Domestic Violence Awareness Month

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This past weekend Mom and I decided to have a picnic in the park as the weather is slowly changing and today, Tuesday is raining grrrr.

Mom wanted to go also as to sit and reflect her past with October arriving and it being Domestic Violence Awareness Month she felt she needed to clear her head, think of my sister Baby and enjoy the outdoors and freedom.

Mom is a survivor, and this month brings lots of memories, the sad ones and then the happy ones of being free and as Mom says she knows she did the right thing staying in the relationship to protect my sister whom I never met.

So we sat there talking, me lying by her side like I always do, and thinking about all the women that are in abusive relationships but will not leave because of their furkids. Something Mom understands.

It is very easy for people to say pack up and run, but when you know that most shelters do not take pets where does one run to ?

Mom in the past has blogged about how hard it is for shelters to take the pets, some say they should but when you look at the reality it is not easy as there are kids dealing with trauma, allergies, staff overworked, and so much more that we have to instead find a solution to help those pets while the victims try to get on their feet, figure out their lives, and find themselves.

This is something that has been going through Mom’s mind a lot as to how to help them, and some ideas have come to mind but now it is how to get that kind of project going.

So while we were chatting about this, Mom set up my own picnic – yummm. We had received this Dine Away Set from Overland Dog Gear Company and just love it as it makes life so easy when wanting to have a picnic. The set includes a travel bag, 2 food carriers, a placemat, 2 collapsible bowls and a food scoop. Even with the food and water it was not heavy to carry and made life so much easier than what Mom has been doing in the past.

Mom also received from them a Day Away tote which includes a food carrier for food or treats. Now there is nothing in plastic bags or containers spilling everywhere. This tote is fantastic as it is spacious, place for a bottle, can slide on luggage and the best is that it zippers up so I cannot get my nose into it to get to the treats BOL. The best of all is if you are planning a weekend away with your dog he / she will have his own bag for his things so you do not have to pack them with yours, I just love this idea.

To read more about their products you can go to their website

Overland Dog Gear

Personally I think these are a must in a house for those that do travel with their dogs and I was thinking to myself if only I had had them when I ran as it would have made my life so much easier, thank you Overland Dog Gear for giving me these products to review.

So while we sat there talking, me munching, Mom drinking coffee life seemed to look brighter cos she said : Layla we are free to enjoy life so lets put aside the past and enjoy the rest of the day.

And that is what we did.

Be safe everyone, have a wonderful week with woof and love from Layla

22 Replies to “Domestic Violence Awareness Month”

  1. Thank you for speaking so honestly about your experience with domestic violence. I’m sure your words will help others! I think it would be a great if there were an organization that cared for the pets of domestic violence survivors – maybe like a system of foster homes that would take in animals so that more women could leave and find shelter – and then reunite them once the woman is ready.

  2. I was so glad when I heard that there are a few woman’s shelters near me that started allowing pets. I’ve, thankfully, never had to deal with domestic violence in my own relationship but I know that if I ever did, I’d want to do what’s best for my pets. Some people think it’s silly I know, but my pets, my dogs especially, really are like children to me.

    • I am so happy to hear that as no many do and it is not silly at all, they are our kids and we would not leave them in an abusive relationship

  3. I remember reading about your personal journey and how you left with Baby away from an abusive relationship. It takes such courage. Thanks for sharing and spreading the word about Domestic Violence and hopefully encouraging others to be brave enough to leave with their fur kids. That picnic dog bag set is nice! Very sleek and stylish design. Glad you and Layla took time to just relax and enjoy the weekend.

    • We need to spread the word and that is why I speak out hoping it will help others. The picnic bag and items are amazing and a must in the house as it makes life so easy, plus this way I can relax in the park and not worry about her being hungry

  4. Thanks for bring awareness to Domestic Violence and the need to provide safety for victims and their Pets. There are some organizations and brands working on this but obviously only a start. Enjoy the weekend, glad you and Layla are safe.

  5. I am so glad that you were able to get out of that abusive situation. I totally understand waiting until you could take Baby with you. Pets are family! I think that a foster network working alongside a shelter women is a great idea!

  6. You are an amazing warrior, advocate, and dog mom, Baby was blessed to have you. I am so very sorry for the trauma you went through, I do recall your personal story, and so admire you speaking out about domestic violence. I hope there is a way to help more shelters have ways they can help and accept the furkids so more survivors can be helped. If there is anyone who can head a project like this, my vote is with you.

    • Thank you Dorothy for your kind words and you are an amazing warrior too. Like you we need to speak out to let people know they are not alone. As for the project I am going to slowly work on it over the next few months

  7. As a domestic violence survivor myself, I know how hard it is to share your story, and even moreso how hard it is to leave. I’m so glad that shelters are starting to accept pets. It’s hard enough to convince yourself to leave, not having anywhere to go with your pet makes it 10000x harder.

    • Debbie I am so sorry you went through it and what you said is so true but I wish more shelters would be welcoming but it is hard for them also. Stay safe

  8. Every situation is different. I’m glad there are more support systems in place, today. I won’t share the details, however, I recently heard of a domestic situation in which the wife was the threat to the household pet. The anguish, abuse, and in some cases, murder carried out by abusive people breaks my heart.

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