What you do for love for your Senior Dog

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TGIF!!! The weekend has arrived, which means we can all recharge our batteries and get ready for the new week.

Day light savings has messed with our lives and I am sure you all feel the same. I personally hate it as I am getting less sleep and Layla’s routine has gone upside down which is taking its toll on me. Layla now wakes me up at 5 in the morning to go potty and her routine is to potty, I then put her back in the stroller to come home but Madam stands up in the stroller which means she wants to go again so I take her out and all she does is stand and stare into space till I get fed up and put her back in the stroller and bring her in. She then will bark at me for her snuffle ball with treats, I will crawl back into bed and once she is finished with her treats and then goes back to sleep. Thank you, daylight savings.

Being a Senior Dog Mom is trial and error, adapting your life to theirs and all of a sudden, your life revolves around theirs and you lose a lot of freedom. I am not complaining as Layla is my child, I love her to the moon and back, but I am exhausted 24/7 also and I feel sharing with you will prepare you for the future.

She has a new quirk of sleeping on the floor in front of the front door, which is fine when I am home but when I go out I have become afraid I will squash her when I come back in so I got a baby gate which I put up at the end of the corridor and put her there before I go out so I have no more worries about her now. She has freedom in the entire apartment, so she is perfectly safe.

One of my worries at the moment is when the rain starts what am I going to do to keep her busy, so she does not sleep all day so although she has her snuffle balls I need to find other activities for her to keep her brain active. So, over the next couple of weeks, I will google searching for ideas LOL.  Madam does not like plastic, rubber or wood so I cannot get her a puzzle as from experience she will not touch them. She has me trained well LOL.

She has become a picky eater when it comes to treats and I am very fortunate that my pet store allows me to exchange open packets and get credit because I have bought her three different packages of treats this week with fish which she loves and all of a sudden not interested so we have been back and forth to the store to exchange them, thank goodness they know me so they are laughing with me.

As you all know Layla has been having kidney infection and a UTI which are all healed but I have been looking into supplement to help them stay healthy and found one with Cranberry and Blueberries. One of the things I have noticed since she is on it is she more aware and energetic so today when I decided to take her to her favorite park with a train ride I asked her if she wants to go Bye Bye she jumped up wagging her tail like she did in the past and I just grabbed the camera to film it as it made me so happy. For that she could bark as much as she wanted. See the video below.


The weather was gloomy and chilly, but we hopped on the train, both of us bundled up and off we went. She was so happy to be outdoors and wandered around happily keeping me on my toes, but it was worth it. There is nothing like sitting on the lawn on a chair watching the boats on the bay, it is relaxing and helps me recharge my batteries. It was a wonderful 3 hours of no electronics just the outdoors and the birds and the bay and of course Layla.


They grey skies

Wearing my fancy jacket made from an umbrella

To bark or not to bark today that is the question ?

I am taking each day as it comes this weekend as they are talking rain, and I am praying there will be a break so we can get out.


So now you know what is happening in the senior Layla Neighborhood

Have a wonderful weekend with a woof and love from


10 Replies to “What you do for love for your Senior Dog”

  1. Yes, the elder pets can sure be a challenge but it’s worth every minute. Those were fun videos and it is so nice to see the happy tail wags! I hope the weekend isn’t a wash out. Thanks for joining Angel Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

    • Brian it is challenging but worth it and I hope we will have more tail wagging, thank you so much for your Thankful Thursday Blog Hop as it always reminds me
      to be thankful 🙂 I am hoping the weather will be good too as I need to get out of the house with her for a bit. Have a wonderful weekend

  2. Isn’t it funny how our fur kids don’t get the message on the time change? I know Henry hasn’t gotten that memo either. I absolutely love seeing Layla wagging her tail as you say “bye-bye”. That’s so wonderful! She seems like she’s doing very well. Maybe we should follow their lead, get someone to look after us, eat their diet, and exercise as they do? Hmmm….LOL Hope you and sweet Layla have a relaxing yet fun week!

    • Terri that day light savings is a killer in my eyes, it causes my life to be totally upside down so Layla adapting must be hard for her too, and I understand Henry confusion also. Thank you for loving that video of her wagging her tail as it made my week and she seems to be doing a lot more again phew. I agree we can learn so much from them especially as you said with diet and exercise LOL. Have a wonderful week as always

  3. My symathies for the upside down time change. Pets do not get the memo – right? Ours are the same, but I know Layla gets the best care from you and she is the sweetest thing, in spite of senior challenges. She is yours and your best buddy.

    • Marjorie they do not get the memo and time changes is a nightmare. I am blessed to have her in my life and I am doing my best to keep her happy and healthy as my life would be boring without her.

  4. It’s not easy seeing them age, with their senior dog quirks. It’s a shame Layla doesn’t like puzzle toys! Those are great for Icy, she loves them. Would Layla like one of the interactive soft toys where the little squirrels fit into holes of a soft “tree” and she pulls them out to play with? Jessie goes nuts for those. She pulls the rats out, I put them back in and she pulls them out again – she just loves it. It’s so interesting that the cranberry & blueberry treats are giving her energy, that’s awesome!

    • Cathy it is really hard but am taking one day at a time with her and making memories. Layla cannot see so those toys that you put in for them to take out will not work for her but she has two snuffle toys which she loves and I might get a new one for her as those have worked the best with her. I tried a puzzle but she was not interested LOL. The supplement is working wonders and I really hope it will keep her kidneys healthy which is the reason I got them for her. Hugs to your two from us

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