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TGIF!!! The weekend has arrived and with the weather still being warm I plan to go to the park as much as possible plus we are going to a dog event on Sunday.

Layla had her 6-month checkup last week where with the vet I discussed her quality of life as she is over 15 years old, in so many ways healthy but since her fall her anxiety has gone through the roof and she barks all the time. Her paw thank goodness has healed.

The vet replied to my answer like this which relaxed me a lot as I do not want her to suffer with age.

  1. She is eating and drinking – phew
  2. No accidents in the house – phew
  3. Her tail is wagging – phew
  4. Her heart and internal organs are all good – phew
  5. Barking (I had sent a video to the vet to see) – can be from anxiety and the start of Dementia. She prescribed Gabapentin which I have started giving her and she is now sleeping through the nights.
  6. During the day she gets a calming supplement which is working so she is a lot more relaxed now also which makes my life a lot easier. Vet approved.

So in a nutshell this is what my vet said: She is doing good, her quality of life is good and I should not think about it but focus on making memories, enjoying each day with her and keep her brain working all the time.

So, I have put that question on the shelf and enjoying each day as it comes as I am blessed to have her in my life.

My question this week is what are your thoughts of quality of life? I would love to hear from you,

Be safe everyone, our prayers and thoughts are with all those in Florida, both humans and animals.

Have a wonderful weekend,

With woof and love from Layla and Me


18 Replies to “Quality of Life”

  1. It sounds like you have a wonderful and caring Vet. I’m glad to see such a good report and I’m glad the calming meds are helping. Here’s my thought, don’t worry about quality of life, Layla will tell you when it is an issue so let her decide. She will tell you, just listen with your heart. Hugs to that sweetie.

    • Thank you so much for those kind words and you are so right she should be one to tell me. I am really blessed to have such a wonderful vet who cares and understands
      and listens to me. I will give her a big hug from you, thanks

  2. Sounds like Layla is doing terrific and her mom is a worry wart, which is why she’s doing terrific. I say, do as your vet says and enjoy life with your sweet Layla. Don’t over-analyze things. She’s fine. If she weren’t she’d let you know. Put your feet up or go out and put your feet up, either way, enjoy your weekend and only think positive thoughts.

    Henry and I are sending you and Layla big hugs for a relaxing weekend.

    • Terri thank you so much for your vote of confidence in me, we all as parents need it sometimes. I am putting my feet up and relaxing this weekend at home
      and in the dog park, sending you and Henry a big hug

  3. I love that first photo of Layla, she looks so adorable! You’re doing everything right, and I’m so glad you have calming meds for her to calm the anxiety. Enjoy every moment. My Phoebe was taken from me so suddenly, and her quality of life had deteriorated so badly. Layla is doing great considering her age, dementia & sight issues. Enjoy each other to the fullest.

    • Cathy thanks so much, I was so upset for you when Phoebe passed away, she was young and beautiful. I am doing exactly what you say enjoying the days with her, spoiling
      her as always and keeping her happy and safe

  4. Oh, such great news to hear about dear Miss Layla! She looks wonderful and so enjoys your day adventures. (I enjoy them, too, from afar!) I agree – all her boxes of quality of life are checked, which is wonderful. I tried not to think about it with my last husky of five, Wolife. He loved life, was healthy per his last vet visit with the exception of a tiny heart murmur which they told me was normal for an almost 14-year-old dog. He was healthy! He did have anxiety, which did indeed increase quite a bit, but we did move, and he did lose his last packmate. When he focused on the human kids, he was so happy. And that is our gift. Enjoy all the days, all those memories, and she will let you know when she is too tired. You have a wonderful bond, enjoy your adventures. Sending lots of love and big hugs! xoxo

    • Dorothy thanks so much for your encouraging words I need to hear them to give me that confidence also. I was so upset when Wolfie passed away, he had such an amazing
      life with you and you were very blessed. I am going to do that, go out and enjoy ourselves like I try to do daily and the adventures will not stop. Hugs to you from us

  5. Quality of life is essential and I am glad Layla is doing OK. I am also relieved that the vet gave your girl something to help her sleep, she would probably stress herself and you out with worry barking a lot. She has you, she is doing fine and she has an excellent quality of life!

  6. Quality of life is what is all about, isn’t it? I’ve seen people and dogs suffer through life that wasn’t worth living. Wagging tail, interest in food, and interaction are good signs of the will to live. When the head pops up, ears get in attention, it’s all good.

  7. I relate to that line of thinking all too well. Daviana is 14 now and being a large dog, that’s a pretty good age for her breed. But, she’s in great shape in most ways. Her eyesight is starting to go, especially in low-light settings. She also has arthritis in her lower back that we’re managing with the help of our vet. But she’s still happy, upbeat, and loving life.

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