August is here

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TGIF !!!!
August has arrived and that means the summer is nearly over and we will soon be complaining about winter again LOL.

August 01 is a very important day did you know that ? DOGUST. It is a birthday for all the shelter animals whose birthdays are unknown.

Layla when she was in the shelter 

Last Saturday was what Mom calls fluffy meet up, the monthly meet up for Shih Tzus which is held in a wonderful park. It is so much fun for Layla as there were about 15 or so dogs of her size and fluffiness and she even runs into the park for this event. It was great chatting with everyone, watching the dogs have fun, get lots of treats of course and just a great day.

I decided to take a different route home so that we could walk through our regular park on the way home so that way she would be exhausted LOL plus it is part of me working on this fear of our regular park that she has.

We got there, she wandered around, found someone who had a blanket and made herself at home with them. They had a really cute dog also and just laughed at her, so everyone was happy.

On Sunday and actually most of this week, weather permitting we have been spending a couple of hours in the park daily and I have found that if we sit far from where the dog that scares her she actually settles down so it is a work in progress but slowly we getting there.

Below is a link to one of my favorite videos of her in the park this week.

This weekend our plans are to go to my favorite park, Stern Grove which I adore as they are having the Chihuahua meet up and I stay in contact with them as that is the meet up Baby used to go to. 

So as you can see Miss Busy Bee in on the go all the time, or as I say the Two Old Ladies are busy all the time LOL. 

Have a wonderful weekend all and we cannot wait to hear what your plans are.
With a woof and love fromLayla 

18 Replies to “August is here”

  1. I didn’t know about Dogust until I saw someone else post about it on social media yesterday. That is such a wonderful idea! I’m glad Layla is outside and having fun and making new friends! It’s always hard when they have an incident or get scared of a dog, but it sounds like you’re making progress! It is gonna be hot here this weekend, so we will likely work on trick training indoors.

    • I love the idea of Dogust. She is really doing well with getting over her fear I am so proud of her. Stay cool and hydrated please.

  2. It is great to see that Layla got to play with all of her friends! That sounds like a fun place for dogs to get in some playtime. Dogust is a great idea – everyone deserves to be celebrated. 🙂

    • It is such a fun meet up especially as they are all so alike and she loves it. As for Dogust, I think it a brilliant idea

  3. I didn’t know about this is it new? Any chance to celebrate is really important when its summer though. It its foggy or damp it ‘s not as much fun as the sunshine when you meet friends 🙂

    I know August 22nd is Take your Cat to the Vet day!

    • Yes it is on the 22nd but if you read my list on Facebook you will see what is happening all month. San Francisco does not have many sunny days so it is awesome when we do as it is foggy here also

  4. Happy Dogust! Loved your video! You are so right…we complain about the heat and then when winter gets here, we’ll complain about the cold (well, except my Huskies, they love the winter)! Your pic with your friend and mom’s blanket is too cute! Can’t wait to hear what your August adventures are! My Huskies will be lounging on the deck poolside waiting for the cooler Autumn temps!

    • Hi Dorothy and thank you. I think if we did not moan about the weather we would find something else LOL. I agree the video was on of her best and just love it. Your huskies have it good lounging on a deck next to a pool, what a hard life and I would love it too. Cannot wait to hear what you going to be doing in August also. Thanks for the blog hop.

  5. It’s so cute that Layla just made herself at home on someone’s blanket. I once had a dog that did that but once he got to the blanket he peed on it. I was horrified but they were really good sports.

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