June is nearly over

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TGIF Furfriends and families,

How has your week been since we last chatted.  I really hope you are keeping your hoomans very busy by pampering you like I am doing with Mom. I think I will have to share my pamper tips one of these days but the problem is if I do Mom will know, oy vey.

Our week has been busy as always, the weather being perfect and not too hot so it is fun to be out and about.

Last weekend Mom said she needed to recharge her batteries so on Saturday we hung out at our local park with my friends, Mom relaxed and I begged for treats BOL and checked out which of my favorite treat Uncles was there and yes I hit the jackpot with some.

On Sunday we had an adventure as Mom felt like going down to see the sea, so we went to this great area where you can walk for miles along the Bay but what she did not tell me and surprised me was she wanted to pop into a pet store to say hi to the owner, Ray as they follow us on Instagram. 

He was not there unfortunately but it was fun seeing a new store, what they have and I wandered around inside off leash sniffing away. I could have if Mom was not watching pinched some of the bags of treats but she is horrible as she would have given them back and punished me.

Who are they ?  They are called Pawtrero and have two stores in the city. They focus on natural and raw foods which is fantastic plus the bonus is they do free home delivery in the city so you see, you do not have to buy from these big online companies and instead support the locals who do so much for our community and give back to the rescues.

Pawtrero also had a community meet up on Wednesday evening, everyone met in a dog park I had not been to in the past, so it was fun going to a  new one, meeting more pet owners and of course Madam getting spoiled by all. They gave out wonderful swag bags for the dogs and we had refreshments and cookies. A great way to end a work day and something that they do once a month and I personally think all dog parks should do it.  

You can read more about them on their website : https://www.pawtrero.com/

Then I got punished. I got a bath – I cannot understand why hoomans have to bathe us, I think it is something unnecessary especially as rolling in the grass gives you such a good smell and if you two legged people pay for perfumes and all that smelly stuff, the grass smell is just as good and free.

Love the stinky eye LOL

Today being Thursday Mom is housecleaning and I am monitoring her work BOL but on Saturday we have a Shi Tzu Meet Up which is going to be fun.

So that has been our week here, Madam Social Butterfly is now sleeping of course, I am finishing off my chores and need to catch up on some work.
BUT before we log off everyone please take care of your pets in the hot weather and keep the safe, cool and happy.

Have a wonderful weekend all,

With a woof and love from Layla

20 Replies to “June is nearly over”

    • hi Brian and thanks for the Blog Hop, I love being by the sea it is so calming and to include shopping for Madam makes it a perfect day

  1. Sounds like you had a great day Layla – and kudos to you (and your mom) for supporting local!! Enjoy your Shih Tzu meet up – we go to those too and they are a lot of fun.
    p.s. Make sure your mom finishes up all of her chores 🙂

    • Rebecca I love the shih tzu meet ups and so does she. I think it is so important we support our local stores.
      PS Mom did finish her chores phew

  2. I’m sorry to hear that you had to have a bath, Layla. At least you got to have lots of fun and treats for the rest of the day. Your weather must be much nicer than ours. I actually saw someone in their winter coat yesterday (most of us are still in sweaters). The high-temperature yesterday was only 63 F.

    • Brrrrrrr just to think of a winter coat at this moment, we have been very lucky with the warm weather. Yes Madam did get treats for being punished LOL

  3. A bath? Now you have to go roll in the grass again to smell good! MOL You’re a very busy girl, Layla. We had a very boring week. It rained and rained some more and Mommy worked and worked some more. We’re hoping to get cuddles this weekend.

    • Awww Lola I am sorry it was raining and hopefully the weather will change soon and you will have lots of sunshine and fun. Layla is a busy girl and she has a tired Mom BOL.

  4. I hope you had a great weekend! I gave Nelly a bath this week, she doesn’t really enjoy them, but she smells so much better to the humans! I think the extra cuddle time is a fair trade off for her.

  5. I have never lived far from the sea, it’s such a great feeling to see and hear the waves. Hmmm maybe a bath is better than a swim in salty sea water though Layla eh?

    Soon as you can sneak out into the grass again 😉

    • LOL I love swimming in the sea and miss it plus agree with you the sound of the ocean is so relaxing and soothing although Layla does not like it cos her paws are getting wet LOL

  6. The biggest thing I remember about the San Francisco bridge is how cold is was in August. We took a cruise on the bay with the conference I was attending and as we approached the bridge, icicles formed on the windows.

    • I agree it can get cold but I prefer the cold to the warm as I am more functional LOL. Those cruises are amazing and so relaxing so hope you will visit again soon

  7. That sounds like quite the adventure! It’s so nice of you guys to drop in and say hello to a shop owner that follows your page, had he been there, I’m positive he would have been excited to see you!

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