Friday has arrived

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April 11, 2019

Morning Fur Friends,

Friday has arrived and that means the fun time and adventures start as there is no rain this weekend, phew.

Thursday, April 11th is National Pet Day which is a very important day. It was started by Colleen Paige to celebrate the joy and love that pets bring into our lives and most important highlight the awareness of the many different animals sitting in shelters all over the world waiting to find forever homes. 

This is the reason I will only rescue and not pay a breeder as there are so many in cages begging to go home people should rescue. There are also pure breeds in shelters and rescues for those that want one, opening your door to a rescue of any kind of animal is saving a life, actually not one but two, yours and the rescue.

No animal should have to suffer, especially at the hand of humans and that is why Adopt don’t Shop is so important.

To celebrate this day we can do the following :

Layla is a rescue and like many I am sure when we read the list above we say well we do some of those every day so why not instead do the others also.

I for example try to give back wherever possible, helping rescues is on the top of my list and love sharing with them.

One of the most important things in my life as a Mom to a rescue is to make sure that on weekends I do very little work and spend quality time with Layla giving her extra special love and attention as she is so patient during the week when I am at work. 

Last weekend I decided as the weather was so good to take advantage of it and on Sunday we did two dog parks. One in the morning which I call my little paradise as it is a tiny park not far from me, really quiet but has lots of smells, so what can be better than walking there with a cup of coffee, a happy trotting little dog, bag of treats of course, finding a bench and just chilling. Best way to start the day.

At lunchtime we went with a friend to the Chihuahua Meet Up, Layla always is the honorary Chi LOL.  I love where they hold it, Stern Grove is amazing and at the end of the park is a fantastic lake, so it is soothing, relaxing and just great being out in nature. Layla loves the smells, wandering around and of course getting some treats, but for me it is quality time, no electronics, just the two of us. 

So now that summer is arriving, I am researching new places of adventure for the two of us on weekends, plus of course all the dog events that will be happening in the city, so that our weekends will be filled with fun.

Did you do something special for your pet on National Pet Day ?

Layla is now going to have her morning nap after a long walk and I am catching up on my work,

Have a wonderful weekend everyone With a woof and Love from 

22 Replies to “Friday has arrived”

  1. I look forward to reading about Layla’s adventures…past and upcoming! I admit I didn’t do anything special for Jack yesterday, although he had a wonderful day in the park in the morning, then in the afternoon he patiently sat on a picnic bench while I socialised with the humans. It was such a glorious sunny day, how could we not be outdoors! Oh yes, I forgot how much he enjoyed the cheese crackers one of them kept feeding him in a bid to win his affection. I am right there with you in sharing the importance of rescuing, and yes for those that insist on a pure breed there are plenty of breed specific rescue groups with dogs in need of a loving home.

    • Hindy I am so happy the weather was great for you and that you and Jack spent time outdoors and of course he getting spoiled with the crackers is very important LOL. It recharges my batteries when I am outdoors and I love it. Thank you also for agreeing with me about rescue, we need to speak about it more to make sure shelters can become empty slowly

  2. Glad you had some nice walks and adventures. Our weather is still kind of iffy and yesterday rained so we didn’t get out to celebrate, but enjoyed some nice cuddle time to celebrate! And of course, agree with you on rescuing!

    • Awwwwww Ruby am so sorry and hopefully the weather will change soon. I agree to cuddle is just as fun as being outdoors, if not better. Thanks for agreeing with us on rescuing

  3. I totally agree.. I like your phrase “Adopt don’t shop”. There are so many dogs and puppies out there that need good homes.
    I like you list of helpful things we can do to help out the animal shelters. I donate to the humane society and they tend to send me small dog blankets that I then donate at my local shelter. Koshland park looks like a very nice place for a doggie walk. Very nice post.

  4. Looks like you had a lovely time enjoying the sunshine and finally no rain! I didn’t do anything super special on National Pet day however agree 100% with rescuing and adoption of animals. There are so many unloved animals looking for homes. That’s also why I take joy in being a foster mom for the moment. Showing them they can find happiness in a home with love is possible. Everyone should know what that feels like.

    • You are amazing fostering Kamira and I only wish I could do it too. We need to speak out for the animals whenever we can, it is so important. As for the weather rain is on the way again LOL

  5. You are lucky to have such wonderful parks and leisure areas Layla. Many pups would love to be in your paws now spring is on the way! Also may we say a late to thank you for stopping by on Thursday it is greatly appreciated.

    Marjorie and Harvey

  6. Love that you dedicate the weekend to spending time with Layla! Great list of things to do also. I like to consider every day pet day here! With five Siberian Huskies, our toy collection has grown exponentially!!! Last year, we packaged up newish and gently used toys and donated them to our local SPCA, and this year we are doing the same and sending them to a gal who rescues special needs Huskies. My pups had some ice cream to celebrate, too! Nom-nommms!

    • Hmmm Layla woofs can she have some ice cream also please. I think we are all over loaded with toys in our houses and I am planning soon to donate some too, sharing with those that don’t have is such a fantastic feeling. Your pups are just as spoiled as Layla on a daily basis but I and am sure you too would not change it.

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