It is Friday and Pride Month

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TGIF!! It is Friday that means this weekend we are going to have some fun.

Last weekend Mom took me to Caturday in the Park and well LOL we did not see one cat, lots of people and dogs but no no cats. There was a woman there handing out information about the park and when Mom asked her about it she said Mom was the third person to ask and she knew nothing. So we came home and Mom was upset as she really wanted to see the cats of San Francisco. It was a funny outing.

I am really excited as today I am having a picnic in the park with my one of my favorite aunties and best of all it is my favorite food from the Syrian restaurant. Mom always shares a bit with me so I cannot wait.

They are expecting a heatwave today so we will sit under a tree and relax while Mom catches up all the news with Aunty. It is going to be fun and the best of all is that there is no electronics.

With summer here Mom has booked a spa day for me to get my haircut, grrrrr I feel good after it but hate going. Mom says there is a price to pay for being beautiful and that is the price I must pay I suppose.

San Francisco is full of rainbows at the moment as it is Pride Month. It makes the city all happy with all the colors and I am loving it, seeing them hanging from homes, on the street poles and everywhere else. We do not know if we will go to Pride this year as I have become afraid of big events, noise and it becomes too much for me plus as Mom says her back cannot hold me for hours anymore in my backpack LOL.

Rainbows in our supermarket

So, with love in air, rainbows flying high, the Pink Triangle on Twin Peaks, (The Pink Triangle is in memory of Gays that were killed during the Holocaust and were made to wear pink triangles), all the stores decked in rainbows we want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend.

Below is the link for the Pink Triangle


With Pride and love, Layla

12 Replies to “It is Friday and Pride Month”

  1. How can you not be happy with rainbows?! Must be amazing to see so many out! Enjoy all the festivities! Stay cool…we have not had our heatwave yet, it’s actually been a rather cooler than normal late spring here, but we’re told the heatwave is coming!

    • I so agree with you the rainbows bring happiness, the bright colors are beautiful. It has been hot here and I wish it would cool down a bit LOL. Stay cool and make sure
      to drink lots of water

  2. Happy Pride month!! It looks so pretty, all the colors flying proud. I had never heard of the Pink Triangle – my God, I didn’t think stories about the Holocaust could get any worse.. )-: Enjoy the festive month, and the love & freedom it represents.

    • Thanks Cathy and it is sad what happened during the Holocaust and we must not forget the victims. We are enjoying the festivities and just been out and about
      seeing everyone’s rainbows is awesome

  3. LOL Oh my goodness. You went to Caturday last weekend and no cats!?? I’d be disappointed too. At least you could get outside with Mom and enjoy the outdoors and sunshine. Enjoy the upcoming weekend activities, Layla!

  4. How fun to have a cat event and not one cat shows up! I would’ve been disappointed too. I had never heard of the pink triangles associated with the holocaust. Humans can be so unbelievably horrible. And then our pets remind us what is good still in the world. Happy Pride Month to you and Layla!

    • Terri I laughed so much over the cat event, I had to look at the funny side LOL. The Pink Triangle is such a sad memory and we must not let it happen again so it
      is very much part of the Pride Celebrations. Thank you for your wishes

  5. Happy Pride Month! I would love to see cats in the park, and I can see why you are sad that none showed up. Hopefully, they will have more feline friends the next time! I didn’t know about the pink triangles and the Holocaust. It is devastating how horrible humans can be.

    • Beth I have to laugh over the cat event, as I was upset but thought it funny also, it did get us out of the house though. The Pink Triangle is a sad reminder of the
      horrors in the world and we need to be reminded so we do not forget.

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