We Must Not Forget

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Friday has arrived, and this Friday is a solemn day which we must not forget and make sure it never happens again.

Today is 9/11, when innocent people died just for being American, let us remember the countless lives lost and selfless acts by the brave responders on September 11, 2001 — both human and four-legged.
There were 300 specialized canine search and rescue teams in the days following the attack who worked tirelessly searching to save lives. These four-legged heroes shone in the face of  this incredible tragedy. 

 I often feel that without dogs it would be harder to find survivors. They are amazing creatures and we are blessed to have them in our lives.

We must not forget and not let it happen again.

Fast forward to 2020 and what is happening all over the world is frightening and the fires on the West coast are horrific and an eye opener as to how we should work on climate change and start protecting our earth. 

On Wednesday 9 of September I woke up to darkness, orange sky and nothing else. I looked outside thinking it was 4 in the morning but my  clock said 8 and I could not believe it. San Francisco was in darkness all day – the air was bad, and it was really eerie. The smoke from the fires had settled in our city, we had no daylight that day and everyone just stayed indoors. You can see the photo of our park at 11 in the morning taken by a friend of mine and the one from out of my window to get an idea what we went through. 

thank you Deanna Jones for your photo

I also had to take Layla for her annual check up, all good but my major question from the vet was her not sleeping at nights, wanting to go out at 3 every morning. We came to the conclusion that she has turned night into day and day into night because we are so stuck inside because of the virus and the bad air lately. We joked that she should get chicken soup every night to make her sleep.  He also feels she might be starting arthritis so we are trying Gaberpentin at night to see if that will settle her pain wise. I hope it will as we both slept last night and it was amazing.

So that is what is happening in the Layla neighborhood, just going day by day and seeing how much we can be outdoors when possible.

Please keep safe everyone, our prayers go out to those that are being evacuated from the fires and that all the animals will be safe.

With love from Layla 

16 Replies to “We Must Not Forget”

  1. We will never forget 9/11 but sadly too many have forgotten. Those fires are so scary out your way and we send prayers to everyone. We hope your meds help you settle down and rest sweet Layla. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

    • Hi Brian and thank you for your hop. I agree we must not forget to prevent it happening again. What is happening here and all over the world today should be a wake up call

  2. We will never forget. And the pilot’s wife is so right, only I wish today people remember that as I am astonished at how the world is today, so full of hate and disrespect for each other. Her words hold so much truth, even today.

    Those pics are so eerie from the skies due to the fires. We pray all are safe.

    I imagine things are very topsy-turvy for sweet Layla. I hope you both stay well and safe. xo

  3. These are contentious times nd worldwide people still suffer and are killed for no reason. We must not allow suffering to happen or continue wherever we are in the world.

    I hope to heck you get to breath some clear air soon Layla!

  4. My heart goes out to everyone that felt the impact of the 9/11 attacks in any way. So many people were affected, it’s hard to quantify where that ripple effect ends. I can remember the day that I found out about it, the day I heard… I was in high school at the time and in school. They rolled a TV into the front hallway of the school for anyone that wanted to follow what was happening as well as many of our classrooms. It felt so unreal…

  5. Your graphic for 9-11 is beautiful. It seems so long ago but I remember. The reaction to the emergency then brought the country together. Today we have emergency and it’s tearing us apart instead.

    Stay safe,

  6. Ahhh bless Layla. We must never forget that dreadful day. I remember I was working for an airline at the time but that day, I wasn´t on shift so I just watched the TV shocked at what was happening. I hope Layla is recovering well and that her medication is working. The fires are terrible devastation and so many animals as well as humans are suffering. In our thoughts ….

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