January is here

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TGIF !!!! It is Friday and what a week we have had.

San Francisco has been wet with rain for over a week, Mom is not happy as walking me in the rain is making her wet and cold all the time BOL but as she says we need the rain.

I am getting old, so I love to go out in the middle of the night, I moan to Mom to tell her and then sit and wait for her to get out of her warm bed, get dressed and bundle me up for the cold weather. I think it is fun and wag my tail while Mom curses under her breath.

Mom surprised me this week to help me stay extra dry and warm from the winds and bought me a plastic stroller cover, so I sit under a tent as such and do not get wet. We learnt the hard way last weekend when it was pouring, and my stroller became a pool it had so much water in plus everything was wet, so our bathroom turned into a laundry room with everything drying.

There were no small ones in the store so bought whatever size I could find and it is working

Because of the rain we have not been out that much, and the past 24 hours have been really bad so we are doing short walks so that I can potty, but the best is coming home for treats and snuffle ball time which keeps me busy.

I am very lucky as I have a raincoat made out of an umbrella that a friend of Mom made for me, so while Mom tries to hold the umbrella, I wear one BOL and it keeps me warm and dry. Mom also bought me some fleece t-shirts which I sleep in so am cozy when I am in the house.

Layla loves sleeping with her head under the bed LOL

So, I should not complain as Mom does her best to keep me healthy, happy and warm in the cold weather and she dries me off when we get home and changes my clothes also so I am always wearing something dry.

That is what is happening in our neighborhood, please be safe and warm everyone,

With lots of love






10 Replies to “January is here”

  1. I heard the rains have been pretty bad out your way but it does look like your fancy ride is keeping you dry now. You and your Mom take care out that way sweet Layla. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

    • Brian thanks so much for your Thankful Blog Hop, the weather here has been insane and the rain just does not seem to be stopping so am r3elieved I got that cover
      for her stroller which is making life so much easier for me and her. Take care and have a great week

  2. We’ve been hearing on the news how awful the weather is out in Cali, what a bummer! I’m so glad you got a plastic cover for Layla’s stroller, that is a Smart idea. I hope the sun finds you soon!

    • Cathy it has been crazy here with the rains, they do not seem to be stopping and I understand we need the rains but give us a break LOL. The plastic cover is the best investment this year for Layla phew. I am hoping some sun will shine soon too.

  3. I think we’re in for a bit of rain for a while. I love the stroller cover. Great idea! Henry’s been doing the same thing with wanting to go outside in the middle of the night. The problem here is that it’s been snowing. I think he has the idea if I get up to go to the bathroom he should as well. Thankfully, Henry generally doesn’t mess around too much at 2 a.m. I hope Layla doesn’t need to go on a long sniffing exploration in the middle of the night. Here’s looking forward to warmer days, but thankful for the water we’re getting now.

    • Terri I am thankful for the water also but why cant it happen at nights only LOL. Layla needs to go out in the middle of the night and loves to stand, sniff while
      I freeze but am putting a stop to that and I tell her Missy you have done your business, sniffing is for the mornings LOL, thank goodness for the stroller and the cover is fantastic as she is not getting soaking wet, phew

  4. I saw on the news the rain and landslides and flooding in parts of California. I hope you both continue to be safe and are protected. Momma takes great care of you Layla. Continue to stay blessed and stay warm.

    • Kamira it has been crazy here with the weather but we need the rain also. We are staying indoors and safe and I am doing my best to keep her dry and healthy. Thank
      you for your blessing

  5. Oh Miss Layla, you have such a wonderful caring momma! That stroller cover is great, and so is that special raincoat! Very clever. I know you need the rains, and I hope they lighten up so you can get outside more and have more of those great adventures you and mom go on! Pinning to share (and maybe others will like that rain coat idea!) Here’s to a fun, adventure-filled 2023!

    • Dorothy thank you and I am doing my best to be a good Momma to the Madam. We need the rains but I keep saying cant it rain at nights only LOL. I love that raincoat
      as I think it is so clever and one less umbrella in the landfill. The stroller cover is a blessing and made my life so much easier phew. I am hoping and looking forward
      to fun adventures again this year. Take care

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