Fun times in the parks

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TGIF!!!! What a week and I personally cannot wait for the weekend when I can put my feet up and relax.

As you all know Layla went last week for her annual senior checkup, I got the results on Friday but did not understand them LOL so was stressed all weekend till I spoke to her vet on Monday. Excluding the UTI which she is on medications for at the moment her bloodwork is good so I am more relaxed. We have based our week on her taking her medications on time like clock work and she has to have a follow up in ten days to make sure it has cleared up. Layla thank goodness is eating well, playing with her snuffle toy, so I suppose I cannot complain.

Last Saturday we spent some time in the dog park which was great, I met a good friend there with her two rescues and we just sat on blankets relaxing while the dogs wandered around. It was a perfect afternoon.

I took her to the park on Wednesday morning which was awesome as we sat on our blanket, she wandered around, sniffed a lot and came home and slept like a baby.

Today we met friends for a picnic in a different park, one of my favorites, enormous with a view of the Bay. It was chilly but the sun was shining so we were all bundled up including Layla and she was in her element. I think she was sniffing and walking around for about an hour plus till she lay down and started dozing LOL.

Layla wandering around sniffing with no fear plus the beautiful view of the Bay and the beautiful trees

Mom this is fun, lots to smell

zzzzzzzzz I need my nap in the sun


I know many do not agree with dog parks but since doing the session with the Animal Communicator and understanding Layla more, thanks to her I now know that Layla does not like walks on the sidewalk, she is afraid but in the dog park where she can wander around without worrying about banging her head, plus me letting the leash go gives her that confidence and freedom to wander safely and she is happy, so as the sun comes out we will be doing more of these fun times plus the fresh air is healthy and good for both of us.


That is what is happening in the Layla neighborhood, am waiting to see the weather forecast to plan our weekend,


Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

With a woof and love from


11 Replies to “Fun times in the parks”

  1. I’m sure glad you got a better understanding of the test results and. hooray for the communicator helping out. Another friend is having a communicator hear with her kitty. I’m glat the park time was fun. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

    • Brian thank you for your Thankful Blog Hop. I am so happy your friend is doing it as it is a real eye opener. I am so relieved from the vet results and my
      stress has gone down LOL. Park time was wonderful this weekend and just what we needed.

  2. I’m glad Layla is doing so well and you finally got her lab results decoded. That waiting time can be stressful. Oh, yes, the dog park can be like Disneyland. I’m so happy you are so close to one and that Layla enjoys it so much. Enjoy a restful weekend. I’m certain Layla will have plans for you.

    • Terri I am so relaxed also now having had it decoded. We had a wonderful time in the park over the weekend, relaxing and enjoying the fresh air which is what we
      both needed plus it tires her out which is great. Layla always has plans for me and barks the orders LOL. Have a great week

  3. It’s amazing that Layla doesn’t like sidewalks & feels more relaxed in the Dog park! I would have thought the opposite! Relaxing park days are wonderful, I wish we had more of those.

    • Cathy the reason is she can wander around without bumping her head on anything which happens on the sidewalks. I am so blessed to have a dog park
      so close to my house it makes life very easy.

  4. I can undeerstand why Layla loves the park if she feels safer there. I know I would not like to bang my head or bump into things all the time! I love tht she enjoyed the picnic, what a treat for you both!

    • Marjorie she loves the dog park and walks around happily which is less stressful and safer for her. I love picnics in the park so it was wonderful fun
      and she loved it as it was another park so new smells.

    • Dorothy walking on the grass makes such a difference for her and she gets more exercise so I try to go daily unless like today it is pouring with rain. She needs it.

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