Strolling with a Stroller

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Woof hello Everypawdy,

The weekend has arrived and this week we celebrated my year with a stroller. I love it and Mom is going to share with you today what she has learned when walking me with it. I can be Bossy.

I need a haircut which Mom is planning to arrange this week

Riding in the stroller is fun, relaxing as I enjoy the outdoors and although I cannot see there are lots of smells to keep me awake and alert. When I stand up in the stroller Mom knows I need to do my business which is my way of telling her, so we have no accidents in it, and I get to walk as much as I want. Mom does not stop me from walking as she says I need exercise plus I love to sniff all the pmail that other dogs have left me. I can also now travel safely on the bus or train as no one will step on me and the nice thing is the public transport can lower the step which makes it easier for Mom to get on or off. Using public transport instead of taking a taxi has made it so much easier as I do not have to fold the stroller each time which is back breaking for me, so it is a win win situation for all of us.

Another plus with having the stroller is being able to take Layla everywhere with me as she lies in the stroller when I am in meetings, so I am totally relaxed chatting and that includes coffee shops and restaurants, so she is less at home alone plus when we do get home she is tired from being outdoors. It has become my other arm as such, and I feel lost without it and her LOL so it is working wonders for both of us.

The only thing that really upsets me and gets me angry is when people on the street make rude comments about her in the stroller but am learning slowly to ignore as I say, “Small things amuse small minds” That is my motto at the moment.

Otherwise, our life is busy as always, we went to a pool party on Tuesday evening which she loved as she was petted and spoiled by everyone but we got home late and I was so ready for bed but Madam was ready for snuffle ball and playtime LOL. Park time with her friends and in a nutshell a slowish but busy week as we always have as I believe keeping both of us busy means keeping us young LOL.

Standing under a tree in the park

Walking home from the park

I must admit although we have the stroller, which eases the lives of both of us, she especially being nearly 17 years old and blind, she does love to walk and I allow her to as much as possible also, I am thankful to Myos for their amazing muscle formula mixed with green lipped mussels as they are keeping her joints really healthy and her being able to walk sometimes even two blocks is fantastic, you should check out their products on this link.

So on this note we hope everyone has a wonderful weekend with out plans strolling with the stroller not sure where yet.

And out we go again

Woof and love, Layla







14 Replies to “Strolling with a Stroller”

    • I am so happy Sunny has the stroller and join in all the family’s adventures, I really believe it is a must have for our pups. Have a wonderful weekend

    • Brian thank you and she loves being in it and out and about with me, the spoiled brat LOL. Thanks so much for your Thankful Blog Hop as always and have a wonderful week, Layla

  1. I’m glad you have the stroller for Layla. It seems safer for both of you. I absolutely love your motto “Small things amuse small minds.” Good for you! People make fun of what they don’t understand. I’m really happy to hear you’ve discovered the little tricks of using the stroller for Layla and it’s making life much easier. YAY!!!! Here’s to another fun and exciting week. I wonder where Layla will take you this coming week????

    • Terri I am loving the stroller, it has made my life so much easier in so many ways. As for peoples remarks they aggravate me but am starting to ignore them more and more as they have small minds and need to keep quiet. Have a wonderful weekend and week and take care. Thank you for your input as always

  2. Aren’t strollers just the best? I use ours to take the cats down to the vets, they see a new part of the valley and enjoy the vets (well mostly!!)

    If anyone said to me that my cat in a stroller was dumb they would get an earful of ….. OK I will keep it clean and say they would be told to go away. You are awesome Layla.

    • Marjorie they are the best and I am so relieved I have it as it has made my life so much easier to take her everywhere. As for the dumb people I would give them a mouthful also and will not put here what I would say LOL. I am seeing more and more people going for walks with cats in strollers here and I think it is so good for the cat to be outside but safe.

  3. I’m so glad you have that stroller, it’s good for you and for mom too. Ignore the idiots who make rude comments, and try to forgive their total ignorance. These people know nothing and don’t care to be enlightened. I love your new motto on how to respond to them LOL! It’s perfect. You enjoy that stroller!!

    • Cathy thank you so much, it is a miracle in so many ways as it has made our outdoor life so much easier for both of us and she loves it as she can smell everything along the way LOL. As for those ignorant rude people that motto fits them well. Have a great week

  4. I think it is so wonderful that she can “stroll” along and enjoy the adventures.

    So…wait…people actually say those nasty things??? (Excuse my French here) WTF?! People can be so rude. Yes, little minds. They only WISH they had someone who loved them and cared for them when in need like beautiful Miss Layla has you! Ignore the trolls!

    • Dorothy I am so blessed with the stroller and she loves it which makes life so easy for Madam. Plus when I shop I put all under her LOL in the package part so I don’t have to carry anything. As for the trolls they are just ridiculous and jealous as you put it is so true. Have a wonderful week

  5. We have a stroller for our small dog but he prefers a backpack currently if he’s not walking on his own. He likes to be as close to us as possible LOL

    • Tiffany Layla had a backpack also but I started using the stroller when she had problems sitting for too long, I think they amazing and yours is smart, he knows what is good being close to you.

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