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Remember Me Thursday is a day to honor all pets who never found a loving home, I am one of the blessed Dog Moms to have found one (rescued from the Carlson Shelter).

It is a day when the world will share and discuss the importance of pet adoption, and shine a light on all orphan pets waiting in shelters and rescues. We all come from different countries, religions but one thing we all have in common is the fate of the pets in shelters so we need to be their voice.

One of the important ways of spreading the word around about Remember Me Thursday is to draw the attention to those wanting a pet and stop them from buying but instead adopting from a local shelter or rescue organization.

I do not believe in buying a pet, will not do and will fight against the Puppy Mills and other Breeders till all the shelters are empty and all the pets have homes. I have watched over the years how pet owners speak about rescuing but go out and buy for themselves a pure bred dog when they could be going to a pure bred rescue organization to adopt from instead. I thank goodness live in a city where pet stores are not allowed to sell pets but if I know of one, that one would not get my money.

How to get involved with this special day :

01. Find an event near you – there are events being held in California – Helen Woodward Animal Center in San Diego – their event is being held online this year via Zoom.

02. Hold a pet food donation event

03. Educate children about rescue and not buying from a breeder. (I as a teacher have taught all my pupils about rescue and taken some to rescue events)

04. And for me the most important one is to share all over social media to bring awareness to everyone.

05. Be the voice for the orphaned pets

So Layla is calling on everyone to adopt a pet, give them a home, so that they will be one of the lucky ones sleeping in a bed tonight and not in cold shelter with all the noise and stress around them.

We want to say a special thanks to Mike Arms, President and CEO of Helen Woodward Animal Center, for creating this day to draw the attention of the orphaned pets sitting in shelters and by lighting a candle will draw people to their fate of euthanasia.

So let us shine the light on all the orphan pets in all the shelters and rescues all over the world and help them find a home.

Thank you with a woof and love from


10 Replies to “Remember Me Thursday”

  1. Remember Me Thursday is a great idea! I absolutely love it! Layla is a very lucky pup…as you are a lucky dog mom.

    I couldn’t agree with you more about always finding your fur kid in a shelter or foster home. Whatever kind of dog or pet you think you want, it’s waiting to be adopted. I have been singing that one from the top of my lungs for years. It’s a tough one for people to wrap their minds around. Yet, it’s true.

    This is a great article! I love how you gave action steps people could take to make a difference. I just gathered another big box of items to take to the shelter this week.

    I’m sharing this with all my pet parents.

    • Terri thank you for agreeing with me and donating to a shelter, they always appreciate it and sharing is caring.
      I always appreciate you sharing my posts as it helps get the word out.

  2. It’s sad that many people are still afraid to adopt–concerned about behavioral unpredictability, for example. Little do they realize that dogs adopted from a good rescue are evaluated and even matched better to the prospective owner than picking a dog from a breeder.

    • Jana you have hit the nail on the head, so so true and it is sad that people do not think of that but buy from a breeder and then dump in a shelter. Thanks for those wise words

  3. So agree with you, precious Miss Layla…speak up for adoption! We always participated in #RememberMeThursday before and adovcated for the homeless pets. There seems to be an even higher epidemic of sweet pets needing homes now more than ever. Thank you for speaking up, and to your mom for saving you! Maybe one day – if enough voices are heard – there will be all empty shelters. Now wouldn’t that be a dream. <3

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