Gotcha Day is over, but I did a Reiki and Animal Communicator Session

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TGIF!!!! I need to relax LOL.

Layla and I went shopping last Saturday for her Gotcha Day on Tuesday, if she had her own way, she would have bought everything in the store LOL but I stuck to two bags of her favorite treats, minnows and shrimp and she cannot get enough of them in her snuffle toys.

My favorite pet store

I do not want the hat but want treats only

Mom did not buy this for me as she said it was too big for my tummy

On Wednesday the sun was shining so I took her to the park which she loved and just slept in the sun plus of course wandered around smelling all the pmail, she had to catch up on all the gossip which she has missed out on so she was one happy girl when we came home, and went to sleep, such a hard life.


In my last blog I had said there would be a surprise this week and this is the surprise, I have wanted for months to know if Layla is happy as she does not smile anymore, and have always been fascinated with people who do Reiki and communicate with animals so I have been following this woman on FB and when she contacted me to thank me for following her and sharing her posts she offered to do a session with Layla which I of course jumped on the idea.

Her name is Cherokee Billie Spiritual Advisor

YouTube :

Website :

So last Sunday we did one on Zoom which unfortunately got cut off before it ended because of connections, but I got so many answers to my queries I was really pleased with the results as they have relaxed me. I am also understanding Layla more as she ages so our lives will be less stressful, anxious and we can age peacefully together.

When we started the session Layla was sitting on my lap in front of the camera and was very antsy, could not figure out where the voice was coming from so Billie suggested I put her on the floor, she went to drink water and then went to her normal sleeping place and totally calmed down.

I will share our video session on our blog next week as my laptop keeps freezing but cannot wait to share.

What I learned:

Since going blind Layla is afraid to go out, that is why she will only walk a little and then stares into space with her tail between her legs but is comfortable sitting in her stroller, so we are going to have to slow down on adventures in some ways so she is not afraid.

She cannot understand why her body is changing as she ages although she feels like a puppy inside and is very healthy TG.

Because of all the above she is not smiling anymore which has upset me as I miss her smiles, but I understand also and I am sure I would be the same if it happened to me.

She does love me very much.

Another thing I learned is that because of the above her anxiety has gone through the roof, so am checking into new calming solutions for her and keeping a t-shirt on all the time that does keep her calm. Billie also suggested music by Mozart or the Beatles to calm her so am going to do some research this weekend on YouTube to see what I can find although I have the Jazz on all the time I do not think it’s working for her.

So as a dog Mom to a senior dog I strongly suggest others do a session with Billie as it is an eye opener and will make everyone’s lives calmer and happier.

Everyone please have a safe happy weekend, make memories and enjoy your moments with your pets, they are precious and deserve the best.


Lots of love from





18 Replies to “Gotcha Day is over, but I did a Reiki and Animal Communicator Session”

  1. I’m glad that Layla had a good Gotcha Day celebration and it sure sounds like you learned a lot more about that precious gal. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

    • Brian it was so interesting and opened my eyes big time plus has made my life more relaxed now also. Thanks so much for your Thankful Thursday Blog Hop I so enjoy reading your blog

  2. Animal communicators give so many insights don’t they? I spoke to one at BlogPaws when Harvey was alive and she loved Harvey! I am glad you can understand Layla a bit better and your stroller will be such a blessing especially is some lady pup gets her favourite treats when she goes out.

    • Marjorie I am so happy you did it with Harvey, it is such an eye opener and has made my life more relaxed also, plus walking her now is so much easier

  3. This beautiful lady gave me a reading 4 years ago for my staffy i lost to cancer from the rainbow bridge it really helped me to except that I had done the right thing as I was struggling so much and missed him!! But I got a reading which helped me to be able to hear what he was thinking!! I also receive many signs from him all the time!! I have even caught him on tape quite a few times which is so special to me because he was my baby and will forever be my baby!! I ask a rainbow one day if you can hear me please let me know!! I slowed down the video and received 3 howls exactly how he use to talk to me!! I knew in my heart and soul it was him i still have these recordings to this day and received one on new years night he comes often and I seem to catch him on tape we was and still are very in tune with each other!! I do recommend a reading from Cherokee Billie as she really cares and understands how much and how important they mean to you!! Please if anyone needs comforting or advice i do recommend a reading i am so glad i did and i will be forever grateful to Cherokee Billie!! Shes a very special lady and is very ℹ touched with the animals thank you beautiful friend and for my special little guys!! ♾️

  4. I had a beautiful reading from this lady Cherokee Billie from my special little baby!! He passed away s with cancer he was 9 and it was very hard to let him go as he and will always be my baby i found great comfort knowing he was ok!! Then after the reading I started to receive signs and even caught him on tape on my phone i still have it today and will never let it go i often get visits and signs of his visits , it gave me great comfort knowing he is still with me!! honestly if anyone is struggling with what I did I do recommend a beautiful reading from this special lady she understands how much they mean to us!! 4 years later I still get signs and have another beautiful staffy that acts very much like my other baby!!! Thank you Cherokee Billie for helping me get through one of the hardest times of my life!! Much love and forever grateful ♾️

    • Donna I am so sorry you lost your little guy at the age of 9, Billie has like you given me great comfort with Layla aging and has made my life a lot easier and relaxed

  5. You can definitely get great information from an animal communicator. Often they can reassure you of what you already know, which is very important. I’m so glad you have been put at ease with your session. This was a good idea for you and Layla.

    I’m also very glad Layla got to go to her favorite store and get her favorite dog treats. You are a great dog mom!

    • Terri you should do one session with Henry, it would be amazing to hear what you learn. Thank you for the compliment and yes she is spoiled and I try to be a good Dog Mom

  6. What a great Gotcha Day cookie, Layla!

    I was so skeptical years ago about Reiki and then I had a long-distance session with a practitioner from Canada with my Gibson. What I learned was that it was so relaxing. Gibson and I became so in tune, way beyond our normal connection. We were able to tune out any other background noise and I was massaging him and listening to the practitioner and we became so very zen. Gibson snoozed for a long time after. It was truly peaceful and beautiful. I did write about it back then as I was so in favor of it. I’m so glad you had a wonderful experience, too. I’m sure with Layla having anxiety and being blind, this is an amazing way to connect with her on a whole different plane. She love you so much, and rightfully so!

    • Dorothy I am so happy you had a session with Gibson, I agree with you it makes such a difference, understanding her better now has made me more relaxed and because of
      it she is more relaxed. I highly recommend it to all dog parents especially those with seniors. Billie was just amazing

      • I was able t watch Billie’s video and it’s great. So interesting, and wow, it’s amazing her cat warning her….and she was able to turn the tables. I always believed animals were so special and intuitive. I always believed Gibson was my spirit guide. Thanks for sharing her video!

  7. I’m so glad Layla had nice weather & a fun Gotcha Day! That is so fascinating about the Communicator! It makes perfect sense that she would be fearful now that she can’t see and her body is aging. You’re the best Dog mom there is, so I know you’ll make the right lifestyle changes. It’s a good thing you have the stroller for her to help ease some of the fear. I can’t wait to hear more about your session in next week’s blog post – awesome surprise!

    • Cathy it was such an eye opener and I agree with you it has made our life more relaxed and I strongly tell her every pet parent should do it to understand their
      pet better, it makes everyone life a lot happier and relaxed.

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