What a wet week

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TGIF !!!!


Hi everyone and oy vey today is Friday the 13th. This day brings back so many memories of my childhood with my grandmother who was so superstitious that it drove all of us crazy. I must admit that thanks to her I wear a Hamsa all the time around my neck and has a blue stone in to protect me against evil. Layla has one on her harness too. (In Jewish culture, the Hamsa hand represents protection from evil and a reminder to pray. Five is a significant number in Judaism and is considered the number of protection)

Her blue stone fell out and I have glued new ones but they do not stay in, the fish on the hand symbolize luck and in the circle below the loop you will see Hebrew word Chai means Life

Some of my memories of my grandmother was her spitting on her hand and then touching her head, always avoiding walking under ladders and the funniest of all was when my sister crawled through a window to open a door so my grandmother made her crawl back through the window or she would not grow. We were not allowed to put keys on the table, we had to set our shoes in a certain way and the list can go on and on and I am giggling here while sharing.

So Friday the 13th brings back so many memories for me and what a wonderful weird life it was with all the superstitions.

Now lets go over to this past week, what a week !!!! Climate change is really happening and the storms in San Francisco is proof of it, the rain has been relentless, the hail, thunder and lightening WOW it has been hard to take Layla for long walks as we swim not walk plus Layla has this new thing of standing and staring into space so we stand for like 10 minutes every time getting drenched and that is how we were caught in the hail storm also. Thank goodness for the stroller and plastic cover I picked her up and put her in immediately and we ran home LOL.  Two wet old ladies, me and Layla.

Today thank goodness it did not rain so we went for a long long walk about 5 times, I am exhausted and Layla is sleeping at the moment. I hope she sleeps through the night which has become a new thing of her waking me up at about 2 to go potty and then we come inside, she moans for a treat of course and then I sit on the floor with her till she settles down and goes back to sleep which can take at least a half hour if not more. I am slowly becoming a zombie from lack of sleep and Layla is full of energy as she sleeps during the day also. It is a hard life for her LOL.

But however I share all this, watching her age is heartbreaking, and I would not change any of her quirks however irritating they can be sometimes, she is my fur kid and needs the best of best love and attention.

Her snuffle doodle bug was the best thing I ever got for her I think, she loves it and lately when she does not want to eat her food because of the supplements, I put the food in the snuffle doodle and she sniffs it and eats her food that way, it has become a game so am washing it all the time and cleaning the floor also. Never a dull moment here.

Doodle Bug Time

So no adventures this week, only swimming in the rain and trying to stay dry, have a wonderful weekend everyone, stay warm and dry and please be safe,

With a woof and love from














14 Replies to “What a wet week”

  1. That was very interesting about the Hamsa. We’ve been seeing all of that horrible rain and storms you’ve been having and we’ve been thinking of you. What a mess and I hope it ends soon. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop

    • Hi Brian thanks so much for your Thankful Thursday Blog Hop, I love reading what is happening in your life. The storms have just been ridiculous and I cannot
      wait for them to stop for a couple of days at least so we can get out of the house, stay safe

  2. I’ve been wondering how you and Layla were doing this week with all the rain. Be careful and try to stay warm and dry as much as possible.

    Wow, the Hamsa is very interesting! I’d never heard about it. I always find it interesting how some people are very superstitious and aren’t at all. There’s probably a study on it somewhere – the origins or why people are or aren’t superstitious. It sure would be an interesting dive into the realm. I bet there’s a class on it somewhere. I know athletics tend to the super-superstitious side. I find it all very interesting. My mind is spinning. I think I’ll have to go digging. 😉

    I love that you protect not only you, but also Layla with the Harmsa. Thank you for sharing!

    • Terri the weather here has been awful, I know we need the rain but I wish it would slow down a bit so we can get out for a little bit also.
      I am happy you found the Hamsa story interesting. I agree with you it would be interesting why some people are superstitious and others aren’t but its like
      religion there are those that are religious and others that are not. a very interesting topic.
      I will do anything to protect Layla as she protects me also in so many ways.
      Please be safe

  3. I’ve seen the Hasma but never knew the history or meaning behind it. Interesting. I’m so sorry about all the rain and storms happening. I saw on the news now California has no drought. And yes, it’s sad to see our pets age and struggle to do things they used to. I know Layla appreciates everything you do to make her twilight years easier. I’m glad you both are safe and enjoy the weekend.

    • Kamira thank you and I am so happy you learnt what the Hamsa means. The storms are driving me crazy here and I wish they would slow down a bit so we can get
      outside and enjoy some fresh air. Thank you for your kind words and please stay safe

  4. I forgot all about Friday the 13th and I’m glad I didn’t remember LOL! I love your Hamsa, it’s beautiful and I love that you got one for Layla too! It’s lovely and I enjoyed reading the explanation of it’s meaning. My mom had weird superstitions too, although not as many as your Grandma. If we got a new pair of shoes we wanted to show her, she would never let us put them on the table – she thought it was bad luck! I keep seeing these awful images of the weather out there, please stay safe, warm & dry friend.

    • Cathy I love sharing about my life and I do not forget Friday 13th ever but do not freak out anymore either. Putting a Hamsa on Layla just made me feel good that
      she was protected from evil and relaxes me as I am less worried. It is those little funny things that help being a Dog Mom. I had to chuckle about your Grandma as she sounds like mine was and it kept us kids amused in many ways also.
      The weather here has been insane and I wish the rain would stop for a day or two so I can get Layla out of the house proper for some real fresh air and exercise.
      Take care and be safe

  5. I was raised conservative, although my mother was very religious when I was growing up. My dad was of and on. They would go to Friday nite services, no writing, etc on the Sabbath, Sunday school, brothers got Bar Mitzvahed, not the girls. Only allowed to date Jewish men for awhile, and relented on that and marrying a non Jewish man as I aged. I am sure my mother knew of this but I dont think I have. Very beautiful. I know my mother went to Israel at least once if not more. We observed the High Holy days, fasted, etc. My parents were best friends with the Rabbi and his wife. I grew up with a lot of anti- semtism and more as I got older, then moved to DC area and it got really bad at work. I used to wear several Jewish charms, but I became scared over the yrs. I never even realized that some of my best friends and a few men I dated were antisemitic til they blurted out things like cheap like a Jew, you don’t look Jewish, go back to Germany and let Hitler take care of you. I dated a guy in college for a long time, then all of a sudden he broke up with me. said he could not marry me because I was Jewish but hoped to marry someone just like me but Christian. He even had the nerve to call me to tell me he had married someone like me but was Christian. I had close friends make jokes while I was standing right there, I would say you do know I am Jewish. Their response was you don’t look or act Jewish, you are not cheap like a Jew. Needless to say, they were no longer my friends. My mother did not have superstitions but my dad had a few. Thank you for the information.

    • Sandy thank you for sharing and I understand you fully.. We all as Jewish kids went through it and we needed to find our path and go with it, whatever the
      consequences were. I am happy your Dad had some superstitions as I am sure they are so part of our culture LOL and can be crazy at times
      Take care and be safe

  6. I don’t understand how some people can think climate change isn’t real! My heart is breaking for all the people and animals who suffer during this crazy weather.

    I love that Layla has her own Hamsa. What a great idea!

    My mom’s side of the family was very superstitious, and even though my mom is, she successfully hid it from her kids when we were growing up. On the one hand, I’m glad I don’t have to worry about weird things. On the other hand, maybe we would have had more good luck if we had known the superstitions!

    • Beth I so agree with you on the subject of climate change, seeing what is happening world wide is frightening and people need to open their eyes to this and do something
      about it not just sit back and say nothing is happening.
      Thank you and I will do everything to protect Layla including a Hamsa.
      Chuckling that you had a superstitious Mom who hid it from you as my Grandmother was the opposite, drove us kids crazy with all her superstitions that I need to laugh
      today although I do believe in some of them. It does help in our every day life. Take care

  7. I found the Hamsa so interesting. Funny, looking back I can recall a few folks I knew from when I was young ( a long time ago) who were very superstitious..especially the ladder one! And, as odd as it sounds (I’m not superstitious) I will not walk under a ladder as it stuck with me!

    Sweet Layla, my heart feels for your momma. Aging is a blessing, but it is so hard on the heart of us dog moms to see. May you have many healthy and adventure filled days (with less rain) ahead for you and your amazing wonderful momma to enjoy.

    • Dorothy I am so happy you found the Hamsa story interesting, I love old wives tales in so many ways. I also understand you about the ladder and I do it
      to this day too LOL, it is stuck with me.
      Watching Layla age is hard and worrisome but I take each day as it comes as a blessing and thank goodness for her age she is healthy and that is the most
      important thing of all. Thank you for the compliment I do my best as a dog mom. Take care

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