A letter to Layla on her Gotcha Day

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TGIF !!!!!!!!!!!!!! But most important Happy Gotcha Day to my best friend, my partner in life and most of all to Layla. 

Today we are going to dedicate this blog to Layla, who is my Boss, the owner of this blog as I am her secretary.

Dear Layla,

I am so proud to be your Mom, to be able to keep you healthy and happy but most important of all am so blessed to have you in my life. 

I am once again going to share your Gotcha Story here so that others will realize rescuing is so worth it and that is why I speak out for rescues, as like you, they all need a home with a warm bed to sleep on.

I remember when your sister passed away, I waited about 6 weeks and then decided my home was too empty without the pitter patter of paws so the search was on. I ran around to all the shelters in the city but could not find a little fluffy at the time, which is what I wanted. 

So Uncle Michael introduced me to Aunt Cindy by email, told me that he would be in LA for a week so I had a week to search online for a new fur kid and he would bring her home to me.

I sat 24/7 on Petharbor and Petfinder and was nearly giving up when I saw you sitting in a cage in the Carson Shelter. Your look on your face said to me take me home. I immediately emailed Aunt Cindy with your information and photo and she went to the Shelter on the Saturday to fetch you for me. I remember her calling me from there telling me she had a smelly matted mess kissing her, that sealed the deal.

You arrived on the Sunday evening, the 31st of January 2011, I had got the house all ready for you, bought you a new pink bed and was so excited. Yes, you were smelly and dirty but I did not care as there are washing machines, and for me what was important was you were finally home, safe and sound with a nice warm bed.

Your dumping papers said you had been an outdoor dog, you bit when groomed and in a nutshell everything negative a person can say and OH What A Lie. You are the opposite. I am ashamed to even say what your name had been.

I waited a couple of days and then met a friend of mine, a vet, Dr. Phil in the dog park, he looked at you, checked you and said I had won, and he was so right.

Your first couple of days you slept and ate, I had to teach you to climb the stairs, potty outside and am proud to say you had one accident inside. You did no damage and I did not crate you as I do not believe in crates but as far as I remember you chewed a tissue LOL.

You overcame your fear of men, your fear of so many things but with love and patience we did it together and you succeeded.

You have come a long way Layla, 9 wonderful years with me, we have moved, you have become one of the most happiest waggy tail dogs I know, friendly, full of love and I could not ask for anything more.

So as you grow older with me, nearly 13, and Mom is growing older too, I could not ask for a better way to grow old but with you, you make me laugh, shower me with unconditional love, and even when you are naughty I giggle as it is so seldom.

Thank you for rescuing me Layla, Mommy is so proud of you, so blessed to share my bed with you and most of all, Mommy loves you very much.

Happy Gotcha Day Sweetheart, my Lullybelle (her nickname) and I promise today, we are going to do something special.

Hugs and lots of love Mom

PS. I can honestly say On Line Love Affairs do exist.

32 Replies to “A letter to Layla on her Gotcha Day”

  1. What a beautiful story!! May you have a beautiful and blessed Birthday, Princess Layla!! You have made your mommy so very happy. Your mommy is so wonderful and I’m so glad you both rescued each other! Much love to you both!

    Love, Maria, Maddie, & Lulu.

  2. Dear Layla,

    Just dropping by to wish you a very Happy Gotcha Day!

    Have fun with your mommy.

    Love you little one.

    Irene Roberts

  3. Not sure who is luckier, you or Miss Layla. But she is a powerful little dog, to get your attention from so far away.
    I am thrilled to know you both- and you are right, life is always better with a dog, especially as wonderful a dog as Layla.
    Much love to you both

  4. Wishing you a VERY Happy 9th Gotcha Day, our sweet friend! We hope you share many, many more such amazing days with your wonderful mommy. We love you both. from the Canadian Duchesses.

  5. Happy Gotcha Day to both of you! I’m so glad that you have each other. Although I knew that you fell in love with Layla online, I didn’t know that you didn’t meet her until after you adopted her.

  6. Layla- you are so very special and I know you were waiting for someone as special to make your theirs. Shel is wonderful and loves you to bits, as I am sure you know. I also know you love her so much as well- enough to boss her around when she needs it!
    Two really awesome girls, I am lucky to know you both.
    Aunt Cindy

    • Cindy thanks so much for your kind words, and without you I would not have Layla in my life, so I am very blessed to know you too and Layla call you Aunt Cindy, Sending love xxx

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