aww, sweet Layla may be 16 but nothing is stopping Madame from getting her treats! LOL Too funny.

    • Kamilla we need to be their voice as that is why I speak out as they are family and people need to realize it. Their are so many sitting in shelters suffering it is horrific
      and heartbreaking. Thank you for volunteering you ae an angel.

      As for Madam, yes she is quite a character and keeps me amused LOL

  4. It is true shelters are overflowing. NYC’s ACC put out an appeal for homes after they showed dogs are in small boxes not in crates. We are so with you in Clear the Shelter month. Our cats are all shelter cats!!!

    • Marjorie it is so so sad what is happening here and the poor animals are the ones paying the price. Everyone is calling out for help and the awful breeders are just breeding like nothing is happening, we need to stop all breeders and puppy mills. Shelter pets are the best

  5. Such an important post – we must clear the shelters and somehow as a society stop the “disposal” of dogs when people no longer want them. The rescues and shelters are so maxxed on out, that so many cannot even take any more in. Pets are family and not disposable. I don’t understand what is happening with people anymore. I’ve had babies come into our lives, we’ve added younger dogs with a senior, and we’ve moved….and never, ever would I ever even think about not taking my dogs with us…they were part of my family. My heart just breaks at how many are not only homeless, but how could people abandon them and leave them with no care or food or shelter or love? Unacceptable. I have the greatest respect for rescuers trying to save all the animals that are being abandoned by the droves. Somehow as a society, we need to protect these animals. Sharing this to remind people that we are the caregivers to the animals of this world, and must hold that responsibility with respect, honor, and joy.

    On a separate note…Miss Layla a treat thief? BOL…good girl! ;-). Enjoy those treats!

    • Amen to everything you have said and that is why I will not keep quiet and will keep speaking out for them, they are paying the price with their lives because of those people and it sickens me daily.
      I needed to finish the sad blog with a laugh about Madam the treat thief BOL.

  6. Definitely an important topic to shed light on. I so wish there could be a Blacklist for irresponsible adopters. I had an experience with 2 people who I saw right away should never be allowed to adopt again – I worked to get them declined, which I’ve never ever done before or since. I couldn’t let the puppy go to this two irresponsible clods! I also help in the fight against puppy mills, they are horrendous!

    • Cathy thank you for fighting against puppy mills and irresponsible pet owners, they do need to do a black list to protect the animals, I will not keep quiet about this as
      the more we speak out the more people might start listening. Take care

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