California is rocking

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TGIF !! 

Woof everyone, let the weekend begin.

Mom took a break from blogging last week, I was not happy as this is my blog but she said she needed a break from computers all together so I decided to be nice and give it to her but the condition was she gives me extra treats and I won.

Our days have been slow lately, I think age is catching up with us and there are days where both Layla and I can just cuddle and  do not want to move. I think it is good for us both but when we do go out we go for long long walk, park time and have fun.

A Sniff train

Layla has a new thing and that is going to the supermarket. I mention the word shopping and she is at the door like a bullet, so I have been taking her with me shopping whenever possible and she trots through aisles sniffing, tail wagging all happy and it is really cute. What is also great as there are other dogs so they have their meet ups there too. 

One of the reasons I was at the supermarket was to get some things for my earthquake bag. With all the rocking in California at the moment I decided it was time to really check it out, make sure that I have enough of everything and condense it all into one bag. I had had it in 2 bags because of the weight of the water which is not light.

So my bag is now prepared with the following :  Freeze dried food patties for Layla, as I cook for her and the food would not stay fresh, treats, lots of water of course, her dental water additive, first aid kit for her with a bottle of Hemp Oil also, food for me and I also added a beach canopy that I have which is light so that we would have some kind of shelter. Plus her carrier that expands into a type of crate so she would be safe inside something when we out of the house. 

The bag is on wheels to ease the weight and I thought also that way it would be easier for me to put her in her backpack and she would not get hurt in anyway.

So we are ready to go, Are you ?

Now am off to my box to sleep as life is good in the Layla Neighborhood.Have a wonderful weekend everyone

 With a woof and love from Layla 

12 Replies to “California is rocking”

  1. With all of the earthquakes happening on our side of the the US it definitely is time to get our readiness pack in order. You’ve motivated us. Definitely the water is the hardest thing. We purchased a water filter drinking straw on Prime Day – that will definitely go in the pack. We also keep dehydrated and canned food for the pups. Believe it or not, for us we pack peanut butter! Stay safe – and don’t rock too much 🙂

  2. Having a bag prepared in case of an Earthquake is a great idea! I live in Minnesota, so I’m not too worried about that, but during the winter, I definitely have bags prepared, including items for my cats, in case of blizzards!

  3. Oh wow – living east of the Mississippi, earthquakes are not something on our radar…I had never thought about having to prepare for that!! Glad you are all set and let’s hope things calm down for all of you.

  4. I’m glad you were able to take some time off from the blog, I think it helps people from getting burned out. Getting your bag ready sounds like time well spent, but I hope you won’t have to use it!

    When I visited San Francisco a few years ago, I was really surprised and excited to see dogs in different stores. In our area, dogs aren’t allowed in supermarkets (except service dogs.)

    • Beth they are everywhere and it is fun to be able to take your dog. I needed that break and need to do it more often.

  5. Dogs can go in grocery stores? I’ve never seen one even in a store other than a pet store, although I hear they are welcome at Home Depot. I have brought Buffy into my local Ace Hardware a few times, but that’s it. Wow, it would be great to take my dog out more. I’d especially like to take her in her stroller to the bank and the library. Instead I tie her up outside and try to be fast and watch her through the window.

    • I know it is so great being able to take her with me everywhere and if I cannot then I leave her at home, am scared to tie her outside a store.

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