February reminders

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Hello Fur friends,

February arrived, we are already into the 5th day and Mom has decided to change our blog day to Wednesdays instead of Thursdays. You might want to know why but she explained that when we started the blog it was our Wednesday Woof and with a new year, new decade we are going to start it again.

My gotcha day was awesome, I was spoiled the whole weekend and now life is back to normal, or as I should ask, what is normal ? Phew the sun was shining so we managed to even spend some time in the park which means lots of treats from all my Uncles and on the way home met a cat going for a walk – oy vey they scare me.

With February comes a lot of Pet Observances which we should remember to keep our pets healthy and happy and am going to list some below :

01. February is Pet Dental Month, ewww I hate the taste of the dental products but as Mom says it is very important to keep my teeth pearly white and healthy, so another thing to suffer about BOL.

02. February is known as Spay/Neuter Awareness Month or Beat the Heat Month. This is very very important to prevent an explosion in kittens and puppies we should all spay or neuter our pets. There are so many pets being dumped / euthanized or strays because of those that do not do this and we need to draw more attention to this problem to prevent it.

03. February is also Unchain Your Dog  Month – No dog should have to live on a chain outdoors, if you have a dog they should be indoors with you off a chain as all dogs are part of your family. If you cannot do that then do not have one as you are abusing your poor dog.

04. February is also Responsible Pet Owner Month. This one is so important as like all the above if you welcome a pet into your family you should take the responsibility of caring for your pet as family like you would do with your children.

Below are some tips on how to take responsibility for your pets so that they are healthy and happy :

So with all the above mentioned please keep your pets safe, happy and most of all healthy and if you cannot then please do not get a pet, it is as simple as that.

Have a great week,  With woof and love from Layla

32 Replies to “February reminders”

  1. The number of idiots who never taken their cats to the vet need beating about the head on ‘responsible pet owner month’ Grrrr. People are so dumb sometimes.

    On the other hand I am glad you got spoiled a LOT on your Gotcher day LOL!!!

  2. Grrrrrrrr. When I see a dog chained up and left outside in a kennel and that is the extent of the dog’s life, I wonder why that human even bothered with getting a dog. If you are not going to love the dog with all you have, why have a dog.

  3. As always, thank you for the reminders – and thank you for sharing sweet Layla with us! February is always special to us due to our anniversary – so this year we’re going to do the family thing and go to Sante Fe and art shop!

  4. Awww I didn’t know Layla was afraid of cats. She’d be terrified by Treeno (he doesn’t like small dogs much and he gets all puffed up and scary looking. But he runs from big dogs.) Plush is pretty chill with dogs.

    Thanks for the pet holidays for the month.

    • Emilia, I chuckle over the cat story and I am sure she would be petrified of Plush, no hard feelings for Plush though. My pleasure sharing the monthly pet holidays

  5. Thanks for sharing the February reminders. Nelly is due for her dental cleaning, and Sophie will be soon. Nelly loves cats, but they usually avoid her.

    • Our pleasure, awww poor Nelly, Layla just wants to run when she sees them LOL, Nelly is braver than her. Dental cleaning is so important and I love hearing when people are on top of it.

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