Happenings in the Layla Neighborhood

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TGIF !!!!!!!!

Today in the Jewish Religion, and Mom being a Jewish Mom we start our New Year 5781 which means lots of yummy food so I am going to be very good all day to make sure I get some.

We are celebrating the Holiday at home as we are still on lock down, 6 months already so I am going to be doing some of the cooking here, not all as I am one person and Madam cannot eat some of the foods although she would love to.

Like most holidays in all religions there are traditional foods and I am going to share here the symbolic foods you will find on the table :
01. Apples and Honey : Honey symbolizes sweetness for the New Year and in the old days the Jews believed that apples held healing powers so we dip the apples into the honey.

02. Round Challah – Because the world is round and the round challah symbolizes the world.

03. Pomegranates – Symbolizes plentiful for the New Year

04. Fish Head – Symbolizes Head of the Year 

05. My favorite at the end of the meal is coffee with Honey Cake

In the Temple you will hear the Shofar which is a rams horn blown like a trumpet on the New Year (and other holidays). It has four sounds which the Rabbi says and the Shofar is blown with a specific sound.

Our New Year starts at sunset and ends the following day at sunset but only outside Israel do they celebrate two nights.

So that is what we are celebrating this weekend.

Other than that what is happening in the Layla Neighborhood let’s think LOL. Layla and I spent some time in the park this week, we had one good air day which was beautiful so we sat outdoors enjoying it and she was so happy to be out and seeing some other people and of course doggy friends. A friend of mine has just rescued a dog who is just the cutest and we got to meet her.

I have started part time dog sitting for a really cute little dog who Layla really likes so she now has a friend visiting which is good for her. His name is Baxter and he is a rescue and just adorable.  It is so great to be working again and hopefully more dogs will be needing dog sitters again.

On top of that I am finally doing something for me which I have wanted to do for years, I have started an online workshop to become a Domestic Violence Advocate, this means I will be finally able to give back and help those that are fortunate to get away like I did.

So as you can all see we are always busy here, life is good in our neighborhood and we want to wish everyone a Happy Healthy Sweet New Year.

With love from Layla 

שנה טובה ומתוקה

13 Replies to “Happenings in the Layla Neighborhood”

  1. Thank you for sharing all of this! I know little to nothing about Jewish holidays, so this was incredibly informative. I love learning about other religions, cultures and belief systems – it’s such a great way to better understand others.

  2. I wish you and Layla a blessed New Year! I don’t share the same faith however love learning about others faiths and practices. Sounds like a feast. Yummy. I’m happy to hear you had a day to enjoy outside. It’s heartbreaking to hear about the fires. Both of you stay safe and congrats on starting your online workshop.

    • Thanks Kamira and like you I love learning about other religions and cultures as it makes the world a better place. It is heartbreaking about the fires :(. I am really excited about the workshop as I will be able to give back

  3. I am glad that you have been able to celebrate even with lockdown being so restrictive.

    Have a good and safe year and Well Done with the Advocacy. This takes courage and commitment and you certainly have this by the bucket load!!!

  4. I hope your new year Is a good one. You will do so well as a DV advocate. You have a big heart and having survived you’ll be able to walk people through to their own survival story.

    It’s nice that Layla has a new friend to play with.

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