Mommy got me a stroller

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Happy Friday everyone, the weekend has arrived which I hope will be full of lots of fun and treats.

Mom has been crazy busy this week, but she is being good sticking to schedule and taking me to the park once a day which is so much fun.

Watch my video below :

Last Saturday Mom took me to get my stroller, from Muttville Senior Rescue (Thank you Sherri) which is so much fun to ride in and now I am an official princess. All I need is a crown. The reason Mom got one is she cannot carry me on her back anymore, I weigh 15 lbs. and the backpack weighs about 2 lbs., and it was getting too hard for Mom. Plus, I love to go shopping with her and it was getting too heavy, so I now go in the stroller.

My new chariot

Mom is still making me walk on our daily walks which I love as I love sniffing everything plus it is healthy to get exercise but when we go to the park Mom wheels me cos as she says she does not have to carry all the things we need for the park.

So, my friends as you can see, I have Mom wrapped around my paw which is pawsome BOL, I always say Mom is my slave and I am the Boss.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, please be safe, cool and hydrated,

sleeping in the grass

With a woof and love from








12 Replies to “Mommy got me a stroller”

    • Michelle I love it and she does too. I do make her walk also as she does need the exercise but it is a must for seniors. Kitsune will love it.

  1. We have a stroller so I appreciate how amazing it can be for an old dog. It give you a chance to get out, enjoy the summer and breath some sweet good air!

    You will certainly travel in style now!!!

    • Marjorie it is the best thing I have done in a long time and it has made my life so much easier. We are enjoying going out and enjoying the weather
      at the moment although she is walking also. She just needs a crown now LOL

  2. What a great idea to have a stroller for Layla! It looks like she loves it too. Wonderful decision. That weight adds up and can take a toll on your back quickly. Smart for both of you. And I love that you’re still going to the park daily for the sniff-abouts. Henry loves his sniffs and wonderings too. They are characters. A crown for Ms. Layla would be adorable! Maybe you can make her Halo look more like a crown? Hmmm….

    • Terri it was an idea that a friend of mine told me to do and I cannot thank her for opening my eyes to me ruining my back which I have been doing with the backpack.
      She loves it, and the park time is awesome as she wanders around without banging her head on anything so she is safe plus getting fresh air and new smells.
      I agree they are characters and keep us on our toes. Henry would love the park and you should take him.

  3. Oh, sweet Layla, I’m sure Mommy doesn’t mind being wrapped around that cute paw of yours! What a lovely park you have to walk all through that nice grass! And…your chariot rocks! Enjoy being spoiled, you deserve it!

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