Pets are Family

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TGIF !!!!! It is the end of July wow, weekend has arrived.

There are so many pets sitting in shelters at this moment it is heartbreaking.

I have been watching on social media lately how people who adopted pets at the beginning of the lock down are now returning them to shelters as they go back to work.

My question to these dumpers, are you going to dump your kids or other family members now you going back to the office ? What are you teaching your kids? This is not educating them but the opposite, never mind putting a pet into a miserable cage.

I personally feel that those that dump their pets at shelters should be blacklisted and not able to adopt again, there should be some penalty to pay.

Rescuers run around looking for fosters, looking for homes for these poor pets and as a cage empties it fills up again thanks to the dumpers.

When I rescued Layla, I knew in my heart it was for life, she is aging and so am I but with all the expenses that there is I would never ever give her up, she is my fur kid till the end and nothing will make me change my mind on this.

I will not go into stores that sell pets, I am not interested in breeders and will not support them on social media and puppy mills need to close down.

And for those wanting a pure bred pet you can find one at a pure bred rescue organization on this website.

So as I watch daily these poor animals sitting in cages, my heart breaks as we as humans have let them down and they are paying the price for our selfishness.

Let us pray for all the animals in shelter that they find new homes where they will be cherished and live the rest of their lives, and a big thank you to all rescuers and fosters who are working hard for these animals, you are our heroes.

Have a safe weekend

With love from Layla

17 Replies to “Pets are Family”

  1. I feel the same way about pets being family – when I take in an animal they become a part of my family and it’s for life! I especially hate when people dump senior animals. I will never understand how you can share your life for years with an animal and then just dump it when it needs you the most.

    • Michelle I so agree with you, it kills me to watch these people doing it, I have a friend that has a sanctuary for seniors and disabled dogs which she is rescuing all the time and they then have a home to live the rest of their lives with love. People should pay penalties for what they do.

  2. I can’t believe the heartless arrogance of some people. I wish them ill in their futures if they cannot realise how important a pet’s life is. They need to be dumped where they can’t find their way home and see how they like it.

    I am proud to say we have adopted senior cats and done fospice care for cats too. No animal is too old to be cared about.

    These people are stupid, callous and heartless.

    • Marjorie I so agree with you, it makes me sick inside. I watch the rescues pulling all the seniors that have been dumped so that they can live the rest of lives with love which is what they deserve. Thank you for rescuing

  3. I agree. People should have to take some sort of psych test, go through a background check, or something before being given the privilege to adopt an animal. I realize that at times some shelters get overwhelmed with animals and it’s easier to adopt without many requirements. However, I don’t believe that’s doing any favors for the animals. I’m still amazed that I was allowed to adopt my pup with very little paperwork. I know he was ready to go home with me. But I would’ve waited for him. Logic and reality don’t always mix well.

    • No it does not and those that dump should be penalized financially for doing it. People should be tested before being allowed to adopt from a shelter, it might as you say slow the process but in the long run the pet will be safe for the rest of his life.

  4. I couldn’t agree more. I was so elated at the start of the pandemic seeing the silver lining that many people were “adopting” pets. However now that the pandemic has shifted and people are scheduled to return to work, pets are being dumped is appalling and disgusting. Pets are family and adopting is a LIFETIME commitment. I don’t understand how people think having a pet is like returning merchandise. They are family, living beings (much better than us humans). They don’t deserve such treatment. People that do this should not be able to adopt again. Haven’t people heard of fostering?

    • I so agree with you Kamira it is heart breaking and these poor pets will have emotional problems for life, like trusting again, etc. It make me so sick inside

  5. My heart is breaking too thinking about all of those pets that have been “returned”. I would do everything in my power to be able to keep my pets. They are family. I think that rescues do need to be tough on who they allow to adopt. Keeping all of these poor pets in my prayers.

    • Thanks Robin and it is so true there should be penalties for those that return the pets, there is no excuse and there are so many people that do manage to work and have pets. My heart is broken here from it all

  6. We were the “lucky third time is the charm” adopters of Theo. Hopefully, these short-term adopters provided a safe home and lots of love to the animals. I think it is more responsible to return a pet to a shelter instead of keeping it if you can’t take care of it properly. Now that these animals have spent some time in a home, hopefully, they can be adopted again into their forever homes.

    • Beth you have a good point here but people that want short term pets should not be allowed to have pets, it is like you are dumping
      your family and that sickens me. I am also praying they will find homes soon although shelters are over flowing at this moment

    • And there should be consequences, those that return the pets should be penalized and black listed so that they can never adopt again. Humans are really self centered and selfish.

  7. I really wish there was some kind of registry that tracked everyone that dumped a pet, preventing them from adopting from any rescue or shelter moving forward. I know that most ask if you’ve ever surrendered a pet in their adoption application but there’s no way to verify it. I can’t imagine seeing a pet as something disposable like that, keeping them around when it’s convenient and dropping them the second it’s not. It’s disgusting.

  8. I can’t even believe that pets adopted during the pandemic are now being returned. That is so heartbreaking. Didn’t these people have the forethought to see if they would be able to keep these poor animals? It must be such anguish to be adopted into a home and then be dumped at the shelter once again months or a year later. I agree that people who return pets to a shelter without a very valid reason should be blacklisted. It’s unthinkable.

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