I have had a barking busy week.

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Woof hello all my friends,

I have had a barking busy week with lots of barking. Mom is not impressed but I feel I have the right to give my input.

On Saturday Mom took me to the vet for a senior checkup. The vet was very impressed with Mom for keeping me so healthy and Mom asked her a favor which she was happy to help with. My back leg muscles are slowing giving in, no arthritis phew, but because of it I am falling into my food, so I had some matts. So, the vet tech was kind enough to shave me (Mom says rather I am bare in parts than have matts) which was going well until I got fed up and oy vey snapped at the vet. Mom was in shock as she has never seen me do that but thank goodness the vet was not upset. Can you believe they put a muzzle on me and that is when Mom started to giggle as she told the vet I looked like a duck gone wrong. I was not impressed but at least I am matt free now phew and happy. I got lots of treats from the vet, so it was worth it.

Do I really look like a duck ?


On Sunday Mom took me to my favorite park to get some fresh air, or should I say Mom wanted fresh air but it was great to be outdoors as the weather is changing and getting cold and rainy. Of course, I did my barking in the park as that has become my ritual and if I do not do it I will not be happy. Poor Mom gets a headache but too bad I need to tell the world I have arrived. It was a wonderful couple of hours outdoors, Mom watching the boats on the bay and me wandering around sniffing all the new smells so in a nutshell we were both relaxed and happy.


Then the highlight of my week was Wednesday, we went to a Thanksgiving event where there was lots of food, yes Mom shared some with me, I was the only dog there so I got lots of love from everyone, but the best BOL was when they started the Karaoke singing, I did not like the music and voices so I sat in the stroller barking away. I would not keep quiet even when Mom offered me treats to keep quiet, but it did not work. The minute it all stopped I lay back down in my stroller and went back to sleep. Mom won some smelly shower products on the raffle so she was a happy Mom who will now smell fruity BOL.

Do I have a turkey on my back ?


So, as you read, I have been busy barking and Mom is not talking about my barking orders in the house when I want or should I say demand something from her and one of my newest quirks is to stand on the corner and bark for no reason, Mom is not happy with that BOL but I am the Boss.

I am laughing at this post as I think barking is fun BOL


Have a wonderful safe weekend everyone,

With a woof and love from Layla, the Bossy Barker



10 Replies to “I have had a barking busy week.”

  1. You sure did have a busy week sweetest Layla and I’m glad you got those mats cut out, it should feel lots better. The bark in the park sounds like it was fun too. Thanks for joining Angel Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

    • It was a crazy week so this weekend we are taking it easy. Thank you so much for your Thankful Thursday Blog Hop as always and have a safe week, woof Layla

  2. OMG!!! Layla is soooo adorable with her shaved ears! I bet she didn’t like that duck comment. I’m glad the vet techs could help with her mats. And I’m especially glad that she got a great checkup. That’s always a big relief!

    I hope you and Layla have a very happy, healthy, and safe Thanksgiving!

    • Terri the haircut is not perfect but all the matts are gone phew. I love it when has a haircut as she really looks adorable but with age she could never stand at a groomers plus all the chaos there would freak her out so am so relieved the tech helped me out.LOL I laughed so hard at her with the muzzle as she does look like a duck.
      Yes I am relieved the check up went well phew. We hope you and Henry have a wonderful safe Thanksgiving.

  3. You made me laugh with your vet shaving drama. Of course you are going to express your disapproval aren’t you and Mum was mean to laugh * cough cough * 😉

    Have a lovely Thanksgiving!

    • Marjorie I laughed so much and she was not impressed. Layla really keeps me amused. Thanks for your Thanksgiving wishes. Have a great week, Bossy Barker and Me

    • Cathy thanks so much, her groom was what she needed as it was a mess. You are fortunate you are able to trim Icy paws as Layla will not let me touch hers LOL. I have found putting bath mats down helps slow the slipping

  4. Miss Layla, you look beautiful in your new haircut! I had to giggle when you talked about how you had to have mats removed…I had to do that with my Gibson (much due to his epilepsy medicine making him have some personal hygiene issues) so I used have him shaved “just there” – and joked that he got a “Brazilian” – heheehe. But hey, it kept him nice and clean and sanitary!

    I love your bark! That video made me smile. Pinned to share with others to see how cool and young you are for 17!

    I wish you and your momma a Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Dorothy she has become quite a clown with age and keeping us all amused. I wish I could shave her myself but she is such a wiggle butt I am scared to do it. Whatever we have to do to keep them clean is all that counts and I am sure Gibson was not happy either BOL. Her bark is getting better every day LOL.
      We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving

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