I might be old but I am healthy

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Good Morning Friends,

We hope you are staying cool in the awful hot weather and of course drinking lots of water. Today I am going to share with you my secrets on why I am so healthy for an old girl and am very blessed to have a doting Mom like mine, who makes sure I get all the nutrients I need to stay healthy.

When Mom rescued me, I was living off kibbles yuck, and she immediately changed me over to home cooked food with lots of veggies and fruits. With aging she has added some supplements to my food to help my old body stay well and although it might sound crazy it seems to be working BOL. I also make her walk as much as possible as exercise is very important for her joints plus to keep her brain active I fill snuffle toys and make her work getting them out. It keeps her busy and therefore not sleeping the day away.

You can read more about how bad kibble is on this website and why raw food is healthier for your dogs


park time

Food – In this house we do not believe in kibbles of any kinds, gross, they have fillers and other not good stuff in them. I like my home cooked food although Mom has introduced me to raw food also and we now alternate as changing my diet keeps me interested in food BOL. The company Mom gets my food from is Raw Paws Pet Food, great yum products, and worth checking out. The plus is the raw food has fish in it also, so I am getting the balanced diet I need.

https://www.rawpawspetfood.com/Default.asp?sscid=51k3_szat  Coupon LaylasWoof15


Mushrooms – Mom has gone crazy about mushrooms but honestly there is a method to her madness. She loves supplements that are powder so she can mix it in with my food and that is what is so great about these. She mixes in the 5 Defenders and Lions Mane Mushroom Powder Extract into my food daily and I feel the difference and Mom sees the difference in my brain functions from the Lions Maane , for an old girl my brain is working well. I also get their calming supplement which relaxes me at night, and I am sleeping through the night which Mom is loving, BOL. The Mushroom company has now started supplements for my cat friends and as Mom says we must not forget to remind our humans that the hot chocolate is so good for us coffee lovers. Real Mushrooms are the best.

https://shop.realmushrooms.com/?ref=488  Coupon code for 10% off with LaylasWoof

My old joint and muscles – Mom is determined to keep me mobile and walking without pain and thanks to this amazing formula it is working and I am as energetic as a you pup with the Hip and Joint Supplement plus muscle formula, I am a happy camper here.


Senior Supplement – All In from Vetericyn. This is one that keeps my insides healthy, relaxes me during the day and soothes my aches and pains if I have any. Mom started me on this supplement when I refused to take the one for my liver and since on it my liver levels have stabilized so if  Mom is happy I am happy. If you sign up for their emails you automatically get 10% off. They also have fantastic anti Itch products which I keep in the house for emergencies.


My Tushy – after my UTI and discussing with my vet as Mom realized us old ladies do not clean ourselves the way the young ones do so she bought some Tushy wipes and wipes my butt clean after each potty, it is keeping me clean and smelling good, what could be better than that. Plus, she is now using the facial wash on me so my face is nice and clean all the time as she cleans it with a microfiber towel so I am pampered daily. They have amazing other grooming products also, a must have in our house.


Shnoozing on my walk, life is good

Debating whether I want to walk or not

So, to all my friends, we might be aging slowly although Mom says its too fast for her but with all the above which Mom has discussed with her vet before giving to me I am plodding along, doing good, riding in my stroller, so life is good in the Layla neighborhood.  Please discuss with your vet before you change anything.

Have a safe weekend, stay as cool as possible!

With love and hugs









12 Replies to “I might be old but I am healthy”

    • Brian thank you for your kind words and I am really blessed with her health, phew. Thank you as always for your Thursday Blog Hop I so love reading what is happening in your household of cats, have a great weekend

  1. It certainly seems like Layla has the right mix of food, supplements, and activity to keep her healthy. I know she has a great mom who makes sure to be on top of any issue with lots of research and proactive measures. That’s super important. I’ve tried the calming mushrooms for Henry and they do seem to help. Thank you for that referral! We all have to be vigilant in keeping our furry friends healthy. I’m definitely sharing your tricks as they are doing a great job for Layla! Love it and love hearing how well Layla’s doing!

    • Terri thank you for your compliment and I am so happy the calming treats are working with Henry, that is awesome. The healthier we can keep them the easier it is ‘
      for everyone plus a happy dog is a happy mom. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful week, love from Layla

  2. It’s great that you’ve found a combination of products that work so well for Layla! Icy will be 14 next month and this last year she’s been feeling her age more. I’m so happy I was able to find the right mobility chews for her arthritis – it was really impacting her. She doing so great now. I have to keep a close eye on her now as the signs of aging are starting.

    • Cathy thank you and it is with trial and error till we find the right supplements to help them while they age. I strongly suggest you look into the mushroom supplements especially
      the Lions Mane as it is so important plus the calming chews are great. Sending a big hug to Icy

  3. When you can cook for your pup is must boost their health so much, and her supplements are all excellent. She DOES get well looked after!

    • Marjorie I used to cook for my cats also, I do not believe in the dog or cat foods with all the preservatives and junk that goes in to them. The supplements do make a big
      difference also and if you have a fur kid they need to be well cared for

  4. Oh, Miss Layla, you’re doing amazing! You are truly a poster-pup for senior dogs in their golden years. You have such a great mama to investigate all the great and natural things to help to be the best and healthiest you can be! Keep it up! We admire you!

    • Dorothy thank you for your kind words, I am doing my best to keep her off chemicals and keep her healthy as possible, thank you thank you thank you

  5. Oh, Layla, it’s such a blessing to be healthy. You may be older, but you are aging like fine wine, my dear. Thanks to your mum as well. You have a one-in-a-million mum looking after you. I’m happy those supplements and home-cooked meals are working wonders for you. It’s good advice many of us humans can follow too! Continue to flourish, and enjoy your weekend.

    • Kamira thank you so much for your kind words, we all as Pet Moms try hard to keep our fur kids happy and healthy as they age and I am doing the best I can do. Those supplements are amazing and I have started on the mushrooms also and feeling a lot better. Have a wonderful week with a hug from Layla

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