Thank you Everybody

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Dear friends, followers, and fans,

Thanksgiving has arrived and as I have been doing the past years, I am doing this year my thank you letter although I am blind, I can still bark my orders to Mom as to what to write and share.


I want to start by thanking all my friends who I meet up with in the park, my uncles who give me treats when Mom does not want to and so many more people. My followers on social media you are the best and keep Mom amused but most of all sharing our life with you makes life so much more fun and interesting.


A special thanks to Hindy for being there for Mom when she is freaking out like a Jewish Mom over something, Dr Gervais my vet who is amazing and keeps an eye on me and my health and all the techs at the clinic, you are the best of the best.


A very big thank you to PAWS (Pets Are Wonderful Support) and the Shanti project for helping Mom when needed and keeping her busy and happy but most of all I am included in it all.


I also want to thank some of the suppliers that produce the supplements that have helped me with my health and I am blessed that Mom found you as really it makes a difference to a senior when you getting the right nutrients.


  1. Vetericyn : Your All In Senior is amazing, got my liver levelled out and so much more plus your ear rinse keeps my ears clean all the time which means I get no Infections. Also, when I have an itch your skin products fix it immediately.

Thank you Vetericyn for keeping this old lady healthy, Layla


  1. Real Mushrooms: and yes, they are real. Your Lions Mane has worked wonders for me in so many ways that Mom is now taking it also. Your 5 Defenders which is a mix of 5 mushrooms is keeping me healthy and to keep me calm your calming supplement is the best. I am actually sleeping through the night because of it. You have a 10% discount with the coupon LaylasWoof. Oy Mom just remembered to tell you that your Hot Chocolate with Mushrooms is super yum and with the cold weather arriving a must have in your kitchen.

Yes mushrooms are magic, Layla


  1. Myos: As you know with age our joints and muscles start giving in but with the Myos supplement mixed with Green Lipped Mussels I am still a wanderer and keep Mom on her feet in the park. It has made a big difference in my joints and walking.

They keep me on my paws and make Mom run after me

  1. Earthbath:  The wipes that keep my butt smelling clean all the time is their Tushy Wipes. Did you know my butt smells all the time of Rosemary and Chamomile. Since my UTI Mom has been using them on me and they are the best. You have a 15% discount with coupon LaylasWoof15

Listen I might be your bum chum but leave my tush alone it is clean, Layla


  1. And of course it is all very well staying healthy but I need my treats also for my snuffle toys and the best this year are the treats from Farm Hounds. You have a discount off entire order with coupon YumTreats0311

A snuffle ball is very good for the brain but so so good for your belly when it has yum treats in


Phew I am exhausted with all this barking but please keep us safe on Thanksgiving with the list below which are no no for us and of course do not drink and drive as we are waiting at home for you.

Before I go to sleep I want to say a special thank you to the best Mom in the world, I am so blessed you chose me at the shelter and is doing everything to keep me happy and healthy, I love you.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, be safe,

With love from Layla




20 Replies to “Thank you Everybody”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and the family Layla! It’s been a pleasure and I look forward to another year of seeing you and your moms.

    Eat lots,

    • Demetrius your comment has made Layla happy, we love spending time with you and looking forward to another year of fun and laughter with you. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Kai with love from us. Have a wonderful weekend, Love Layla and Mom

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to Layla and her wonderful Mom! I hope you both have a wonderful day. I’m looking forward to seeing you soon!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your mom. You’re one lucky pup to have someone who cares so much for you and your well being. I also appreciate the shout out, it always nice to be appreciated! You’ve reminded us all to take a moment and be grateful for everything we have…something we should practice every day. Go easy on the turkey Layla!

    • Hindy Happy Thanksgiving to you too. I am very blessed to have her in my life and keep me on my toes. Thank you so so much for keeping me sane during my uncertain moments with her as I really appreciate it and you deserve more than a shout out. Layla cannot wait for the turkey LOL. I agree we need to practice more how grateful we are for everything. Big hugs from us

  4. Oh boy do you have a lot of thanks to share and I bet they keep you happy and healthy! I am a big fan of pet supplements!I hope you and Mum have a lovely Thanksgiving!

    • Brian it is always good to see you and read your blog, thank you for your wonderful Thankful Thursday Blog Hop. Have a great long weekend and thank you for your compliment,

  5. You have a lot to be thankful for Layla! I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving with Mum and enjoy the upcoming holidays. I’m happy that the supplements are working well for you both. Stay blessed!

    • Kamira I am very blessed thank you and the supplements are pawsome. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and today Mom says she is lying low BOL. Stay safe and always good to see you

  6. Happy Thanksgiving!! You have so much to be thankful for Layla, but most of all thankful to have each other. I ordered the Lion’s Mane Mushrooms through your link, but I forgot to use your discount code! I’m such a ditz. Anyway, I look forward to trying them.

    • Cathy thank you so much and they are amazing. The hot chocolate for us is really good also. Oy vey to the discount, you can use it next time. Have a wonderful safe week

  7. What a lot to be thankful for this year! I always love hearing about your adventures, Layla with your mom. I have to say I also love knowing what your mom uses to keep you healthy. I’m thankful for your wonderful site, which is so informative. The fact that you shared about mushrooms earlier this year, I was able to implement them into Henry’s diet. They’ve helped a lot! In fact, I’m hoping to add the 5 Defenses to my diet as well. I hope you both had a happy and relaxing Thanksgiving. See you next week!

    • Terri thank you so much for your compliment and I am so happy my information is helping Henry. The Defenders I take and it really is helping my health also so it is a must have in the house. I hope you have a relaxing weekend and see you next week for definite, woof from Layla

  8. Miss Layla, you are so inspirational! A happy belated Thanksgiving to you and your mom! It’s wonderful the supplements and mushrooms you are getting, and I know you are so thankful for such a wonderful and caring momma! You both are inspirational! Keep feeling good, and keep sharing your fun adventures with us all!

    • Dorothy thank you so much for your kind words, they mean the world to me. We has a wonderful Thanksgiving and now recovering LOL. Mom ate too much, Stay safe and have a wonderful week

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