November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month

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TGIF!!!   Woof, hello my friends and how are you?

November has arrived, which is an important month for me as a senior as it is Adopt A Senior Pet Month and there are so many that have been dumped in shelters by selfish humans and are suffering now. Let us open our hearts and homes to a senior so that they can live happily and loved for the rest of their lives. It means so much to me and I cry when I read the stories. Watch the rescuers trying to save them all, find fosters and work relentlessly to make sure all shelter pets have homes especially the seniors.

The excuses that the humans give for dumping is all lies and as I woofed to Mom those humans should not be allowed pets in the future, there is no excuse to do what they are doing and I often woof to Mom may Karma get them.

This is my video I woofed on asking everyone to adopt a senior pet.

Now another topic we must not forget is on November 1 was Cook for your pet day, yup we need to stay healthy and home cooked food is the best and healthier than the kibbles and cans as your Mom knows exactly what you are eating and there are no preservatives. So I asked Mom to share with you my favorite home cooked food so you can all make it at home, cos sharing is caring.

My bowl of home cooked breakfast



Pieces of Chicken and if you allergic to chicken you can use beef.

Filet of Tilapia as fish is very good for the brain.

Chicken Gizzards as they are yum and crunchy.

Veggies: Carrots and pumpkin for fiber which is important for me as I am a senior, if Mom has other veggies like zucchini, cauliflower, peas or green beans she adds them also.

She puts it all in the Instapot, adds apple cider vinegar: Why Apple Cider Vinegar, here are the benefits :

It is a  digestive aid to regulate digestion and relieve digestive upset.

Works as a natural supplement for the urinary tract system to prevent urinary tract infections, bladder, and kidney stones.

Mom steams it all till ready, then she lets it cool down. Blend the veggies into a smoothie with the chicken broth. Mix all together and my food is ready.  When cool she puts in plastic containers and freezes.

When Mom puts in my plate, she adds the following supplements: Lions Mane and 5 Defenders from this company You have 10% off with LaylasWoof coupon. Oops did I forget to tell you I get their calming supplement also and it so yummy plus Mom drinks their Hot Chocolate with Mushrooms which she says is the best.


Muscle Formula from this company  and finally the All In Senior Supplement from this company

So, in a nutshell I am eating a very balanced healthy diet and not overweight either.

Another thing Mom does to prevent UTIS or any other infections she wipes my Tush each time I potty with Tushy Wipes from this company so am clean all the time. They have great grooming products and all healthy and safe.  You have a coupon for 10% off with LaylasWoof15.

The most important thing of all is of course my candy in my snuffle ball, oops did I say candy, I meant treats and they are so good and crunchy from this company and I am telling you it is a must have. and you have a 10% discount with this coupon YumTreats0311.

It is now my bedtime and I need my beauty sleep as I am a senior and sleep is very important to me,

My new favorite place to sleep cos I am guarding the door

Have a safe weekend everyone with lots of fun,

Love Layla












10 Replies to “November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month”

  1. Seniors are so loving and so worthy of having a forever home. I totally agree with you on the excuses humans gift, they should be barred from having furry family members. Your video was a good one too. Thanks for joining Angel Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  2. I was literally just thinking of you today as I was in the supermarket buying some chicken – I bought some extra for my dogs and I was remembering how you cook so beautifully for Layla! Thanks for all your inspiration & information on this.

    • Cathy it is my pleasure and I love sharing what I do for Layla as I always feel if it helps one other dog I have done something good, I cannot wait to hear if they love the chicken as much as Layla does. Have a great weekend.

  3. Excellent reminder to adopt senior pups! They are so lovable and just need a second chance! Your recipe looks like something Henry would LOVE! I’ve never tried apple cider vinegar with him. That’s something I need to explore a bit. I have used the immune Real Mushrooms thanks to you and they have made a HUGE difference for Henry. Thank you! I LOVE how you share what works for Ms. Layla. I know I’ve learned a lot from you and certainly do appreciate it. Like always, I’m sharing this one with my dog parents.

    • I am so happy would love that recipe as it is Layla’s favorite BOL. Thanks so much for your compliments as I firmly believe by sharing we all learn from each other and it is the best way to keep our pups healthy and happy.

      Senior pups are so loveable and will always adopt not shop as there are so many waiting for homes in shelters.

      Have a wonderful week

  4. Senior cats have been some of my best friends and I would adopt another one in a heartbeat. People overlook too many seniors don’t they.

  5. Love our seniors! We all hope and pray when we have dogs from a young age, that we will be blessed with them through their senior years. I was fortunate that mine did get to their golden years, although a few a bit too early on that spectrum, but a few until almost 14, and one to 14.5! Seniors are wise and loving and loyal…I’m sharing Miss Layla’s adorable video (I mean, talk about a message straight from a senior’s mouth! Pawesome)…and we, too, are advocates for senior dogs and sure do hope many seniors are adopted this month!

    Now…as far as that food…oh, yum! Enjoy that lovely nap, Layla! xo

    • Dorothy you are so correct, the older they get with us the more we are blessed and you were blessed with such beauties, thank you for sharing Layla’s message as it is so important we speak out for them and pray they all find homes to grow old with love.

      Layla loves her food LOL and her she is napping at this moment LOL

      Take care

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