Finding calm in the storm

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Woof hello friends,

How are you all doing both humans and pets ?

Well we are on lock down and have no dogs at the moment staying with us but we are dealing with it the best we can and staying positive.

This lock down has caused me many triggers, but thank goodness having a wonderful network of people in my life it is easing it for me plus of course the one and only Layla. My rock.

There are two triggers I have had to deal with this week but today being Thursday am back to my normal self whatever normal is and plodding along.

The first is being a Domestic Violence Survivor and having been kept on lock down and isolated, having to walk on egg shells and so much more it really freaked me out till I realized that hey there is no one here but Layla, I can use the phone or computer, and as that slowly started sinking in I started relaxing more. 

The second was when they said stay inside, I suddenly went back in my mind to the days before the Gulf War, I was living in Israel, how we had our gas masks, a safe room with Duct tape on the window, etc so that no chemicals of any kind could enter that room, and I had 3 cats with me also. There too once we started going outside the sirens, closing ourselves in our safe room, carrying our masks with us everywhere suddenly became a routine.

So when I sit here and watch everyone panicking, hoarding and driving themselves nuts because of all the social media I came to the conclusion that I am switching off TV, jazz on only, and off the computer by dinner time wherever possible. I am also doing our daily walks,  and weather permitting taking Layla to one of my favorite tiny parks here in the city, where I sit with my coffee, Layla wanders and if there is one other person it is a lot. It is a great place for me to just relax, balance myself and enjoy the beauty of nature. 

My Heaven

With all the information floating around the internet and so many people saying different things I decided to get my resources together when it comes to our pets and am quoting here, putting a link also so that everyone understands. These are qualified resources as I do not trust everything that everyone says.

The first person I turned to was a very good friend of mine, she is an expert on viruses and discussed with her Layla whom she knows and as you can see in the photo below it says there no pets can get the virus.

The second resource I went to was my vets – I am blessed that I can email them and they were quick to reply with the below link, once again saying that pets cannot get the virus.

In an nutshell it says that there is no proof at this moment that pets can get the virus but they do remind us to wash our hands with warm soapy water for 20 seconds after walking your dog, include your pets in a disaster plan – I have a written document what should happen to Layla if something happens to me and it is with friends who have keys to my place. 

So as I end this weeks woof I want everyone to take a moment please and think of all the Domestic Violence victims who are stuck in homes and are suffering and pray that they will survive and get away from it all.

Take care everyone, stay safe and most of all remember you are not alone.
With a big virtual hug and lick from Layla 

14 Replies to “Finding calm in the storm”

  1. Thank you for posting your blog. It’s a relief to know that our pets cannot get this disease. That’s wonderful news in itself.

  2. Lovely photos! I can understand why everything that’s been going on could be triggering for a lot of people. I’m also trying to stay as calm as possible, which isn’t always an easy thing with my anxiety. I feel so lucky that we recently moved out of the city and into a pretty remote area. Besides going to the grocery store to get food it’s very easy for us now to stay away from other people, which wasn’t the case before. Ear scratches for Layla and good wishes for you as well – stay safe!

    • Michelle thank you and you are fortunate to be living in the country which sounds like heaven for me. I will give Layla ear scratches for definite and please be safe

    • I so agree with you and that is why I am walking to the park once a day to breathe it in plus an awesome way to have coffee also. Thanks for your compliment

  3. Sensible precautions will have lives all over the world. People need to hear that pets can’t give or get the virus and I am glad you emphasised that – because pet owners who are alone, or older might fear the worst.

    What won’t help is ignorance and fear and panic buying. I mean how many toilet rolls will you need? You can’t eat them? I would rather have enough food than anything else.

    I find I get more angry than frustrated because people do not think things through. Social media is nuts (and yes staying off it is best). I made my quick course and had a lot of fun – result loser stress and a lot of laughs (especially when I got it wrong LOL!!)

    • Marjorie I am so tired of social media lately and the false information and that is why I spoke about it and put the link up also as everyone seems to just argue with you, stay safe and relaxed the way I am doing as my health is more important like yours

      Thanks for the blog hop an photography lessons

  4. I’ve been worrying a lot about all the kids who are abused being stuck at home with their abusers.

    Stepping outside helps me when I’m feeling panicky, but unfortunately, it is pretty cold here (it snowed this morning.) I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to nice weather as much as I am right now!

    I hope you stay healthy and I’m glad you are finding ways to cope with everything!

    • Thanks Beth and it is cold here today also brrrrrrr. I am also concerned about the homes where there is abuse and that is why i am speaking out so they will not feel as if they have been forgotten.

  5. The situation is pretty bad everywhere with some places having a really disastrous situation. Things are moderately bad here but further measures dropping as time goes on. Stores wiped out. The standard now as it seems.

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