Park time is starting

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Let the park fun begin

Spring has arrived and the sun is shining although they say there is going to be more rain grrrrrrrrrrrrr.  It has been awesome though being able to walk Layla her long walks in the mornings which she loves. 

So as you always see Layla sitting or sleeping LOL I decided to share with you a video of her walking – or as I call it on a mission as once she gets started she just goes LOL and I feel we walk San Francisco.

Last weekend we spent most of the time in the park, the weather was wonderfully warm and it was just great to sit on a blanket and relax with coffee of course, Madam and her treats and the best of all no electronics. I love those kind of days when I people / dog watch and do nothing.

I have also found that since she is on her new supplements from Raw Paws Pet Food her energy level has doubled and it is great, she is also not itching when coming in from the park which I think is the best news of all and I hope it just carries on this way.

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On Tuesday she got a bath, or as she calls it punishment but her favorite of course is getting all the free treats at the Pet Store where the bathing is done. So she is smelling of coconut at the moment which is better than the smelly park smells from rolling in the grass. 

I am at the moment looking into what dog events are happening this year in the Bay Area which is my favorite also, Layla gets to taste all the treats and I get to check all out and of course carry her in her back pack. The first one I know is happening in April around the corner from us, one of my favorites.

So that is what is happening in the Layla Neighborhood at the moment.

Have a wonderful weekend

 With a woof and love from Layla

37 Replies to “Park time is starting”

  1. You’re right, I don’t think we’ve ever seen Layla off on a walk. She’s definitely on a mission and love her coat. Like you said, I shouldn’t think she’d be so enthusiastic if she knew where she was going. We walk Jack to the groomers as well and he trots along nicely, until he realises where he’s going and puts the brakes on. Then we have to carry him!! Hope the weather stays nice and you get to enjoy some more park time this weekend. Shabbat Shalom.

    • Shabbat Shalom to you too and when Layla puts on brakes I put her in a shopping cart and wheel her in, the store knows us already and just laugh

  2. That video is so cute, Layla looks like she is on a very important mission! I’m glad the sun returned and you’re back to the usual pleasant sunny days. It’s great that Raw Paws is having such an effect on Layla’s energy.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    • Thanks Cathy, and it is amazing how energetic she is since on their products, I highly recommend them to everyone. Have a great week with a woof from Layla

  3. Layla looks gorgeous (if not a little wet in the second photo)! And what a beautiful thing, to celebrate and welcome spring with such a fabulous pup! My pups love the groomer – they march right in and play – must be lucky!

  4. Yes spring! The snow has finally all melted in the Chicago area and I can start taking Buffy for longer walks, not that she wants to go. She went for her annual physical and the vet said there is no reason not to take her for long walks.
    Why does Layla hug the right side? My dogs always scan the pavement every which way to look for food?
    Happy spring and happy trails!

    • Happy Spring Sandy, and I do not know why she hugs the side but she likes doing it until she see a tree and then we zig zag along LOL. It is great to be out again as we all need the fresh air

  5. Layla is a great advertisement for the treats isn’t she! walks and energy and fun are just what a dog needs after a fair bit of winter weather.

    I did laugh about her smelling of coconut. I bet Layla really would prefer grass * grin *

  6. I’m glad that Spring is finally here too! I’m happy that it finally stopped raining near you too. Now that it’s sunny and warmer you can enjoy rolling in the grass more!

  7. Layla and Nelly have the same type of stride. Nelly is turning 12 next month, but you would never know it by the way she moves. We still have some snow here, so we haven’t been going for very long walks. I hope you have a great weekend!

  8. Layla looks very enthusiastic with the spring and the treats. We still had black ice on the pavement in spots last week and I slipped walking Kilo- smashed my ankle and knee. Boo. That put a damper on my enthusiasm.

  9. We’ve had such a wet year here in DC. While we are excited for the nice spring weather (and all the pretty flowers) we are NOT ready for the more rain to come. I hope you have a lovely, dry spring (besides baths for Layla 😉 )

    -Alex and Navy

  10. Well, last weekend I was scrapping ice off my windsheild…today took the dogs out to the park for the first time in a while but still needed coats. Looking forward to spring.

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