I have been feeling yucky

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Good Morning friends,

I have not been feeling well this week so Mom has been taking extra care of me. I decided I did not want to eat my home cooked food so Mom went and bought me my favorite fancy dog food, which is very healthy and comes in a box, which I gobbled up but the one protein gave me an upset tummy and on top of it the one day I did not pee although I was drinking lots of water.

Mom was very concerned about me not peeing and when I finally did she did a pee dance to celebrate but it was at 3 in the morning. You see when I need to go out at night, although I have been out maybe 4 or 5 times that day and last walk at 11 at night so poor Mom lately is a zombie because of lack of sleep and by midday is crashing BOL. But as she says my health comes first so whatever it takes she will do. She is quite smart as she keeps in the house chicken breasts in the freezer for emergencies, pumpkin if I need it plus probiotics so as she says she has everything there if she needs it and does not have to panic. Mom even slept on the floor with me the one night to monitor me that is how worried she was and poor Mom her back was sore in the morning. She is getting old like me BOL.

With all this happening because the weather has been beautiful we have been going to the park each day for a couple of hours, actually it is good for Mom to get out and relax with coffee in the sun. Our outings have made a big difference for her and I love wandering around, looking cute and hoping for treats although Mom watches me like a hawk. She always has lots of water for me, and treats (I actually give her freeze dried kibbles LOL). So the outdoors has been great as I wander around the lawn, getting exercise and Mom kicks back with her coffee and sunshine on her face. It is a win win situation for both of us, plus when we get home I am tired so I take a nap.

Looking cute waiting for a treat

Jasper and I waiting for a treat for Uncle

Although Mom wheels me in my stroller I do walk part of the way so that I can potty so when we get home we stay at home for a couple of hours or till I Bossy Barker barks to go out again. Yes that is my way of telling Mom I need to potty and although she does not like the barking she is relieved I tell her.

This is how I like to nap BOL

That has been our week and Mom is praying my tummy will settle proper soon so she can really relax, I am eating lots of boiled chicken with pumpkin but nothing else.

This is Mom talking, it has been a scary week for me because of her age I panic and have more than once thought of running to the vet but decided not going to upset her and take each day as it comes. Do you think I am going about it the right way, as I would love some input to settle my mind a bit, thanks.

So lets pray all gets back to normal, Layla’s tummy settles and we can go on proper adventures now the weather is changing plus it is light in the evenings which is great as the dog park is two blocks from my house so we can go in the evenings also.

Have a great weekend everyone, we hope the weather is warming up in your areas also,

With love and woof from Layla











16 Replies to “I have been feeling yucky”

  1. Sweet Layla, I sure hope you are feeling better super soon. I know your Mom worries about you and she loves you. We are all sending hugs and prayers your way. Thanks for joining Angel Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

    • Brian thank you so much for your prayers and hugs, they are really appreciated, it has been a week of worries and am praying we are going back to normal as I need it, thank you for your Thankful Thursday Blog Hop as always, have a wonderful weekend

  2. Layla ~ do hope you are on the mend ~ sweet photos of you and glad you and Mom got some fresh air a bit of a walk ~ walking is great for all of us ~ hugs,

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

    • Thank you so much for your kind words and yes we are blessed to be having warm weather and can get out to the park for some sun, she is slowly on the mend which is pawsome. Have a wonderful weekend with lots of love and laughter, woof from Layla

  3. Layla you definitely need to get better soon as it’s coming up to Spriing and you will be enjoying so many stroller rides and visits to friends and…

    Not I am getting as worn out as your Mom just thinking about your hectic schedule!!!

    • Marjorie with age comes ailments and I am taking each day as it comes and I agree spring is here, warm days we need to get out and about in her stroller. Thanks for your worry but she seems a lot better today phew

  4. Oh my, that is scary when the fur kid isn’t feeling well. I hope Layla is back to her normal self quickly. Maybe you can email your vet a question about suggestions to help her eat. Or there are a few sites that allow you to ask a question for free with vet professionals answering. That can sometimes put your mind at ease as well. Henry and I are sending lots of healing energy your way!

    • Terri thanks for your concern and I did speak to the vet clinic and they gave me all the information I need and it seems to be working so am relieved but monitoring her also and as long as she acts her normal self I am relaxing. Please tell Henry thank you and we sending hugs back to both of you

  5. Oh, sweet Miss Layla, I sure hope your tummy feels so much better by now and stays feeling good. Glad you and Momma get out for your adventures in the park. Coffee, park, and having you by her side I am sure is good medicine for her.

    Note for Momma – I believe we know our pups best. I think you did all the right things for Layla, as always. I would do the very same. We have good “momma sensors.” I sure hope Layla’s tummy feels better soon. She is such an inspiration, but I know you are behind the scenes, worrying, but you’ve done wonderful by her, and I know you always will. Sending you big hugs as well. xo

    • Dorothy thank you so much for your kind words and I think over time we learn to read them like a book which makes our lives so much easier. She seems to be a lot better today but we taking each day as it comes and I am keeping her on bland food. As for the park adventures, we need the outdoors as it is healthy and as long as she is drinking water that is all that matters plus yes my coffee in the sun is the best LOL. Please stay safe and have a wonderful week woof from Layla

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