Weekend has arrived

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Friday has arrived, and July is nearly over, time goes fast is all I can say.
Layla has been busy as always, last weekend was fun and included her favorite – a train ride.

I love visiting different pet stores in the city to see what everyone has and if there is anything interesting that I have not seen LOL. So on Saturday we hopped on the train and went off to see a Pet Store that I know but decided to turn it into an adventure for her.

The Animal Connection is a unique store as they strive to find the perfect fit of a pet with your family, none come from breeders as they work with rescue organizations to save as many animals as possible.
They have a wide variety of animals which really makes it special from bunnies, birds, turtles and others.


She was in her element and when we go there she was very happy to roam around, lots to sniff, and for the first time she came face to face with an aquarium with a turtle in. I was quite fascinated at how she stuck her nose against the cold glass, it was adorable.

She of course got lots of treats and I picked up while there a freeze dried chicken neck to try with her and this is the verdict – Layla does not like them. How do I know this, she has a new thing when she does not like something she buries it, moves it around and then finds another place to bury it. I can pick it up, put it with the rest of her stash, and she starts all over again. So those are off the treat list. 

On the way home we stopped off in the park and here I am having problems with her at the moment. With age she suddenly does not like clapping, whistling and so she does not want to go into the park. I have to take her in through a different entrance and I keep her leash on so she cannot bolt. I am not giving into this fear but working on it slowly and we now sit far from everyone to keep her calm. 

Another reason I think she is afraid of the park is one of our regulars has recently adopted a young dog who is not yet trained and we one day walked into the park and the dog ran up to us jumping on me nearly knocking me over and then jumping on and off Layla which she did not like at all. So this has put the fear in her as she just sees the man in the street without the dog she hides behind me.
With age there are new triggers and it is an ongoing process of working through them with her which is a work in progress.

On Wednesday was torture day, Madam got a bath, one of her biggest pet peeves LOL but she smells so good now LOL.

This weekend our plan is to go to another park for the monthly Shi Tzu meet up so she can have some fun with some fluffies like her, be off leash and relax a bit.

What are your plans this weekend ?

Stay hydrated in the heat, stay cool too and have a wonderful weekend,

With a woof and love from Layla 

26 Replies to “Weekend has arrived”

  1. You really lead the life, Layla! Glad you’re still getting out and about in the heat, and making new friends along the way!

    • She is a busy girl but it is healthy and keeps her stimulated. It has not been that hot in San Francisco thank goodness

  2. Oh no a bath! No fun. My Kitsune doesn’t like baths either. He has allergy/skin issues this time of year so needs baths more often, which he isn’t usually happy about. That pet store sounds cool. That’s awesome that they have adoptions/rescue animals. I’m really into exotics, besides dogs, and feel like a lot of people don’t know that there are lots of exotic animals available to adopt through rescues.

    • Michelle she hates the bath LOL. This pet store is really amazing and its great to see what they are doing for all animals not only dogs and cats.

  3. Train Ride for Layla, lucky pup! Sounds like fun. The Animal Connection sounds like an awesome place. I wish more places would work with rescue organizations. Layla may not love her bath, but that picture looks like she is smiling… maybe it was towards the end of her bath. 🙂

    • LOL it was towards the end of the bath. She loves riding the train and is happy when people notice her and pet her. That store is amazing and I love what they are doing and I agree with you I wish others would too

  4. Layla sure keeps busy! That turtle had to be a cool experience for her. It’s funny that she buries foods that she doesn’t like. My cats do that too (they act like they are burying it in the litter box). The kitties and I plan to get some work done over the weekend – we need to get together a new blog post.

    • Robin she is a funny little one and am laughing here over your cats pretending to bury in the kitty litter box, cannot wait for your new blog post

  5. Poor little Layla, always having to take a bath post excursions – but then again, you get to go out on so many fun outings! Your photo in the dog carrier is sooo sweet – you look so demure and gentle. Sounds like you enjoyed your time at The Animal Connection – looks like a great time!

    • Rebecca we had a great time and she loves that backpack which makes my life so easy, as for her bathing LOL is all I can say

  6. I love the backpack shot on the train. I really need a pack for Plush. I borrow one a lot but he could really use his own.

    I hope the park meetup went well. Maybe positive associations with other parks will help her with her fears at your regular park?

    • Emilia I agree with you and that is why I do park meet ups in other parks. That backpack is awesome and the link is on my website, it has made my life so much easier

  7. That pet store sounds pretty great! I wish there was one around here that helped rescue pets instead of getting pets from breeders. I love that photo of her in her carrier!

    • Thanks Beth and I agree with you it is a brilliant idea but in San Francisco pet stores are not allowed to sell pets from Breeders

  8. I love all your adventures together! And to be able to hop on a train to do it, is just cool! Where I live now, we only have cargo trains go by, no passenger. I had to laugh at “torture” day because when it is spa day here, it seems my Huskies view it the same way as miss Layla! I’d love a spa day! LOL!

    • LOL It is so much fun doing adventures with her Dorothy, I think the torture day is more tolerable by your huskies as they love water but Layla hates it. A spa day for you or me, what is that ?????? LOL

  9. I love how you spent your week-end! Train trips are always fun, I love train rides!

    If Layla is scared, I wonder if you could try calming treats. I know Tomlyn do them and it might be worth a try. Proper treat size and shape too, nothing weird out un-doggy!

    Your ‘regular’ is a bit of an idiot IMHO letting an untrained dog hurtle about the park like that. SILLY!! I hope Layla gets her confidence back!

    • I love train rides also so love doing them with her and I think we could do them all day just for fun LOL. I am giving her a bit of hemp oil to relax her before the park which seems to be helping or I take her there when I know he is not there which also helps. A lot of people in the park are angry with him at the moment so it is not only me

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