Loving us is keeping us safe

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Good morning friends,
Love is in the air, can you smell it. Yes that smell of flowers, chocolates for Mom and treats for me, it is Valentines Day.

Valentines Day is a special day as we shower our Mom or Dad with extra love as they are the best and love us all the time.

February the 14th is also Pet Theft Awareness Day. 
Statistics tell us that up to 2 million pets are stolen each year and that 1 in 3 pets will go missing at some point in their lives. What we may not realize is that less than 20% of dogs and 2% of cats are ever returned home. Where do these dogs end up? In unimaginable places, from research laboratories to puppy mills, todog fighting rings as bait dogs. 
Pure dog breeds are the most likely to be stolen. Toy breeds are the most vulnerable like a Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier or Chihuahua and designer breeds are also common targets. The more expensive the breed the more likely it can be stolen but mutts are also at risk so we must keep the below tips in mind at all times.

How to keep us safe :
01. Keep your dog indoors when you are not home especially, and if you have an outdoor dog make sure the gates are locked so that no one can access them.

02.  Do NOT tie your dog outside a store or restaurant as you are looking for trouble. An unattended dog is easy target for thieves.

03. Walk your dog with a leash only, a dog without a leash walking with you is also an easy target for theft.

04. Make sure all information on tags and microchip are up to date and that your pets are wearing collars at all times. Remember a thief can remove the collar and tags but not the microchip.

05. Keep your cats indoors as they are safer.

06.  If you think your dog is stolen, report the theft to police right away. Next, let your neighborhood know also.

07. Never leave your pet unattended in a car.

Important Tips to help get your pet home :
01. File a police report so there is a record of theft.

02. Contact your Animal Control, Shelter, Groomers, Pet Stores and file a report with each shelter.

03. Put up flyers around your neighborhood with contact information and a recent photograph.04.  Post on Social Media 

Most Important beware of scams – people will call you to say they have your pet to get the reward BUT do not give them anything till you have your pet in your possession.

So I am woofing please keep us safe and happy as we do not want to go to anyone else as you are our parents.

Have a wonderful weekend

With woof and love from Layla 

22 Replies to “Loving us is keeping us safe”

  1. I’ve read about so many French Bulldogs getting stolen lately. It’s my worst fear! Microchipping certainly helps if someone takes a stolen dog to the vet. People should double-check that the chip registration information is up to date.

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day. Great safety tips! Before we moved late last year, we lived in a city where pet theft was relatively common. I was always super careful, as I have small dogs that are less common breeds, and always worried that that would make them targets. It’s much safer in the town we live in now, but I still keep a very close eye on my boys at all times.

    • Happy Valentines Day Michelle. Thanks for your compliment about the safety tips and I living in the city it does worry me also. You are fortunate to have moved away but as you said we must all keep our eyes out all the time, rather be safe than sorry

  3. 1 in 3 pets will go missing in their life time. Wow. I didn’t know that stat.

    My heart hurts at the thought of Jack gone missing or stolen.

    Happy Valentine’s Day Layla

  4. Excellent tips Layla – we definitely want to keep the doggies safe! One of the best things to do on Valentine’s Day is think about the ways in which dogs love us (and we love them) – your post is a great reminder to do just that! Much love to you Layla!

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