Quirky Layla’s week

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TGIF !!!! 

Good morning everyone,

The days are getting longer, the weeks are going fast and living in lock down is slowly taking its toll on me.  That is one of the reasons I took a break from blogging last week also.

I lost all my work so am sitting here figuring out daily what to do and like many I think I am driving myself crazy. BUT thank goodness for Layla she is keeping me on my feet and amused especially as she is back to being her funny normal self.

Layla has some new quirks which are amusing but on the other hand not sure where she has picked them up or do they come with age ?
She now sits at the door barking when she wants to go out, telling me to get ready to go and does not let up till she sees the leash. This is a dog that has never barked unless someone knocked on the door and I have to laugh although it can be aggravating also.  She has become a really bossy little girl.

I was very fortunate and a friend of mine, who grooms his dog did Layla for me last week so her fur is short and with the heat I am sure she is a lot more comfortable. It is not perfect but a lot lot better plus she got a bath. 

Last Saturday we did a professional photo shoot in our dog park with a great photographer who took some amazing photos. Unfortunately towards the end some idiot decided to set off fireworks in the neighborhood and she freaked out but thank goodness I had her backpack with me so I put her in it and she started relaxing. As soon as I get the photos I will share with you as some of them are really adorable.

Our adventures have become nothing as such which is sad as I miss them and am sure she does also and like me getting bored of the same walks and dog park so I decided that as they are having a ShiTzhu meetup this Saturday in another park to take her. There will not be many people, the park is enormous so great for social distancing and for both of us it will be mentally good to be somewhere else for a couple of hours.  Yes I will be wearing my mask and have hand sanitizer with me.

So as you can see we have slowed down here, our routine is not exciting and praying for it all to be safer so that we can start out adventures again.

Be safe everyone, have a great weekend 

With a woof and love Layla 

18 Replies to “Quirky Layla’s week”

    • Michelle and they can be bossy LOL. I am so relieved she is back to her normal self and I agree the haircut is good for her. Say hi To Kitsune from us

  1. Little Ms. Bossy pants – I love that she’s telling you what she wants, haha! Oh and she probably is very relieved to have her hair cut (not the grooming part though). Looking forward to the pictures – can’t wait to see Layla (and glad she’s feeling better)!

  2. So nice of Layla to keep you occupied. One suggestion I find useful for times such as this when many people don’t have work and are lost sitting at home is learning something new. A new skill, a new language, it doesn’t really matter. Anything new one learns not only adds to their skill stack but makes any future learning easier.

  3. Some of my cats are incredibly bossy too. Treeno and Plush like to think they are in charge but Tiger and Caramel are horrible! Tiger just won’t take no for answer about getting in my lap. Caramel has double paws and if I have food that she wants she grabs my bowl and tries to rip it away

  4. I will never understand the need to set off fireworks anywhere and everywhere… The risks associated with fireworks and pets as well as fireworks and the environment/wildlife are well known at this point. Knowing this, how do people justify their use… outside of just being selfish, that is. Ugh! I’m glad you had her backpack to help her calm down.

    • I agree with you as I cannot understand either and I feel a lot of these people cry poverty and burn the money which could be used for better causes. I know thank goodness for her backpack.

  5. I’m glad that Layla is feeling better! She probably is very happy with her new haircut. I can’t wait to see her professional photos!

  6. She is the most fun isn’t she. Her barking is like our Harvey’s waking us up in the night when he was older. I never minded and I still miss being pestered for food all the time.

    You will do fine, keep your chin up and keep going for walks. The fresh air is our best medicine!

  7. It’s nice to hear Layla is doing so much better. We haven’t had fireworks since the 4th of July weekend, but we do have a thunderstorm almost every day. Truffle had a permanent residence under the shelves beside my computer.

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