TGIF with May Arrival

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TGIF Furfriends,

WOW we cannot believe that May has arrived, summer is nearly here and that means all the fun, events and adventures start.

Last weekend was DogFest – one of our favorite events and is a fundraiser for an Elementary School and was chaotically fun as always. The last I heard they raised about 95,000.00 Dollars which is just amazing.

There was lots to see, dogs in costumes, children playing different games, food of course and then the section of all the Pet Supplies and Rescues. 

I put Layla in her backpack this year as it was a lot easier to wander around and not worry about her being stepped on. Also BOL to keep her away from begging for too many treats although she did get and came home I think with a sore tummy but survived it all.

The Madam
Some of the fun pics

Different pics plus a dog wearing one of the Bandanas from Transform a Street Dog’s Organization

While wandering around I came a across an Organization called “Transform a Street Dog”,  I had never heard about them and me Ms. Curious had to know more so I spoke with Amanda the founder.

Transform a Street Dog’s Mission:

Their website to read more :

They work with different volunteers in Ukraine (in Kiev mostly now) and try to find them shelter (volunteer or profit), homes or medical care for dogs they find since there is nowhere like a Humane Society or something like that to bring them. They also donate to a program at a shelter that offers free sterilizations. That is difficult though, because many believe it is unethical to sterilize animals and deny them the right to reproduce.  

What They do: Right now, they manage 3 different foster homes with American ex-pat volunteers, and sponsor 2 others in for-profit foster homes called “perederzhkas.” Generally there are not any volunteer foster homes in Ukraine. So they use different ex-pat sites to recruit them. They also work with 2 different shelters and recruit ex-pats to go there weekly to socialize dogs so they can add them to their adoption list.

They also sponsor local adoption ads, but it is a difficult situation in Ukraine with the financial crisis and war in the east. Finding good homes is difficult. That is why they created an adoption program – just to give the dogs more hope. 

They also did a very clever idea and that was hand out free doggy bandanas to all the dogs to draw people to their booth and share the information. 
On their website they have some really great t-shirts, each sale helps the organization.

I know some of you are going to think why help other countries as we have so many up for adoption here but unfortunately there are so many countries that do not have the organizations like we have here and I believe we must be their voice and speak out so that they are not forgotten.

The other two rescue organizations that were there was Muttville who I spoke about in my last blog and Family Dog Rescue, another really great rescue organization here in San Francisco.

The Rescue Organizations and Animal Control

Sunday we just relaxed as Mom was tired LOL plus Monday means work day, so we just lay low and took it easy.

So as you can all see we have been busy as always although Madam has it good being carried around in her backpack and I become the slave. 
Have not decided what we are doing this weekend and will plan on Saturday morning,

Have a great weekend all, 
With a woof and hug from 

24 Replies to “TGIF with May Arrival”

  1. I loved reading about Transform a Street Dog’s work. Although animals suffer everywhere sadly, some countries are worse than others when it comes to how they treat animals. I don’t blame you for putting Layla in her backpack, too much risk of her getting stepped on in crowds. Do you find it heavy carrying her? Have a lovely week and Shabbat Shalom to you both.

    • Hindy I so agree with you we need to speak up for those countries that do not have the organizations like we have. The backpack gets heavy after a time LOL but being on my back makes it a lot easier. Have a great week ahead

  2. What a wonderful event! Heartwarming to learn of these organizations working for animals around the globe. It is always surprising to learn that our rescue culture and infrastructure is simply not as developed in many countries. Thanks for sharing the great day & orgs!

  3. Dog Fest sounds like an awesome Event. Wow, to raise that much money, that’s awesome. I think to transform a street dog is an awesome idea. I will put their website link on my site as well to help spread awareness.
    I love the doggie backpack idea, looks like it has breathable material.

    • Thanks for sharing about Transform a street dog, they will really appreciate it. The backpack is amazing and I cannot see my life without it now

  4. People think it is unethical to let dogs and cats breed and breed and overrun them with puppies and kittens !??! This is plain silly. It is also not practical – who will deal with al the animals that do not have homes (like these people do?)

    I am glad you are looking forward to some sunshine and fun and good weather!

  5. Oh…we are chuckling over here at the mom-slave comment! Seriously, it such a great idea…if I could carry my Huskies like that, I would! And they sure would want me too, spoiled “working” dogs – LOL! Although we have an epidemic of dogs needing rescuing and adoption, thankfully, we do have some wonderful rescues and folks here to help. DogFest sounds like it was a blast!

    • Dorothy so true, the USA is so organized in so many ways when it comes to rescues that where we can speak out and help other countries we should. As for the Mom/Slave comment that is how I feel with her sometimes but would not change it like you would not LOL

  6. It sounds like you had a wonderful time at Dog Fest! I think it is worthwhile to support homeless pets, no matter where they live! I’m glad you enjoyed a restful day on Sunday.

    • Thanks Beth and I agree with you, helping the homeless dogs in whatever country they are is so important as they do not have a voice. Sunday was awesome, put my feet up and relaxed LOL

    • I so so so agree with you, fun for the kids, fun for the dogs and in a nutshell a great family fun day and an amazing fund raiser at the same time

    • Thank you Melanie and I agree with you, it is an amazing charity and I feel honored to have written about them. That backpack is a life saver when it comes to Dogfest and other events and I am so relieved in a way to have it.

  7. What a truly wonderful event! I wish our city had something like this. We have tons of charity events to benefit animal rescues/shelters… I love the idea of it benefitting the elementary school!

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