Are you prepared ?

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TGIF!!! Phew weekend has arrived and thank goodness the weather here is cooling down, San Francisco has had such a heatwave I thought we would melt, global warming is slowly starting to happen here and all over the world. Are we all prepared for these changes?

September is National Disaster Preparedness Month and what else will happen this month? Are we really prepared in our house for one? What do we really need? It worries me as I wonder what if I am not home when an earthquake happens. Will Layla be, ok? Do any of you think of this?

I recheck once a month our emergency bag but I then say will I have time to pick it up and run when an earthquake hits, is too heavy, have I overpacked, it might sound crazy but would rather be safe than sorry.

So this is emergency bag :

Water / flashlight / batteries / radio / change of clothing / food for Layla and me / her supplements and medications / poop bags / dog treats / blanket / toy for her / first aid kit / copies of documents / cash / usb drives of all my computer files / my beach canopy that I could use as a tent and other sentimental items of mine.  It sounds a lot, but I still wonder if it is enough. I also have a collapsible pet carrier to put her in so she will feel safe plus her backpack to carry her out of the house (although with her age she is not comfortable in it) but it is safe, and she does not walk on the sidewalks in case there is debris and could get hurt.

I also say that I can live off bread and water, but her food is extremely important.

So, when all these disasters hit us, and however much we are prepared we all lose material items which for me is as I say, something that can be replaced, but the lives of the animals and birds cannot so it is so important to do as much as possible to protect them.

On this note I am asking everyone to be safe and check your bags.

Most important our pets are family and should not be left behind to fend for themselves as you are serving them a death sentence.

Have a great safe week,

With a woof and love from Layla





14 Replies to “Are you prepared ?”

  1. Yes, it’s always such a good idea to be prepared. We have our Go Bags ready and we practice several times a year. You just can’t be too ready. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

    • Brian that is awesome you practice and have a go to bag, it is so important that we are prepared. Thank you for your Thursday Blog Hop as always, have a great week

  2. I’m preparing for 7 cats and a dog, but when I look at it I say who is going to carry all that! 7 five gallon containers and that is not food or water, plus I didn’t pack enough for me. I’m trying at least to know where all the stuff is but ahem my computer backups take up a big rubbermaid container, online for decades. I wonder too if there is any safe place to go anymore.

    My website is still kind of a mess because of my health being so bad…

    • Pamela I am sorry you have not been well. I put all my things in a bag on wheels to make my life easier but you have a lot to pack plus for yourself, what is that in my bag there
      is 90 percent Layla and 10 percent me. Stay safe

  3. None of us are prepared we can only do our best.. We are used to the world being a certain way with food readily available and not having to worry. Serious disasters mean we need to keep our families and our pets as safe as we can. Preparedness is everything.

    • Marjorie so true and in a disaster we cannot depend on stores for things so we need to have that bag with everything in so we do not have to worry. You live in a country
      that has earthquakes like San Francisco so please be safe

  4. Perfect reminder to pay attention to disaster and emergency preparedness! I’ve blogged about it several times, and we are always Ready in our house. Now that we live in Florida, the hurricane threat scares the heck out of me. We haven’t had one since moving to FL but I’m always worried, especially in Sept & Oct where they’re most active.

    • Cathy be safe and I understand you fully as living in SF you never know when an earthquake will hit you so rather be safe than sorry and have everything
      ready just in case. Stay safe

  5. Yes, you are correct! We must all be prepared for any disaster at any time. You just never know what will happen at any given moment. Life is a gift, not a promise.

    I think your survival supplies for you and Layla are great! Do you have a chain of people you’ll contact as well? That’s the other thing that happens in a disaster is people want to find their loved ones and be reconnected with their fur kids. Sometimes people will have a person on the other side of the country as a contact or a different state, in case the disaster is widespread. Then that person needs to be able to disperse your well-being to family and friends, which means they need those contacts as well. The best is to have a backup for that person, in case they are visiting you when disaster hits or something happens to them suddenly. Life is unexpected.

    This is a terrific post! And very much needed. I’m glad you’re well prepared.

    I’m sharing it with all my pet parents!

    • Terri good point and I am fortunate that I just need to tell my brother and he will pass the word around to everyone. It is so important that we are prepared as it
      eases the stress also, thanks for sharing with your pet parents.

  6. Oh, sweet Layla, it is cooling off here, too. And while summer flew by, I do love the cool Autumn days! Wish it was a much longer season.

    Great list of items to have at the ready. I, too, always had a “go bag” ready for my FiveSibes, and thankfully, never had to use it for any emergencies. It also served as their First Aid Kit. While they are all furangels now, I still have their go bag, packed and full. Cannot seem to get myself to empty it. Many items in it are for us humans too, so in their memory, I think I am keeping that for our go bag now, and pray we never have to use it.

    And how true, we can live on bread and water, but they need more! Here’s to being prepared, but never needing to use it.

    • Dorothy I love the fall also, the weather is perfect at the moment and it means more park time for Layla and me. Thanks for telling me my list of items is good as
      it makes me feel better as I never feel there is enough. You were an amazing Mom to your FiveSibes and so understand you not wanting to empty the bag as it brings
      back memories but look at it this way in an emergency you have for someone else if they are short of things. Sharing is caring

  7. It is good to have a month to remind everybody that disasters can happen, and it’s essential to be prepared. We all gotta be able to take care of ourselves and our dogs no matter what happens.

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