I went on an adventure.

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Woof hello friends, can you believe we are in the second month of the year already, the days go too fast but the good thing is spring is soon here, that means more outdoors for me, park time woof and of course adventures.

Last weekend was cold and rainy but Mom and Aunt Laura decided we needed to get out of the city so we drove about 20 minutes to Pacifica, a beautiful coastal town.

It was chilly but the sun was shining and we went for a long walk on the promenade smelling the fresh sea air. It was so great to be outdoors smelling lots of new smells and Mom was so proud of me as I walked a lot and loved it.


I woofed Mom that I would love to live in a place like that but because Mom does not drive we cannot move out of the city.

Today I went to get my annual senior wellness checkup. I was not happy but as Mom says I need to visit the vet every six months to keep me healthy. They did a blood test on me ouch and Mom is now waiting for the results. My vet is really nice and She is so kind to me, She is happy with what Mom is feeding me and of course all the supplements. Mom also told her about my session with the Animal Communicator last week.

Here is the video of the session which my friend did for me :


I do not like vets when they feel me and prod me. This is my vet Dr Gervais


This weekend we have plans to go on an adventure again but I am not sure where plus I love surprises. Mom also has surprised me with two new bags of treats which I am getting tomorrow and so excited I cannot wait, that means lots more snuffle toy time woof.


So all my friends, life is good in the Layla Neighborhood, I get spoiled, Mom is happy that I am happy and that is all that counts.


Have a wonderful weekend.

With a woof and love from Layla




8 Replies to “I went on an adventure.”

  1. That sounds like a wonderful out n’ about sweet Layla. I’d love to smell the nice sea air too but I never go anywhere. I’m glad you had your 6 month check up, that is the best way to head off any problems. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

    • Brian it was so great to be outdoors next to the ocean smelling the fresh air. I agree with you the senior 6 month check up is so important and every Pet Parent
      should do it to prevent any problems and deal with those that have come up. A healthy happy pet is a happy parent. Thank you so much for your Thankful Blog Hop your blog
      always makes me smile

  2. What a lovely day at the beach! Layla’s sea-green jacket is beautiful on her too! I haven’t seen her in that color before now. I love how she gets you out and about and how she was able to walk so much. Wonderful news her check-up went well. Those can be a bit unnerving at a point, but always such a relief when you’re given a clean bill of health. I also love how you had an animal communication for Layla and it put your mind at ease. Here’s to another lovely week. Oh, I have to agree with Layla, I’d love to live at the beach too. I think Henry would as well.

    • Terri I would love to live in a small coastal town next to the beach, it would be the best for me and for Layla. That adventure was just what we needed although it was
      cold it was worth the cold. I love that hoodie on Layla also. I am happy we did the senior check up phew as that relaxes me big time. The Animal Communicator session
      has also relaxed me big time now understanding her more.

  3. I will listen to your audio, as animal communicators can tell us so many things about the animals we think we know.

    It is so great to see Layla out and about in her cute jumper. What a girl she is.

    • Marjorie so true, we can learn so much and I highly recommend it to others so that they can learn more. She is a really spoiled girl and that hoodie keeps her warm
      when we are out and about on adventures on chilly days.

  4. Oh, Layla, it sounds like a wonderful time is had. You are truly a special girl and you got all this! I enjoyed listening to the communicator, and she is right, you are a smart girl. Keep enjoying life and your adventures with momma! Sending love! <3 And Pinning to share!

    • Dorothy I am so blessed to have her in my life and she is really smart, I call her smarty pants sometimes LOL and I have learned so much from the Animal Communicator
      it has opened my eye to so much. We had so much fun on the promenade smelling the sea air and just being outdoors.

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