Life is back to normal

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TGIF !!!!!!!!!  

I do not know why I say this lately as every day seems to be Friday and cannot wait to get back to working / dog sitting which hopefully will happen soon.

Thank goodness the 4th of July is over, the fireworks were like a war zone here and I cannot believe how people went crazy, from 7 in the evening till 3 in the morning my studio was shaking from all the booms. It was totally insane and what a waste of money. Thank goodness Layla was on her meds as she slept through them all but on Sunday morning she did not want to go out I think from fear.  They are still setting them off in my area but not as bad but still just insane.

Layla is off her meds, second day now, doing really well and back to being Miss Piss and Vinegar, bossing me around and keeping me on my toes. It is great and I cannot believe how she has healed although I do have meds in the house for an emergency and the hemp oil of course. I am not allowing her to jump on or off anything although have caught her here and there jumping on the bed.  She is eating really well which is good and drinking too. So I am totally relaxing here now. It was a month of hell but I can put it behind me now.

On Monday I took her to the park which is good for both of us. She had a great time and even made a new friend, they followed each other all over the place and it was really cute. I am doing things slowly now she is off her meds plus carrying her backpack just in case I need to use it although she hopes she will be carried all the time LOL.

Our weekend plans are to spend outdoors as much as possible, just relaxing safe distancing in the park with mask on of course plus I go to the park at odd hours when I know there are less people.

So that is what is happening in the Layla Neighborhood at the moment , be safe everyone and have a wonderful quiet weekend,

With a woof and love from Layla 

11 Replies to “Life is back to normal”

  1. So good to see her out and about and off her meds!! And what better place than the park❤️ nice little nappy Layla!

  2. Those pictures of Layla and her new friend are so cute! I’m glad she’s back to her old self so she can run you ragged again. Looking forward to hearing more of your adventures now that she’s not grounded.

    • Emilia thanks so much and yes she is running me ragged, making up for the month on bed rest LOL. That new friend was so cute and so gentle with Layla. I am not sure what adventures at the moment as we are still on lockdown but trying to do some fun things.

  3. It is great to hear that Layla is doing so well. Sick pets are a real worry. I am running on empty right now after losing Dot and Harvey and know how you feel.

    Fireworks? I wish people would stick to ‘official’ displays. that way a town or city can invest some of its money is a great display for everyone to enjoy, not encourage people to throw away hundreds of dollars on a pop and a bang!

    I am watching the progress of America with anxiety. I have so many pals there and this virus is not going away.

    • Marjorie I got both of your posts, I am so so sorry about Dot and Harvey, sending you a big hug. The fireworks money could be used for better things in my eyes and I hate them. I am also concerned with what is happening here and staying indoors as much as possible, be safe

  4. I did a whole long post for you and the site just ate it OK?

    Layla I am glad you are doing much better having a sick pet is the most oppressive worry ever and you have our sympathies. It is great you are able to get outside with your mum and go for walks and EAT WELL!!!!

    Have a good week!

  5. So glad to hear that Layla is doing better!! We were camping for the last 9 days, so the pups got LOTS of outdoor time – That being said, they are exhausted today. Great day for me to start getting back into the swing of everything work-wise while also getting all our camping gear cleaned and sorted out again for the next trip.

    • Britt that sounds amazing and cannot wait to see pics on your blog, I wish we could go camping. Yes I am also relieved she is back to normal phew.

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