Another week gone by

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Woof hello everyone,

How are you all doing and we hope you are all staying safe and healthy.

San Francisco as you know is on lock down although thank goodness we are able to go for walks and get some fresh air so last Sunday I decided I need to see the ocean. I dressed safely, put Layla in her backpack and off we went on a tram down to the beach for a couple of hours. It was the best medicine for both of us, fresh sea air just recharged my batteries. Layla of course was in seventh heaven, fresh new smells, able to walk off leash and it was great for her. 

I am going to try do something different this weekend also as I feel lately she does not want to go out too much and is bored with our area, not wanting to walk like she did in the past.  I know she is not sick as she is eating like a pig LOL.

Yesterday a friend of mine called to tell me he has some lamb bones for her, best thing to happen as she chewed away yesterday and wagged her tail. I have enough for her for a couple of days which is great.

So we are dealing with the lock down, I have pulled away quite a bit from social media as I am trying to stay as calm as possible.

My only concern and I do worry about is the Domestic Violence Victims who are on lock down with their abusers, as someone said, this is when abuse is going to get really bad and unfortunately due to lock downs the resources are not out there as it normally would be as most non profits are closed. So let us all pray for them and keep them in your thoughts. I am one of the lucky ones but so many are not.

And now Layla is moaning LOL as she wants some cuddles so am off here to spoil her which makes me feel great.

Please be safe all, take care and share with us what you are doing with your pets.
Woof with love Layla

22 Replies to “Another week gone by”

    • MK I understand you fully and we are on lockdown here too but not having a back yard I need to get out and take Layla for walks and that is what I am doing most of the time, stay safe

  1. Our dogs are absolutely loving that my wife and I are home more during this lockdown. We even took them on a walk together during our lunch break yesterday!

  2. Getting out and going to the waterfront sure sounds like a calming way to spend the day. Enjoy those lamb bones sweet Layla. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  3. The scenery on your walk was lovely. It does make a difference in how you feel for sure. Are all the parks and all still open? Here they keep closing the parks and beaches and stuff. It’s getting harder and harder to find some where to go, especially with Plush or Treeno.

    • Emilia they are closing parks here too and it is going to be difficult to go places which is sad as we need the fresh air also and I am fed up with walking around the block LOL

  4. We are doing fine here. Paul works from home, I am keeping ahead on the blog and doing art and SEO courses online. It’s great we still have sunshine too.

    I am loving your full width photos, it means I get to see so much of SF (and I loved visiting). I also ADORE the picture of Layla beside he backpack. She looks so cute and happy and its a great photo! Well done.

    Have a good week and keep busy you two!!!

  5. We are doing fine here. Paul is working from home and I am doing my art courses online and revising my SEO course again. I missed doing a lot of its good practice. The cats are happy and its sunny so we are not doing too badly!

    I love the full width pictures on the blog, I can see such a lot and I loved visiting SF so its great to see them. Th picture of Layla with her backpack is totally gorgeous, she looks full of fun and its a lovely clear shot. Well done you both!

  6. That seems like the perfect way to spend a day! Layla looks so cute, especially in her backpack. I wonder if there is a part of her that misses the puppies coming over to play.
    I’m also worried about all the people and animals who can’t get away from their abusers.

    • Beth I think she does miss them as the house is so quiet now LOL, I do also. Thank you for worrying about the people and animals that are suffering now

  7. Thank you for sharing photos of the ocean. I miss going to the beach. Even though I live on the East Coast, I’m only about 2 1/2 hours from the white sand beaches of SC. We always went there throughout the summer when I was growing up. I need to plan a trip there again once this quarantine stuff ends.

    • The smell of the ocean is the best medicine and I miss it also, I am closer than you but now with the suspension of public transport it is going to be difficult to go so am looking for other options, stay safe

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