Helping those that do not have voices

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Woof to all my fur friends,

We are woofing this Wednesday because of many reasons but the main one is because of Easter and Passover this weekend.

Last weekend we had fun as usual BOL and on Sunday Mom took me with her to my favorite restaurant Palmyra which is a Syrian place that makes yummy food especially the chicken. That was my payment for modelling for her with the bunny ears which I did not like on my head, but for Mom I have to do things sometimes whether I like it or not.

We also met with my favorite Aunt Barbara, so it was double fun and of course Mom gave me some of her chicken and I put my head on Aunt Barbara’s lap so it was really a fun afternoon. We came home and I just went to bed to sleep while Mom did housework.

Now as we all know holidays are upon us, Easter for the Christians and Passover for the Jews. It is a special time when families get together and eat themselves sick, that is what Mom told me. She only gives me a little to taste but it is the best as that means I get yummy food and not my food, BOL.

So today as we are talking about the Middle East as both Holidays originate there, we are also going to talk about a wonderful woman who is battling and doing her utmost to save all the stray dogs in Bethlehem. She rescues the strays and then they go to a rescue organization in Israel which helps to find the stray dogs homes.

You can read about her in the link below.

The reason we talking about her and the wonderful work she does, is at the moment and it being holidays where our food is plentiful, she is struggling to feed all the stray dogs and reaching out to everyone for help. So I, Layla as a rescue, thought if we each helped with like 5 dollars, it would all add up, and the dogs would have food to eat, that is what we call a Mitzvah which means a good deed done from religious duty. So who is going to step in and help.

I am attaching all the links here, from the Facebook pages, paypal links and go fund me links and we hope everyone will help and share the story.

I heard about her plight through a friend of mine who volunteers in the shelter that is working with her and reached out to me to share the story.

Now that we have shared with the plea, everyone please have a wonderful Easter or Passover, and make sure your pets are all safe from the hazards of these holidays.

Thank you for reading the story about this amazing woman, Diana, sharing and helping

with love and woof from Layla 

26 Replies to “Helping those that do not have voices”

  1. Thank you for this beautifully written blog. The plight of the dogs in the West Bank is, as I’m sure in most parts of this world, tragic!!
    I hope more people will get involved and help the voiceless, the vulnerable and the innocent!

    • Thank you Carole for telling me about Dianna and I am so happy to share her story and help her. I agree there are so many that need help and we must not be quiet. Chag Sameach with love from Layla

  2. I hope you and Layla have a wonderful Pesach! The work that woman is doing is incredible, and I’m sharing this post in hopes it will help raise awareness and much needed funds. Chag Sameach!!

  3. Good article, My pups and I celebrate Easter this week. I did not know about the woman saving the stray dogs in Bethlehem. Very cool! Thanks for sharing her facebook page info. I will share it on the Dachshund Station Facebook Page as well. Also, very helpful list about Easter Hazards for pets. Have a Happy Easter.

  4. What a lovely Easter post! And tell Layla that we’re so happy she persevered with the bunny ears to our great amusement and joy! Delightful! -And she rather looked as though she was enjoying the festivities!

  5. Great post! It’s always awesome to help raise awareness for people/organizations that are doing things to help animals. Happy holidays! We don’t celebrate any of the holidays that are this weekend but I’m totally looking forward to having a nice, relaxing weekend.

    • I agree with you that we need to speak up for the small organizations as they are normally the ones with limited funds. Enjoy your weekend as I am planning to do the same

    • Thanks Sadie and I agree she did look cute LOL. As for borders there is no such thing when we are helping the voiceless or unfortunate.

  6. I am glad to hear about this dog initiative. I keep my eye on Hiba shelter on FB who are in Palestine for the same sorts of reasons. Animal need our love, care and respect, regardless of our faith.

    Your list of dangerous items will, I know, come as a surprise to many. They forget sweetened can kill. You can never say this often enough.

    • Thanks for following a Shelter in the Middle East as they need help where possible. I agree with you, the reminders are so important as people forget or do not think and then there is a tragedy of some sorts.

  7. Thank you for sharing Diana’s story. She sounds like an amazing woman helping these dogs. My heart breaks for the widespread homelessness of dogs waiting in shelters. What a perfect time of year, with holidays highlighting rebirth and thankfulness.

    And lovely Layla, you looked adorable in those ears! Hope you both had a lovely holiday!

    • My heart breaks also Dorothy as to what is happening in the shelters today. She is an amazing woman and was so honored to share her story. As for the Madam and her ears thanks she did look adorable although was not happy LOL. We had a great holiday and hope you did too 🙂

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