Are Mushrooms Magic?

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TGIF !! Another week over and the weekend is starting. I cannot believe how fast this year is going it is scary in a way or maybe I am just aging LOL.

Last Friday we had a picnic in the park with one of my closest friends, it was the first time Layla was in the park in months as she has become afraid of them, but she surprised me and was totally relaxed, wandered around a bit, and then went to sleep. It was relaxing for me to see her that way and not worry so have decided that am going to try it again today for a couple of hours. I think it was because the park was not full.

As you all know Layla is aging, it worries me big time and having lost her sight has made walking hard as I am so scared of her bumping her head, so I got her a halo which is arriving today. I am praying it will make outings less stressful for me as she will be able to walk on a longer leash and I will not have to keep pulling her in before she hurts herself. I think the pulling on the harness is hurting her back poor baby.

I have also been doing research on mushroom supplements for her and now am trying one on her.  She seems to be more energetic with it which is fantastic. What it is a capsule with 5 different mushrooms in.

A breakdown of the mushrooms and benefits below :

Reishi : have antioxidant properties to nourish, detoxify and protect the liver. It can also renew liver cells, strengthen the liver and improve the detox process.

  • Shiitake :
  • High Fiber Content Supports Digestion
  • High in B Vitamins. …
  • Contain Vitamin D. …
  • Protect Oral Health. …
  • Help Immune Function. …
  • Contain Cancer-Fighting Compounds. …
  • Good For Heart Health. …
  • Promote Healthy Coat And Skin.
  • Turkey Tail Mushrooms: Boost The Immune System.
  • Support The Digestive, Urinary And Respiratory Tracts.
  • Provide Phytonutrients.
  • Protect The Liver.
  • Increase Longevity In Dogs With Hemangiosarcoma.
  • Fight Other Forms Of Cancer.
  • Reduce Side Effects of Chemotherapy.

Maitake means “dancing mushroom” in Japanese.

  • Preventing cancer.
  • Supporting the body during chemotherapy and other cancer treatment.
  • Helping manage diabetes.
  • Supporting dogs with liver problems.

Chaga Mushrooms

Some of the earliest uses of chaga mushrooms were for ulcers, stomach pain, and inflammatory bowel disease. It’s believed that the immune-stimulating traits of chaga help balance the gut bacteria and ease ulcers and gastritis. Chaga mushrooms can help regulate blood sugar levels for animals with diabetes

I approached an Organic Mushroom Company – to get a bottle for a review as they have one capsule with all 5 in and I can open the capsule and mix in her food.

I am giving her their 5 Defenders Organic Mushroom Blend Capsules for Pets.



Their customer service has been fantastic, they have answered all my questions and I would recommend them to any other dog blogger who is interested.

I have not changed Layla’s diet or other supplements but adding the mushrooms have given me peace of mind that I am controlling her body health wise inside and out.

If you are interested in learning more about them this is their website :

So, on this note as I pack to go to the park to relax a bit which I need, I want to wish everyone a wonderful safe weekend with lots of fun, stay cool and hydrated,

With a woof and love from Layla


10 Replies to “Are Mushrooms Magic?”

  1. I’ve been supplementing my two dogs with mushrooms for years! There are so many potential health benefits, even some studies that show that certain mushrooms can help with cancer. I never saw any changes when I added mushrooms, but I like to think they’ll help my boys live longer, healthier lives. I hope the halo helps Layla! Have a great weekend 🙂

    • Michelle I am so happy to hear this from you as I was hesitant but really think they are giving her more energy with her aging. I cannot wait for the halo to arrive
      so I can get her walking with it. Have a great weekend

    • Thank you Brian and thank you for your blog hop. Aging is not easy but whatever I can do to keep her healthy is all I can do. Have a wonderful weekend

  2. Oh I understand it’s hard watching them get older. However Layla is doing so with grace. A halo is a great idea. I hope it works out well. I had no idea mushrooms had all these beneficial properties for pets. Kuddos to you Mom!! Layla’s got the best Mom taking care of her and tending to her needs. Enjoy the weekend.

  3. The mushrooms sound like a great supplement to try. It sounds like you’ve done your research. I would probably try 5 Defenders as well since it has all the most beneficial mushrooms in it.

    I really hope the halo helps Layla and relieves some of your worry about her.

    • Thank you Terri and I am so happy with the mushrooms. I have seen the difference in her because of them. I am praying also the halo will help with stress free walks

  4. Layla is definitely aging gracefully, but I’m so sad she’s lost her sight poor baby. I’m glad you’re getting her a Halo, I’ve always heard good things about them. This mushroom product is so interesting! Thanks for sharing, I will look into it for Icy as well. She’s getting older and it’s starting to show now. )- :

    • Awwww poor Icy, it is so hard watching them age. I wish the Halo would arrive so I can start walking her with it. I am so happy with the Mushroom products and really
      think we should give them to our pets

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