Boss vs Slave

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Good Morning friends,

Layla is slowly on the mend and oy vey is she a little bossy one, it is either her way or no way so I now know she is on the mend.
This past week I have battled with the vet clinic to transfer prescriptions over to a pharmacy near my house so that I do not have to take public transport to pick them up, the pharmacy is across from my house which makes life so much easier. The major plus is the prices of the medications are a third of what I have been paying, what a difference. I picked up one today that cost me like 5 dollars and I paid at the vet about 30 dollars, it all adds up in the end.

She has become very smart and knows what time she gets her meds so she now hides in her box at those hours so I cannot get to her. It is funny and frustrating as she is a real little Madam and her slave, that is me, is exhausted with the fighting over it LOL. So I found a solution especially for the evenings,  one of my neighbors in the building knocks on the door, she runs to the door and I catch her, meds she gets then HA, I thought I had outsmarted her with that till she realized the game and last night did not move. I am not sure whether to laugh or cry when she does that as I am trying so hard to stick to the medication schedule. The good thing is my vet told me another week and I can stop them and keep an eye on her and if she starts in pain again then start again. I also have the Hemp oil for emergencies thank goodness and feel that works better for her plus the muscle relaxer she is taking. She is becoming Miss Piss and Vinegar again, ordering me around and expecting me to do what she wants only, which is a good sign but tiring.

I have also taken her to the park each day this week which has been great for both of us, I sit far away from everyone social distancing as best as possible plus using her carrier for her to lie in and I feel I need to stop with that as she is getting used to it and now not wanting to walk at all.  Drastic changes and a bit of tough love is needed here for her.

This weekend is 4th of July and the damn fireworks, I hate them so much and people have been setting them off for the past 3 weeks after 11 at night so I am not getting much sleep. I have got to the point and this sounds awful but I do not care if those that do it get hurt as they are upsetting all the pets in the area plus the Oakland Zoo spoke on the news the other day saying the animals there are freaking out.

I am putting below how I keep Layla safe during the fireworks plus all the information how to keep our pets safe.

Remember : 5th of July is one of the busiest days in the shelters as so many poor pets have escaped from the fireworks so please please keep your pets safe.

Have a wonderful 4th of July everyone, I know it won’t be like in the past because of the lock downs but lets make it as pleasurable as possible and don’t forget to wear masks.

Are you doing anything special this weekend ?
Woof with love from Layla 

10 Replies to “Boss vs Slave”

  1. Glad Layla is feeling better enough to boss you around again. It’s good you were able to get the prescriptions moved. I know it’s usually so much cheaper. Were the fireworks as bad as you thought? Everything was pretty much canceled here and even my jerk neighbors didn’t bother.

    • Emilia I am so relieved to have found a cheaper place phew and relieved Layla is feeling better. The fireworks have been awful here like a war zone and I am not happy here.

  2. I hope you two had a great weekend! I’m glad that Layla is doing better, but it must be frustrating that she is so smart and tricky! Some of our neighbors set off fireworks, but our dogs don’t seem to mind. We always keep them inside during the fireworks, but lately, people have been shooting them off during the day too. It was traumatizing to my daughter’s dog.

    • Thanks Beth and yes she is a smartypants LOL. Our weekend has been quiet in the house but a war zone outdoors with the fireworks and thank goodness Layla is on pain meds so she slept through all. I am so sorry to hear about your daughter’s dog.

  3. I really don’t understand the need to set off fireworks at home. We will occasionally attend a larger fireworks display put on by the town, but imagine how many animals would be spared the anxiety if everyone took that approach – professional displays only. If you feel you need them, it’s not denying you the experience just ending this whole every day for a week situation that we recently had!

  4. I’m so glad that Layla is feeling better! I’m glad you were able to get to pick up her meds from the pharmacy instead too. I would find that a lot more convenient too. Hopefully, now that the 4th of July is over, the fireworks will subside. My kitties aren’t particularly fearful of them, but they don’t like them.

    • Robin thanks and I am also relieved she is feeling better as it has been a long month with all including the fireworks and now we can move forward peacefully

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