We have been busy

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TGIF !!! Good morning all my friends, we hope you are all well and safe.

I have been debating whether to write this week about what is happening in Israel but as an Israeli I cannot keep quiet so all I am asking from my friends is that they say a prayer for all the pets that through the massacres have lost their families, are now orphaned and I pray they all find new safe homes.

I am attaching a link from a newspaper that broke my heart and made me really think about all of them : This is what is said in English as the article is in Hebrew “We just left the slaughter area at the party. We cleared the bodies. The horrors that we saw will never get out of our heads. The only thing that came out of this life is one cute little dog ”   Tomer Peretz


We have been very busy the last two weekends so will now share our adventures as life needs to carry on and Layla loves going out so this is what we have been doing :

Two weeks ago we went to a dog event, a place I have never been to which was fun and visited a friend of mine who had a booth there and she has the cutest most well mannered dog so Layla said hi and I sat and chatted with her for a bit. We then wandered around checking the booths and from there walked to our favorite park where Layla was happy to sniff a lot, bark of course and then nap LOL. Her favorite past time.  From there we came home as I needed a nap also so we just chilled and relaxed at home the rest of the weekend.

Phew thank goodness my butt is not that fat, Layla

Layla and Musk

Wandering around the cool damp grass


Last weekend was Fleet week in San Francisco. There was a lot going on in our park next to our house but because of her in the stroller and always wanting to jump out I decided not to go but instead took the train to our favorite park on the Bay where we chilled, she wandered and barked of course and after an hour or so fell asleep. I sat a bit longer but when the Blue Angels started (I don’t like) she woke up, seemed to be a bit anxious so I packed up and came home to relax.

Cool as a cucumber in my cooling vest

Me and the sailors

Being on the Bay is the best for me as I totally relax plus do not have to worry about her as there are no dogs so she is safe wandering around sniffing and napping which makes my life more relaxing.

I love this view

On top of all this we did her senior blood panel this week, she has no liver problems, phew but does have a kidney infection and it does not matter how much water she drinks she seems to be dehydrated to am making sure she drinks a lot and I wake her up in the middle of the night to drink more.  She is on antibiotics for two weeks and hopefully they will clear it up.

So never a dull moment in our house, but cannot complain because as long as she is a happy healthy 17 year old I am happy.

On this note we are sending prayers to all our family and friends in Israel, please be safe everyone and have a wonderful weekend,

With love and hugs from



14 Replies to “We have been busy”

  1. We’re glad you’re having fun sweet Layla and I’ll bet Fleet Week is something to see. Thank you so much for your kind words on the passing of our dear Brian. We all sincerely appreciate your kindness. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

    Dad Terry

  2. Prayers for all in such chaotic times. Amidst, the war I’m glad you were able to find some peace and calm the last two weeks with Layla and the events in your area. I hope you enjoy this upcoming weekend and Layla’s infection clears up. And that first photo made me laugh out loud with the big rear end!

    • Thanks Kamira and I agree the world has gone mad unfortunately. I am so happy I made you laugh with that photo as I think it is hilarious also. This weekend we just going to do parks and relax together. Be safe

  3. WOW!!! It sounds like you two had a very busy couple of weeks. I hope Layla gets better and you find the source causing her kidney infections. That’s so odd! You definitely have a great front-row seat to lots of activities in SF. You’re very lucky! I love that you said, “Life goes on.” You are absolutely right, as sad and heartbreaking as the war is, we need to send prayers and positive thoughts but continue with life as well. I’m glad you are doing this with Layla. I hope this next week isn’t quite as busy for you two.

    • Terri I need to get the bottom of these infections which I am working with the vet on at the moment as I am at a loss here. She thank goodness is not suffering and eating like a pig and acting normal in many ways. I love going out with her to fun events and hopefully will find some more to do soon.
      Yes we need to send prayers to those affected and pray for peace.
      Be safe and have a great week

  4. I am praying for the people of Israel, and all the people in Gaza who have been impacted by the unthinkable horror inflicted upon them. Innocent Animals always suffer at the brutality and inhumanity of people. Too much evil in this world.
    I hope Layla’s kidney infection goes away. She’s such a sweet girl.

    • Cathy I am praying also and the time has come we have peace in this world for both humans and animals, all the innocent. Layla seems to be ok this morning but am keeping an eye on her as this kidney infection is worrying me. Take care and thanks for the compliment

  5. You always have so many fun adventures, Miss Layla! I do love the pic of you with the sailors! You are an amazing 17-year-young pup! I hope your kidney infection clears up fast! All those displaced pets…heartbreaking. We are “wooing” and praying for peace in the world.

    • Dorothy thanks so much for your prayers, they need them. Layla is a busy 17 year old but its good for her and for me mentally to be out and about seeing different things. As for her infection I am praying also that we have got rid of it. Be safe

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